First Look: Bogart's Doughnut Co. hosts grand opening tomorrow in south Minneapolis

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Hannah Sayle
A dozen Bogart's blessings

Take one part buttery brioche dough and one part disenchanted attorney looking for a career change and you have the recipe for Bogart's Doughnut Co., a new fried sweets spot at Bryant and 36th.

What started as a Kingfield Farmers Market stand three years ago has blossomed into a charming (and tiny) doughnut shop that will host its grand opening tomorrow. Did we mention the brioche dough?

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Hannah Sayle
Bogart's Doughnut Co. will host its grand opening tomorrow

"Brioche dough is basically bread dough enriched with a lot of eggs and a lot of butter," says Bogart's owner Anne Rucker. "I actually start mine with a sponge which not every one does. It gives it kind of a yeasty flavor. I started tweaking my recipe and came up with this really great doughnut that people seemed to like."

Hannah Sayle
Bogart's owner Anne Rucker

The brioche doughnuts come in four varieties: the original brown butter glazed, a sugar-dusted Nutella-filled, a French-style vanilla bean buttercream-filled that offers a more custardy interior than a typical frosting-filled doughnut, and a plain raised glazed. Rucker is also frying up cake doughnuts in chocolate and lavender as well as a Pershing, a fried cinnamon roll infused with cardamom.

Hannah Sayle
Kara McElhinney fills the brioche donuts with vanilla bean cream

The menu is fairly pared-down for now, which is to be expected with Rucker's time-consuming baking methods. Brioche dough takes about 12 to 18 hours to make, so Rucker is keeping things as simple as possible.

Hannah Sayle
Vanilla bean donut

"It's a dough that once you have it the day of, there's a finite amount," Rucker says. "My space is small now so I'm experimenting with how much dough I can make at one time. For now I need to keep it manageable. I'm just going to fry them up in the morning and sell until they're gone or until about 1 p.m."

Hannah Sayle
Behold: The doughnut menu, simplified.

The Bogart's name comes from Rucker's great aunt, Esther Bogart, who taught her how to bake at an early age. Rucker started a food blog several years ago called Bogart Loves and carried the name with her to the farmers market stand and now to her brick-and-mortar shop. Of course, with all this emphasis on her dough, it's no surprise Rucker opted for the old-timey spelling of doughnut.

"My dough is a little different from what's in regular 'donuts,' so i just figured why not pay homage to the dough in the doughnuts?"

Bogart's Doughnut Co.
904 W 36th Street
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