These photoshopped pics of Prince cooking omelets are our new favorite thing

Funny or Die
Made to order.

On Monday night, Prince was a guest on The Arsenio Hall Show, performing to a screaming crowd of adoring fans. All in a day's work, right? But then the Purple One made a shocking revelation. Despite all we've been told, Prince doesn't actually make pancakes himself. He makes omelets.

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"I can cook," says Prince in his interview with Hall. "But only one thing: omelets. All my friends have high cholesterol."

The folks at Funny or Die sprang into action, immediately releasing a series of doctored photos in which Prince stirs, flips, and serves fluffy egg patties. In one photo, he collects eggs on a farm, revealing his salt-of-the-earth charm and commitment to farm-to-table dining. In another, he commands the omelet station at a breakfast buffet with a cool intensity. We are suddenly feeling very, very passionate about omelets.

Behold: The full spread is on display here.

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Sara Schieve
Sara Schieve

Before I came to MN, I thought that celebrity worshiping Prince was just a joke stereotype of Minnesotans. One word: overrated.

Shawn McNulty
Shawn McNulty

I'll take a Moons Over My Hammy, extra funky

Taylor MacDonald
Taylor MacDonald

"And then he invited us inside and made us pancakes." - Charlie Murphy

k2yeb topcommenter

Well, omelets are delicate just like his ego.

Keven White
Keven White

I give it three days before Prince sends you a cease-and-desist for "defamation of character."

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