Sneak Peek: Hot Indian Foods' new stall in Midtown Global Market

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E. Katie Holm
The Indurrito: an Indian burrito with a spicy curry filling wrapped in roti

Starting tomorrow, fans of the innovative Indurrito won't have to go chasing the Hot Indian Foods truck all over town. To get that spicy, savory riff on the perfect handheld food, fans need only pop into the Midtown Global Market and keep their eyes peeled for the bright orange signs. We stopped by to check out the new digs and chat with owner Amol Dixit.

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Hot Indian food truck to open stall inside Midtown Global Market

Hot Indian Foods will stick with its pared-down menu... for now.

Dixit launched the Hot Indian Foods truck a year ago this Thursday, with his sights set on bigger, brick-and-mortar pursuits.

"The truck was always intended to be a lab to see where the brand could go," Dixit says. "Then we found the best way to explore the brand was in a quick-service format."

Enter Midtown Global Market, unofficial incubator of small-scale food entrepreneurs with big ideas. Dixit says opening the stall is the obvious next step in his business model.

"I want this to be the Indian Chipotle," he says.

Sona, the Hot Indian Foods muse, pops up everywhere

To that end, customers can pick and choose their Indurrito fillings from a fairly simple menu: lamb, chicken tikka, spinach paneer, vegan channa. Keeping the first incarnation of Hot Indian Foods as simple and streamlined as possible is part of building Dixit's brand. He says he doesn't want to get ahead of himself; he's in it for the long haul.

A mini Indurrito and Indi Frites

Fans of the truck will recognize all the offerings -- the Indurritos, the crispy, slightly sweet Indi Frites -- but patrons should be prepared for gradually expanded offerings. Dixit says he hopes to slowly add more Indurrito fillings and more snack-type foods. He's also working on some house-made beverages, but was keeping mum on the details.

Hot Indian Foods owner Amol Dixit

For now, you'll have to sate yourself on cheesy spinach paneer wrapped in slightly crispy, chewy roti bread, or the spiced Indi Frites that won Best Food Truck Dish at the 2013 Charlie Awards.
Behind the line at the new Midtown Global Market stall

And of course, you'll have to say hello to Sona, the muse of Hot Indian Foods whose many moods are on display all around the stall.

"Sona embodies the brand: sexy, down-to-earth, cheeky," says Dixit. He laughs when we ask if he also embodies that brand. "No. I just want Indian food to be more accessible to a broader audience."

Thums up!

Hot Indian Foods opens Wednesday, May 14. The stall will only serve lunch during its opening week, but starting next week, Hot Indian Foods will be open whenever the Midtown Global Market is open. For more information, visit the Hot Indian Foods website.

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