The Rabbit Hole mistakenly pursued by police in relation to local house show

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The Rabbit Hole
On Friday morning, the Minneapolis Police Department contacted Thomas Kim of the Rabbit Hole in Midtown Global Market to inform him that hosting a kegger in his restaurant was illegal and would be shut down if pursued. Kim had no idea what they were talking about.

As it turns out, the organizers of a record release show for local band False Teeth mistakenly linked their Facebook event page to the Rabbit Hole's Facebook page. The house where the show will take place is also called the Rabbit Hole. The MPD, apparently searching the web for weekend house shows to bust, jumped at the opportunity.

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"The people that are doing it were genius enough to designate the name of their house as the Rabbit Hole but idiotically linked it to our restaurant, which is illegal because it's infringing on our alcohol license, so the city and police are very concerned over that," Kim says. "They contacted us because they were saying we're not licensed to do that event. Obviously, that was news to me."

When Hot Dish spoke with Kim, the problem had yet to be resolved, however, it seems things were cleared up between Kim and the organizer of the show on the Facebook event page shortly after.

The Facebook interaction between Kim and the house show organizer

Kim later deleted the last comment and thanked Carson for removing the location link. He also posted a status on Facebook clearing up any misconceptions about the show's location.


"[This situation] speaks to the volume of how involved the police are in seeking out these kinds of things," Kim says.

Moral of the story? Don't post the location of your house show on Facebook, especially when it's the wrong one.

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