Updates on the Wedge Co-op's Eat Street expansion [IMAGES]

Photo courtesy of the Wedge
Artist rendering of the exterior for the new Wedge Community Table
We've been hearing for a while now about expansion plans for the Wedge Community Co-op, and now we've gotten a peek at a few artist renderings of what the new space will look like. The new Eat Street location will be known as the Wedge Community Table and will feature a commissary kitchen, market, café, community room, kitchen classroom, and office space.

The remodel of the new Nicollet location is currently underway and the co-op hopes to transition the original 1960s building into a modern, LEED certified, eco-friendly building. The co-op is aiming at a fall 2014 grand opening.

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Photo courtesy of the Wedge
An interior view of their counter space
"We're excited about our growth and this new location which was selected to meet growing member/owner needs, but it's equally important to us to be a good partner in this well-established neighborhood," says Josh Resnik, CEO of the Wedge. "This will be a vibrant community space where you can meet, grab a bite to eat or get a few staple grocery items on your way home, that will complement the existing businesses in the area."

Some of the features of the new co-op location will include seasonal deli options, artisan bake-house breads, pastries, grab-and-go salads and sandwiches. The space will also feature a custom burrito bar.

Jeffrey Mandyck of the Cuningham Group, the architectural firm behind the remodel, says they focused on sustainable designs for the defunct building, with an eye towards creating an environment the community would be excited about using.

"We wanted a classroom for local chefs to conduct cooking demonstrations, and a community room for local groups wanting a space to conduct meetings," says Resnik.

In addition to this new space, the original Wedge location is also planning a complete makeover sometime in 2015 and even further into the future they plan on opening another full-scale grocery location.

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