The 8 best and worst places to take your Tinder date in the Twin Cities

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Ah, Tinder, the dating app dedicated to judging books by their covers: See a photo of a potential date, then swipe the screen to the left if you aren't interested or swipe to the right if you want to know more. It's the Cupid Shuffle of the next generation (though it often goes to the left, to the left, more than to the right, to the right, am I right?)

Regardless of whether you downloaded the app as a joke or hope to someday find your Tinder knight in H&M armor, you stand a pretty good chance of going on a mobile-initiated date. Are you going out with the selfie queen or the guy insisting the girls in his photos are his "sisters"? No matter your situation, here are eight of the best and worst places to take your Tinderella.

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Emily Utne
8. DO: Fika at the American Swedish Institute Look at you, attempting to impress your match. A little culture and a lot of of taste will make this a perfect spot for a good first impression. If you swipe right, you can continue the date by actually going to an exhibit in the museum in which Fika's located. Swipe left, and you can easily escape this crowded cluster by booking it to the 6 bus in nearby Uptown. Either way, you win with this Nordic menu.
Bill Roehl
7. DO: Smack Shack's happy hour A little expensive outside the hours of 3 to 6 p.m., Smack Shack offers a happy hour that makes for a perfect first-date atmosphere. They've got an oyster bar to be reckoned with, so you're sure to get your aphrodisiac on before you inevitably make an awkward "Haha, remember when we met on Tinder?" comment. Swipe right by taking a romantic walk around the North Loop, or swipe left by running away to a dance night at Club Jäger and the safety of singlehood.
Peter Merholz
6. DON'T: Al's Breakfast Who thought it was a good idea to bring someone you're meeting for the first time to a 10-foot-wide hole in the wall? Don't see sparks with Mr. Tinder? Well, too bad, because you'll be getting nice and cozy for the next hour or so. Go during rush hour and you'll get to have dead-end conversation while someone stands directly behind you waiting for your seat. With such a good head-start, your second date might as well be yurting in a remote area, since you seem to like a lack of escape routes.
5. DO: Rusty Taco's food truck The first date can make or break the future of your relationship with this person (rocket science, we know), so it's important to find out if they like tacos early. Oh, they don't? Swipe left. In this way, food trucks are basically designed for Tinder dates. You can stay there long enough to get food and judge your date's eating habits, but easily walk away if things start getting weird and, well, Tinder-y. Are you two actually hitting it off? Take your tacos to Nicollet for a little people-watching.

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