Aquavit and unlimited crayfish at the American Swedish Institute Crayfish Party

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In the Midwest, we have deer-hunting season; in Sweden, they have crayfish-hunting season, a regulated harvest that takes place each August. You too can celebrate the end of summer the Swedish way -- with unlimited crayfish at the American Swedish Institute's annual Crayfish Party on August 16.

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Starting at 7 p.m., the ASI will feature a dinner of Swedish breads, cheeses, and crayfish as well as Swedish national plates such as paj, a quiche-like side. Ticket holders will also enjoy a complimentary shot of aquavit, the signature Scandinavian spirit.

Party hats, lanterns, and take-home song books are also included in the nearly 50-year-old Crayfish Party lineup, but the spotlight is on the perfectly cooked crayfish. According to the country's official, totally unbiased website, Swedish crayfish consistently outrank the rest. Can't attend the event? Cook your own crayfish at home with a little Swedish advice: Brine the beast and serve with crown dill -- a variety of the herb specifically used at crayfish parties.

Tickets for the 21+ event are $50 for members and $60 for nonmembers and can be purchased here.

"It's really just a big community harvest table," Laura Cederberg, the event's spokesperson, says about the seated dinner. "We've got people on hand to teach you Swedish drinking songs, and you get a shot of aquavit so we can teach you to how to toast everyone at the table."

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Timothy Clemens
Timothy Clemens

oh man. tickets are $60 so you gotta eat $180 of food to make it worth it. I'm up for the challenge as long as there's Swedish singing involved

Erick Thomas
Erick Thomas

Timothy Clemens Your Aquavit will be making a showing.

Jana Zemlianskij
Jana Zemlianskij

Sana Yaremchuk , Ivan Yaremchuk, Sergej Zemlianskij, Aksana Rogovskaya, Sergei Rahouski?

Ann Gardzinski
Ann Gardzinski

Omg!! Hannah Cupp could this be any more amazing!!

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