Buffalo Wild Wings offers 100 guests a year of free wings

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Via Buffalo Wild Wings' Facebook page
What would you do for a free plate of Buffalo Wild Wings every week for a year? Would you stand outside their new Edina location hours before they open, like a tech fiend awaiting the newest generation of iPhone? If so, you and 99 other guests stand a chance at winning a book of 52 coupons (one for every week of the year) for BWW's snack-sized wings.

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The Edina location opens on June 9 at 10 a.m., but BWW recommends showing up early if you're interested in winning the wings. Might we suggest bringing a book of crosswords? Oh wait, this is 2014. You have those on your phones now.

Edina's new Buffalo Wild Wings location, in the former Maggiano's Little Italy space at Southdale, will feature wall-to-wall HD TVs, in addition to a number of big screen TVs for your sports-centered viewing pleasure.

In case you need a refresher course, BWW specializes in Buffalo, New York style chicken wings served with your choice of one of 21 different sauces, from salt and vinegar to mango habanero. If you happen to be one of the first 100 guests, you could try every flavor at least twice.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Southdale Center, Edina

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Ange Runnels
Ange Runnels

*wipes away tear from cheek* So beautiful.

Jeff Seim
Jeff Seim

I miss the Country Bar wings

Rick Miller
Rick Miller

My guess is it is one order of wings a week=$400 worth of wings How much is your time worth to wait for $400 worth of wings?

Woo Hoo
Woo Hoo

Hope it's follow by a year of free Jenny Craig!


Save yourself time and money and just go to Lyle's for the breaded wings. 

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