Chef Jorge Guzman of Solera announced as new head chef for Surly's destination brewery

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Photo courtesy of Hilary Roberts
Chef Jorge Guzman announced as new executive chef for Surly Brewing
Late yesterday evening, MSP magazine's Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl broke the news that Surly Brewing has selected a chef to head up the kitchens at its much anticipated, mega-destination brewery. That chef is none other than Jorge Guzman, who has spent the past several years helming the ship at downtown Minneapolis's premier tapas restaurant, Solera Cocina de Espana.

While details on the new menu are sparse, we expect the offerings will span a greater range of cuisines than the strictly Spanish-inspired dishes Guzman is known for, while still highlighting the work of local farms. Guzman has been a staunch advocate for food system sustainability, and his Latin-inspired cuisine at Solera is based on locally sourced ingredients.  

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The new Surly Brewery will open sometime in 2015
Surly's current base of operations is located in Brooklyn Park, but the brewery broke ground on the new location last fall and the site has since been under construction. The new $20 million dollar destination brewery will feature a 100-seat full-service restaurant, a 175-person event center, a 300-person casual dining beer hall, and a two-acre beer garden.

The new Surly Brewery is still over a year away, set to start opening in sections beginning in early 2015, but Surly fans have been eagerly awaiting further details on what the owners have up their sleeves.

 "I'm excited to build a team and begin collaborating with the Surly Brewing crew," Guzman said in a press release issued this morning. "We're going to push the envelope with our beer-inspired foods using locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. We're not going to sit back."

 What would you like to see on the Surly menu, Hot Dish readers?

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Rachael Ann
Rachael Ann

Beer cheese soup! Beer brats! Entrees prepared with local & organic ingredients!

Robin Vetsch Martian
Robin Vetsch Martian

Something other than beer, my husband likes beer but I don't so we don't go there.


They are currently in Brooklyn Center, not Brooklyn Park.

truckmeyer's Brooklyn Center, right?


I've been waiting for this for years. Surly is the beer that changed my palate and turned me into a beer snob, and I hate having to drive all the way out to Brooklyn Park (normally it wouldn't be an issue, but I don't like to drink and drive...) for a drink or two. I'm excited.

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