Chipotle will give out free tomato plants at Como Zoo on Friday

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Courtesy of the Como Zoo website
The Chipotle Edible Garden at the Como Zoo

Get your green thumbs ready, Twin Cities: Chipotle will be giving away 1,500 Roma tomato plants from Apple Valley's Pahl Farms at St. Paul's popular Como Zoo and Conservatory this Friday, June 13.

The giveaway is a celebration of Chipotle's fourth annual Chipotle Edible Garden at the Como Zoo and Conservatory.

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The zoo will hand out plants starting at 10 a.m. and go for as long as supplies last.

According to the Como Zoo and Conservatory's Chipotle Edible Garden page, staff harvested 1518 pounds of produce last year, 972.5 pounds of which went directly to the Saint Paul Recreation Centers for a variety of summer programs and cooking classes and 231.2 pounds that went to the Como Zoo's very own animals.

Farmer Gary Pahl says Pahl Farms will be responsible for not only the Roma tomato plants Chipotle will hand out to the first 1,500 Chipotle Tent visitors, but also all the other vegetables that will go in the zoo's garden this year, including cauliflower, peppers, and cucumbers.

"I think it makes people more aware of the fresh produce that's available to them," says Pahl.

Meanwhile, we just want people to be aware of all those zoo animals chomping on fresh local produce. Nom nom nom.

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Como Zoo

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Michele Bergh
Michele Bergh

Amanda Cameron, I'm pretty convinced I should not be allowed near living plants that require any kind of maintenance to survive. No matter what I do, they die.

Molly O'Meara
Molly O'Meara

Yes! I can replace all the ones that are croaking! Thanks, Kathy Drews!

Jake Benecasa
Jake Benecasa

Very cool! I'll have to try to get over there!

Reanna Robinson Manthe
Reanna Robinson Manthe

Apparently Jake has strong feelings towards tomato plants, especially free ones...


Is there a time on this? Because there's no point in going at 5 after work if they start giving them away at 9 a.m. after all. 


@footnotegirl if you read the article, you'd see that it said "The zoo will hand out plants starting at 10 a.m. and go for as long as supplies last."

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