Porchetteria at Terzo Vino Bar is Minneapolis's best kept lunch secret

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Grant Tillery
A small array of chairs and tables make Terzo's Porchetteria a perfect lunch to-go.

The porchetta sandwich is an underrated, egalitarian delicacy. It's the Italian version of pulled pork, replete with fatty juices that make the meat tender and melt-in-your-mouth good. Yet it's not a heavy, guilty pleasure food, at least not in Terzo Vino Bar's hands. The latest addition to the Broder family empire, Terzo opened the walk-up, lunch-only Porchetteria quietly in early June and now they're serving up Minneapolis's best-kept lunch secret.

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Grant Tillery
Porchetteria's success is in part due to its menu's brevity.

The menu is limited to four varieties of porchetta, some sides, and bottled drinks. The dining space is small, with around 10 chairs, and several barrel umbrella stands. The minimal seating arrangement works out just fine because porchetta sandwiches make for an ideal picnic lunch.

Grant Tillery
The truffle mushroom porchetta is the Twin Cities' best-kept lunch secret.

The Truffle Mushroom Porchetta ($10) is delightfully unctuous, with enough pork belly to give the sandwich a meaty heft that plays off the oily, truffled cremini mushrooms and garlic-parsley aioli.

Grant Tillery
Though bland looking, the fennel, radicchio, and currant slaw packs a punch.

The fennel, radicchio, and currant slaw ($1.50) is deceptively simple, but packs a punch that most slaws fail to deliver. The radicchio's bitterness is balanced out by the fennel's anise-like aroma and the sweet sensation of currant. The portion is a tad on the small side, considering this is the only cruciferous offering, so keep that in mind if you're sharing with your dining companions.

Grant Tillery
Potato chips like Porchetteria's are a rare breed.

Don't skip the generous order of house made potato chips ($1.50). Though not authentically Italian, the herbal seasoning and golden crunchiness transcend the ruffled, ridged atrocities most restaurants (even those worth their salt) serve. And don't hesitate to scoop up porchetta scraps with these -- it's a lowbrow indulgence made highbrow by Porchetteria's commitment to properly seasoned, perfectly cooked, quality ingredients.

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Terzo Vino Bar

2221 W. 50th St., Minneapolis, MN

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