Our 5 favorite flavors from last night's Sweet Science ice cream tasting

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Emily Eveland
Hungry customers are eager to sample each of Sweet Science's 15 flavors.

Verdant Tea isn't known as an ice cream shop, but they've been hawking Minneapolis's best ice cream, Sweet Science, for the better part of a year. Though customers can stop in any day of the week to pick up a pint of Ashlee Olds' delectable, creamy treats, Sweet Science holds a free tasting event once a month, where their entire lineup is available to sample.

Sweet Science rotates 15 to 20 flavors at a time, mixing a handful of mainstays with seasonal favorites. Their pairings are unexpected, and frequently combine sweet and savory components that result in a more refined treat than guilty indulgence. We headed to a tasting at Verdant Tea on a warm Thursday evening and found five flavors that stood head and shoulders above the rest (though you can't go wrong with even their most basic vanilla).

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Emily Eveland
You can't say no to Salted Caramel, can you?

5. Salted Caramel
Salted Caramel ice cream is ubiquitous, the butter brickle of the 21st century. But too few ice cream makers get it right, churning out an over-caramelized, under-salted atrocity instead of that delicate balance between the caramel and salt. Not only does Sweet Science's variation achieve that, but the caramel hits the mouth before the ice cream does, creating flavor nirvana for the tastebuds.

Emily Eveland
Sweet Science's periodic table-influenced packaging is almost as genius as their flavor combinations.

4. Lemongrass Ginger Bark
Whenever we think of Lemongrass, the Thai noodle packets sold at local co-ops come to mind. Sweet Science puts an entirely different spin on a Thai curry staple, combining it with ginger bark to create a refreshing palate cleanser. There's just enough lemongrass in the mix to lend the ice cream a pale green hue, and its muted flavor subdues the ginger bark's zing.

Emily Eveland
There are no artificial colors in the vibrant Cranberry Grapefruit Sorbet.

3. Cranberry Grapefruit Sorbet
If ice cream with cocktails is your thing, then devour the sensuous Cranberry Grapefruit Sorbet as soon as possible. The grapefruit coaxes the tartness out of the cranberries and would perfectly complement a rosé or bubbly champagne.

Emily Eveland
Trying every flavor is a must-do. Trust us.

2. Rhubarb Cinnamon Almond
Ben and Jerry's may be the godfather of chunky ice cream, but Sweet Science has perfected the craft. The almonds in the Rhubarb Cinnamon Almond ice cream are rich, reminiscent of chocolate chunk, but there's no chocolate to be found. A slight hint of cinnamon is the perfect foil for the rhubarb's sour tang.

Emily Eveland
The Dark Chocolate Sorbet (far right) is the path to enlightenment.

1. Dark Chocolate Sorbet
Though Sweet Science's regular chocolate ice cream elevates a pedestrian favorite to an indulgent delight, their Dark Chocolate Sorbet borders on ambrosial. There's no dairy in this sorbet, but the smooth, icy base serves as the perfect vehicle for the intense, dark chocolate flavor. Its sublime natural sweetness will make you wonder why you ever settled for the supermarket variety.

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