The Mill City Farmers Market: Strawberries, heirloom plants, Chef Shack donuts, and more

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Grant Tillery
Saturnine skies don't stop farmers market fanatics.

Remember when that couple in Portlandia tracks down the exact origins -- and name -- of the chicken they order at a restaurant? Mill City is that kind of farmers market, one where customers want to know the name and life story of their poultry (and sometimes produce) and the vendors are eager to share. 

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Grant Tillery
The first strawberries of the season appeared last Saturday.

Mill City Farmers Market

Where it is: 704 2nd St. S., Minneapolis
Day of the week/hours: Saturday, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. through October 25
Vendors of note: Chef Shack, Salty Tart, Shepherd's Way Farms, Star Prairie Trout Farm, Loon Organics, Zula Juice, Bliss Granola

Grant Tillery
No one leaves the Mill City Farmers Market without Chef Shack's mini donuts.

Market features: An array of pastries and sumptuous small bites beckons visitors into the market, but doesn't overshadow the who's who of local produce and crafts purveyors. Live music and cooking demos round out the mix.

Grant Tillery
Prairie Hollow Farm has one of the market's largest selections of vegetables, bread, and cheese.

The market's main promenade is dotted with vendors hawking plants for the first month of the market, but once midsummer rolls around, resplendent organic and heirloom produce will take center stage.

Grant Tillery
A customer about to buy chocolate at French Nugget.

The walkway under the mill's eaves is filled with chocolate (from French Nugget and St. Croix Chocolate) and cheese (including Icelandic sheep's milk cheese from Star Thrower Farm), a juice bar and a juice company, and local home goods ranging from wooden cutting boards to soap.

Grant Tillery

Mill City Farmers Market founder Brenda Langton brings her Crepes by Spoonriver, a savory mid-morning breakfast, and the momos provided by Gorkha Palace add a kick of spice to shopping. Verdant Tea will satiate your drink yen and offer kombucha along with the usual array of herbal drinks.

Grant Tillery
Shoppers young and old fill the market.

Market vibe: Mill City caters to customers ages 8 to 80. It's a neighborhood market for many, but suburban visitors use it to kick off a day in the city, and early-rising college students stroll the market while chowing down on pastries. Families pick up meat, salad greens, and dessert for a weekend get-together, while a small portion of visitors knock out their weekly grocery shopping.

Grant Tillery

Last thought: The Mill City Farmers Market is a showcase of the local food scene. Large crowds and fresh foods, handmade or handpicked, are incentive to get out of bed on Saturday morning. Founded by Langton in 2006, Mill City features diverse food and craft artisans that set it apart from larger farmers markets offering endless rows of the same five vegetables.

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Mill City Farmers' Market

704 2nd St. S., Minneapolis, MN

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Reed Osell
Reed Osell

Haha yeah! It's not like you can grow food during the winter inside of a green house!

Jeremy Deysach
Jeremy Deysach

Amazing how all of those locally grown farm products have already grown and ripened! Corn, watermelon, coconuts, pineapples... all fresh and locally grown!

Dean P. Cummings
Dean P. Cummings

Where'd they get that sweet corn? LOL! Look under the tables to see the boxes from the local wholesale distributors these "farmers" bought their produce.

Jeremy Deysach
Jeremy Deysach

What actual locally grown veggies are actually available there right now?


"...while a small portion of visitors knock out their weekly grocery shopping."

Not possible, unless this small portion of visitors happen to eat out 5 days of the week. 


The Market Vibe: Boutique market filled with bourgies overpaying for everything and happy to do it. Great, if you can afford it, and if you don't mind going to a farmers market only to find the most limited selection of produce of any market in the Cities, except for maybe the flower market in the St. Thomas Moore parking lot on Fridays in St. Paul.  Seriously, at least the fake farmers market on Nicollet sells onions! The market opens about three weeks too early when all that is available are seedlings and oh my god! food carts, is bereft any staples but packed with wealthy wannabes aching to pay to look cheap and savvy.    

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