The 5 best places to eat after the All-Star Game

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Hungry after the All-Star game? We've got you covered.
After months of anticipation, the day of the MLB's All Star Game has finally arrived. Whether you're lucky enough to have tickets, or you're just hanging out in downtown Minneapolis to enjoy the spectacle, odds are that at some point you're going to need some food. While some 30-odd bars have been given permission to stay open late (until 4 a.m.) to accommodate a host of celebratory out-of-towners, there are a lot of other good dining options to consider.

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Bar La Grassa's gnocchi

5. Bar La Grassa
One of the best spots for dining in the Twin Cities, Bar La Grassa is in close proximity to Target Field, making it an excellent choice for late-night, post-game eating. The Italian-inspired menu is composed of truly excellent house-made pastas available in both half- and full-sized portions. The gnocchi with cauliflower and orange is a huge hometown hit, and if you're into pates and terrines, you'll swoon for the chicken and foie gras polpettone. Stopping in for several plates and a bottle of wine is nothing shy of a home run.

4. Smack Shack
From humble beginnings as a food truck, Smack Shack has grown into a fully fledged, brick-and-mortar spot that has received its fair share of praise. Located just a few blocks from Target Field, Smack Shack is guaranteed to be hopping before, during, and after the game. The menu offers classic seafood dishes ranging from your New England-style lobster roll to Creole-inspired po boys. For those who might not be in the mood for fruits de mer, this joint also offers a variety of land-based food options, including burgers, steak, and sausages. If you want to get fruity, try one of their giant Hurricanes. We can hardly think of a better way to wind down from a game.

Joy Summers
The famous Parlour burger

3. Borough
If you're looking to get post-game fancy, Borough might just be the place for you. Featuring high-end cuisine centered on intricately composed, well executed dishes, Borough is definitely a Minneapolis all-star. The octopus is always a table-pleaser, as is the pork belly, and if you're feeling adventurous, you could also opt for a plate of sweet breads or perhaps the sturgeon entree. Either way, you'll likely want to end up downstairs in the Parlour Bar (as featured in Playboy magazine), where you'll get any number of top-shelf craft cocktails or the famous Parlour burger.

2. Haute Dish
We'd like to tell you to visit Haute Dish to have Midwestern-style comfort food at its finest, but that almost doesn't seem fair to the people working behind the scenes at Haute Dish. Their food may sound like simple comfort food, but it's so much more. The tater tot hot dish, for instance, is a mix of slow braised short ribs, a house-made potato croquette-tot, and buttery green beans -- nothing like the tater tot hot dish you may have heard whispers about. The steak and eggs is an excellent take on a classic tartare, and General Tso's sweetbreads need to be tasted to be believed. They also have a fantastic variety of delicious craft beers and cocktails.

Butcher & the Boar in downtown Minneapolis

1. Butcher & the Boar
While Butcher & the Boar might be a little further away from Target Field than some of our other choices, this is still the best place to find yourself post-game. Win or lose, Butcher & the Boar is definitely where you want to end your night, savoring American craft foods like house-made charcuterie and sausages or a double-cut smoked pork chop. The foot-long hot dog is another plate of food that's sure to please, and though there's a small Butcher & the Boar stall located in Target Field, you'd be remiss not to go and indulge in the full menu and beer garden, easily one of the most memorable places in all of the Twin Cities.

Below is a full list of all of the bars that will be open until 4 a.m. if you're still ready to go after your post-game dinner.

The 508 Bar & Restaurant, 508 First Ave. N.
Seven Steakhouse Sushi Ultralounge Skybar, 700 Hennepin Ave.
Aqua Nightclub, 400 First Ave. N.
Augie's Cabaret, 424 Hennepin Ave.
Bar Fly, 711 Hennepin Ave.
Brother's Bar & Grill, 430 First Ave. N.
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre, 824 Hennepin Ave.
The Capital Grille, 801 Hennepin Ave.
Cowboy Jacks, 126 Fifth St. N.
Club New York, 10 Fifth St. S.
Devil's Advocate, 89 10th St. S.
Downtown Cabaret, 115 Fourth St. S.
The Executive Lounge, 418 Third Ave. N.
Firelake Grill House, 31 Seventh St. S.
First Avenue, 701 First Ave. N.
The Grand Hotel, 615 Second Ave. S.
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, 1300 Nicollet Mall
Hubert's Sports Bar, 600 First Ave. N.
Kieran's Irish Pub, 85 Sixth St. N.
The Local, 931 Nicollet Mall
The Loon Cafe, 500 First Ave. N.
Marin Restaurant & Bar, 901 Hennepin Ave.
Millenium Hotel, 1313 Nicollet Mall
The Pourhouse, 10 Fifth St. S.
Rick's Cabaret, 300 Third St. S.
The Seville Club, 15 Glenwood Ave.
The Shout House, 650 Hennepin Ave.
Solera Restaurant & Event Center, 900 Hennepin Ave.
Spades Nightclub, 322 First Ave. N.
Uncle Bucks, 26 Fifth St. N.

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Black sheep rocks too! Best Pizza in the area HANDS DOWN!

Jeff Young
Jeff Young

Maybe having this appear in our newsfeeds the day after the ASG is less than optimal.

Ryan Duffney
Ryan Duffney

Try Nicollet/24th mcdonalds. the mcchickens are a dollar. And theres homeless people there to keep you company

Rebecca A. Fore
Rebecca A. Fore

Black sheep rocks too! Best Pizza in the area HANDS DOWN!

Jeff McGuire
Jeff McGuire

The Freehouse is not that good, Very expensive for what you get. The beer is pretty plain. (Although I do like the other blue plate places)


Really? You're not getting into ANY of these places unless you made reservations well in advance of today. Might be able to squeeze into the bar at Haute Dish or Smack Shack, but  Bar La Grassa? Seriously? That place is booked weeks in advance usually.

Summra Sharif
Summra Sharif

Also, don't forget about Black Sheep Pizza! Yum.

Rebecca A. Fore
Rebecca A. Fore

All great places! Don't forget THE FREEHOUSE! I'll be there to help you keep that buzz going! P.s. Our patio is dog friendly ;)


@DaveTheDopeFiend Actually, I work at one of these restaurants and tonight was below average; the restaurant was practically empty.  The All Star Game scared away more customers than it attracted.

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