Kim Bartmann on her new Loring Park endeavor, the Third Bird

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The former Cafe Maude
Kim Bartmann, the unstoppable restaurateur who brought us Red Stag, Pat's Tap, Bryant-Lake Bowl, Barbette, and most recently Tiny Diner, is at it again with the Third Bird, a Loring Park joint set to open the third week of August.

The Third Bird was an unexpected endeavor for Bartmann, inspired by the recent closure of Cafe Maude's Loring Park location.

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"This place sort of came along and dropped in my lap, I guess," Bartmann says. "I knew [Cafe Maude owner] Kevin Sheehy and I actually had my wedding reception here last year, so he knew I really liked the space. When the space closed, I was contacted by Kevin and his investor to see if we could re-imagine what might work in here."

Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl of MSPMag was recently given a tour of the space and reported that the restaurant features a bird mural painted by Steven Noble and a long white ash bar. Bartmann envisions the Third Bird as a neighborhood joint, appealing mostly to locals. To facilitate that vibe, the entrance was built in the alley, away from the main street.

"We definitely want to be a spot where people can come and do happy hour and eat dinner on their way home from work in downtown," Bartmann says.

The menu will feature contemporary, farm-fresh foods prepared by chef Lucas Almendinger of the late Union Fish Market and wines selected by Bill Summerville, formerly of La Belle Vie. Bartmann clued us in on some menu items, including a burrata salad with pickled peaches and heirloom tomatoes, grill-cooked steak, and rabbit.

Meanwhile at Tiny Diner, Bartmann and chef T.J. Rawitzer are are preparing to switch their specials menu from Philadelphia to Memphis-inspired. The plan is to feature a new city every four to six weeks to avoid having too many "sacred cows" on the menu.

"Obviously, there's barbecue there," Bartmann says of the switch to Memphis. "Nobody needs to bring that up. We're trying to go around the edges and see what else is traditional there."

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Keith Morris
Keith Morris

As long as there's a couple options for cheap beer and munchies I'll be a regular since it's in my backyard: a lot of us Loring Park residents can't or don't want to pay $20+ for a meal or $7+ for a drink, and in a stuffy environment with dull music on top of that, but you wouldn't know from all the frou-frou spots there near the park. Right now, a lot of us have to go outside of the neighborhood to places like Whittier or NE if we want to go someplace with reasonable prices and a good atmosphere. Hell, that's a big part of why the 19 is thriving after so many years: even if you're not GLBTQ there are lot of A(llies) who are LP residents (art students, punk rockers, hipsters, etc) who end up there cuz it's the only game in town, err the neighborhood.

Kaia Rubin
Kaia Rubin

I hope it stays for a long time!

Lisa Patton
Lisa Patton

This is great but why won't she do anything to Gigi's?? It looks and feels so cold there now. It's been 2 years and we're still waiting for the remodel. At least put some half comfortable chairs for sidewalk seating instead of those horrid Ikea devices.

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