Month in Review: Open, closed, coming soon July '14

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Alma Guzman
The incredible duck breast at Corner Table 3.0, now open in Kingfield
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Agra Culture Kitchen & Press
2939 Girard Ave. S., Minneapolis

Aki's Bread Haus Bakery
2506 Central Ave. NE, Minneapolis

Black Coffee & Waffle Bar (City Pages First Look)
1500 Como Ave. SE, Minneapolis

Bogart's Doughnut Company (City Pages First Look)
36th St. W. & Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis

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First Look: Corner Table 3.0 opens tonight

Brasserie Zentral (City Pages review)
505 Marquette Ave. S., Minneapolis 

Burning Bros. Brewery (City Pages review)
1750 Thomas Ave., St. Paul

3255 Bryant Ave. S., Minneapolis

The Copper Hen Cakery & Kitchen (City Pages coverage)
2515 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

Corner Table 3.0 (City Pages review)
New casual concepts from current owners

Cook St. Paul (City Pages coverage)
1124 Payne Ave., St. Paul

Rosedale Mall

French Meadow St. Paul location (City Pages coverage)
1662 Grand Ave., St. Paul

Five Watt Coffee (City Pages First Look)
3745 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis

Hen House Eatery (City Pages review)
Former Peter's Grill space 
114 South 8th St., Minneapolis

Hola Arepa (City Pages review)
3501 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

Hot Indian Food (City Pages coverage)
Stall at the Midtown Global Market

2700 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

24 University Ave NE, Minneapolis

Kyatchi Sushi (City Pages review)
3758 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis

2903 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

Marche (from the owners of Borough & Coup d'Etat)
2904 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

Mattie St. Clair's House of Spirits (City Pages coverage)
43 Main St. SE, Minneapolis

Nelson's Ice Cream (City Pages coverage)
454 Snelling Ave. S., St. Paul

The Office Pub & Grill (City Pages coverage)
Between J.D. Hoyt's & Deja Vu on Washington Ave. N., Minneapolis

Red Cow's second location (City Pages coverage)
393 Selby Ave., St. Paul
Sober Fish (City Pages coverage)
Former True Thai space, 2627 E. Franklin Ave., Minneapolis

Tongue in Cheek (City Pages coverage)
989 Payne Ave., St. Paul

Tiny Diner (City Pages First Look)
1014 E. 38th St., Minneapolis 

Thumbnail image for anodynecoffeehouse.jpg
Courtesy Anodyne Coffeehouse Facebook page

Buster's on 28th
(Closed temporarily for remodel, re-opens in July) 

(Closing at Graves 601 Hotel; will re-open in former Rye Deli location this August)


Bull Run Coffee (moving into former Anodyne Coffeehouse space)
4301 Nicollet, Minneapolis

Betty Danger's Country Club (City Pages coverage)
In former Psycho Suzi's location

Bistro LaRoux (from the owners of Cajun 2 Geaux food truck)
Circle Pines, MN

530 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis

Dong Hae Korean Grill & Sushi
251 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis

Foreign Legion Wine Bar/Zentral Cafe (City Pages coverage)
New projects from Russell & Desta Klein
Soo Line Building, Marquette & 5th, Minneapolis

GYST Fermentation Bar (City Pages coverage)
25 East 26th Street, Minneapolis 

Gastrotruck brick and mortar (City Pages coverage)
2400 University Ave. NE, Minneapolis 

Lyn-Lake Theater Brewery (City Pages coverage)
2934 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis

65th St. & Lyndale Ave. S., Richfield

3001 Hennepin Ave. S., Minneapolis

Ling and Louie's (City Pages coverage)
9th St. & Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis 

Merchant (Gavin Kaysen's new venture)
211 N. First St.

The Nicollet Diner (City Pages coverage)
1428 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 

One, Two, Three Sushi's fourth location (City Pages Coverage)
101 5th St. E., St. Paul

Pieology Pizza (City Pages coverage)
Multiple locations planned

Public Kitchen & Bar
229 East 6th St., St. Paul

Red Cow's third location (City Pages coverage)
North Loop

Roundtable Coffee Works (City Pages coverage)
2386 Territorial Rd., St. Paul

Saint Dinette (from the owners of the Strip Club)
Lofts at Lowertown Farmers Market on 5th St., St. Paul

North Loop neighborhood

Seward Co-Op's new location (City Pages coverage)
38th St. & Clinton Ave. S.

Unnamed Jack Riebel restaurant (City Pages sneak peek)
1610 Harmon Place, Minneapolis

Unnamed Kim Bartmann restaurant 
1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis

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Sally Van Dyke
Sally Van Dyke

Open...Where's 6Smith in Wayzata and Coalition in Excelsior? Opening soon...Cru Wayzata and Victor's on Water, Excelsior. Don't you do suburban restaurants?

Eddie Phillips
Eddie Phillips

They regurtate because they are a shite magazine with no real journalists working for them!

Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan

Also, lots of these places have been open WAY more than a month. Why the regurgitation?

Lindsay Thompson
Lindsay Thompson

You forgot Merchant, and I heard the Socialista place isn't happening.

Kat Coats
Kat Coats

It seems like both The Nicollet Diner and Gastro Truck's restaurant are never going to open.


You need to switch "Red Cow second location" into the "Now Open" section

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