Sipping Indeed's 2014 Mexican Honey Imperial Lager, a citrusy, lightly sweet brew

Loren Green

This is only the second year Indeed Brewing has made its Mexican Honey Imperial Lager, a light, crisp, malt-based beer that deviates from the often hop-centric brewery. The beer was formulated because co-owner Thomas Whisenand fell in love with the variety of Mexican orange blossom honey while using it to brew the winter seasonal Old Friend. He sought out a new use for the citrusy honey and a Mexican lager was a natural fit.

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While the lager malts dominate the flavor profile, the beer has a citrus nose before the honey brings a swift and dry finish with a pleasant sweetness. It's honey gold in color and sits beautifully in a tulip glass with a white foamy head that slowly fades cleanly on the glass. As the brewers proudly discuss in the taproom, "It's one of our cleanest beers." It's also dangerously smooth with a 7.2% ABV.

Mexican Honey Imperial Lager debuts at the Indeed taproom on Wednesday, and will soon be available on other taps in Indeed's distribution including Red Cow, Grumpy's NE, and the Blue Door. 750ml bottles will be sent to liquor stores next week, including South Lyndale, Ale Jail, and Zipps.

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Since Indeed hasn't even been open for 2 years yet, it would be hard for them to have brewed this beer a third year :)  In any case, excellent beer last year and I expect this will be the same - grab it while you can


@DavidFoureyes The keg that was on in the Tap Room last month was the 2013 aged version from the cellar. This is the brand new 2014 batch!

DavidFoureyes topcommenter

This shit is so damn good...however I'm curious why it is "debuting" in the tap room as it was on tap here last month. Must be the bottling launch or something.

Anyway...get it.

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