The 10 best milkshakes in the Twin Cities

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Sean McPherson
The Hot Fudge Banana Malt from the Convention Grill (not pictured, boys and the yard)

It's perfect milkshake weather: too hot for most of the heavier classic desserts (sorry chocolate lava cake), but not so hot that you just ask for a refill of water at the end of a meal. Shakes and their close relatives, malts, are best consumed with a classic diner burger or taken to-go for a quick sweets fix. Nowadays, you can even gussy up a milkshake at one of the many spots around town that serves a boozy, adult malt. We recommend you try a couple of these excellent shakes before the mercury drops below the milkshake mark.

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With this list, we considered malts, vegan shakes, boozy shakes, and everything in between. Our goal was to find the best drinkable blended ice cream drinks in the Twin Cities. It wasn't easy narrowing the list -- most reputable diners and ice cream parlors offer up a decent shake -- but these ten topped the rest.

10. Grand Ole Creamery

Grand Ole Creamery is a formidable part of the ice cream scene and though it is hard to explain why one would pop in to the Grand Ole Creamery and not get something that involves their other-worldly waffle cones, if you do go beverage style, we recommend a sweet cream malt. The sweet cream's smooth buttery flavor is hard to match in the Twin Cities, and the sweetness of the ice cream complements the thicker flavor of the malted milk.

Sean McPherson
Pumphouse Milkshake

9. Pumphouse Creamery

It's tough to get fresher than the Pumphouse Creamery's farm-fresh, top-notch ingredients. The Crystal Ball brand whole milk they add before blending the shake comes out of a glass container that looks like it belongs in the fifties. We recommend ordering the mint cookies and cream variety. Don't worry about being served a bright green commercial affair -- this is a vanilla-colored, minty, Oreo adventure with finely ground cookies and a perfectly smooth texture. Yum.

8. Conny's Creamy Cone

If this were purely a soft serve contest, Conny's might be the winner, hands down. This humble corner soft serve shack has been making around two dozen of its own flavors -- including delicious signatures like German chocolate and experimental oddballs like Pina Colada -- for years, earning the love and loyalty of its North End neighbors. Conny's super-soft ice cream is ideal to eat in shake or malt form, since it melts so quickly on the cone. The hard part comes when you have to pick just one flavor. But would Conny make you do that? No, she would not. Ask for a half-and-half marshmallow and hot fudge shake (or malt, if that's how you roll). The resulting creation has all the fun and flavor of an ethereal S'more, but without all the sticky mess to clean up after. Pro tip: All of Conny's ice cream treats are best enjoyed in conjunction with one of Conny's deep-fried ones. We're big fans of the cheese curds here, but the mac n' cheese bites come in as a close second.

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