Du Nord releases first of three gins vying to be the signature Fitzgerald Gin

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Photo courtesy of Du Nord Craft Spirits
Du Nord Craft Spirits to launch first of three candidates for the title of Fitzgerald Gin
As Minnesota's micro-distilleries are starting to kick things into high gear, a few folks are taking some interesting approaches to the release of their hooch. This week, Minneapolis's Du Nord Craft Spirits will launch its small-batch-brewed Fitzgerald Gin -- but there's a catch.

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Photo courtesy of Du Nord Craft Spirits
Du Nord's award winning L'etoile du Nord
This first release, known currently as "Formula 1," is the first of three versions of the company's gin that could potentially don the mantle of Fitzgerald Gin. Each release will be brewed with a different botanically based recipe, and Du Nord drinkers will pick a favorite to be the company's signature small-batch gin.

The release of Formula 1 comes shortly after the company launched its first product, L'etoile du Nord Vodka, which won the triple gold medal for taste at the Beverly Hills Micro-spirits Awards.

The three different Fitzgerald Gin hopefuls will be brewed in different styles, including a classic London-style dry gin, a more modern take on the classic, and a hop-spiked gin. Du Nord drinkers will be able to sample all three and vote for their favorite in the soon-to-open cocktail room.

"We want to get the community involved," says Du Nord co-owner Chris Montana. "Gin drinkers are particular about their style. What better way to find out what Minnesotans like than by letting Minnesotans choose?"

The company describes Formula 1, as a classic London dry gin with a strong juniper flavor and notes of citrus, angelica root, and licorice root. Look for Fitzgerald Gin Formula 1 to hit shelves this Friday.

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