From the chef behind Haute Dish comes Nighthawks/Birdie, a modern diner

Nighthawks, an urban American diner coming to you soon from chef Landon Schoenefeld
Coming soon to a south Minneapolis neighborhood near you (assuming you live somewhere near 38th and Nicollet) is Nighthawks, the newest venture by veteran Twin Cities chef Landon Schoenefeld. Nighthawks will be taking over the old Shorty & Wags location and will include a smaller restaurant-within-a-restaurant known as Birdie.

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Nighthawks will feature updated takes on classic American diner food
Nighthawks will have a "post-modern urban American diner" theme, according to MSP Magazine. While Nighthawks will focus on contemporary takes on diner cuisine, Birdie will be a little bit more playful, if not more avant garde with a constantly changing tasting menu. The space is tentatively set to open sometime early this winter.

The inspiration behind Nighthawks is the classic Edward Hopper painting of the same name. Schoenefeld was approached originally as a consultant for the space, but eventually a deal was struck and now he's moving in.

Nighthawks will pay homage to classic diner fare, while adding in elements of a New York-style deli and undoubtedly mixing in some of Schoenefeld's signature flair. According to MSP Magazine, menu items could include Schoenefeld's take on chicken soup, pastrami, chopped liver, and a selection of various burgers and hot dogs. Nighthawks will also be serving up certain diner breakfast classics, so for those of you who have been longing for a monstrously tall stack of pancakes, you're in luck.

It should almost go without saying that Nighthawks will serve a variety of craft beers along with a few tap wine options. Currently Robb Jones (the man behind the bar at Saffron) is working on creating some kind of cocktail menu. We'll be interested to see what comes of that, as Nighthawks currently only has a beer and wine license.

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I'm excited to have a new spot close to home, but . . .  Why would someone name their restaurants Nighthawks and Birdie, when they are at the same intersection as an existing restaurant called Blackbird, and two miles from a place called Nightingale?  It almost feels like they're intentionally trying to create confusion.  I would be upset if I was the owner of either of the other two establishments.

jason.dorweiler topcommenter

Nice. Eat Street! Great location. Maybe an updated tribute to Shorty and Wags fried chicken?

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