PizzaRev, a Buffalo Wild Wings-backed pizza joint, is better than you might expect

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Last week, PizzaRev, a fast-casual pizza chain from California, opened its second Minnesota location in Edina. Buffalo Wild Wings -- which recently invested in Dallas' Rusty Taco chain -- owns the franchise rights to PizzaRev in Minnesota, as part of its effort to diversify within the fast-casual market. PizzaRev's first Minnesota location opened in Hopkins on May 14.

To be frank, we didn't have the highest hopes for PizzaRev. The build-your-own pizza concept isn't exactly new and the setup sounded too much like a Subway adaptation for us to fully trust the quality of the final product. We were wrong. Mostly.

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PizzaRev, a Buffalo Wild Wings-backed pizza joint, makes its way to Minnesota

Emily Eveland

Upon arriving at PizzaRev we were immediately greeted by a man we can only assume was the manager, based on his overwhelming enthusiasm for the PizzaRev system. He gave the full spiel to each new customer who entered: PizzaRev makes 11-inch pizzas with as many toppings as you want for $7.99 and within three minutes. He advised that we skip the menu and instead go down the line to choose from their sauces (white, red, and olive oil), cheeses (mozzarella, vegan, blue, ricotta, and feta), and 30 additional toppings (including spicy chorizo, crumbled meatballs, fennel seeds, and artichoke hearts). To streamline the process, each PizzaRev employee is assigned to a different station.

PizzaRev caters to vegans and the gluten-free crowd with a gluten-free crust ($2 extra) and vegan cheese ($1 extra). The menu also helpfully points out which toppings contain gluten.


We opted for a create-your-own pizza and the Fennel & Sausage pizza, one of PizzaRev's nine "Our Way" pizzas, and for the create-your-own 'za, we went with white sauce, mozzarella, ham, spinach, and garlic.

While we checked out, another employee added our personal pizzas to the large wood-fired over near the register. Within two minutes of sitting down, we were served our pizzas.

As with any create-your-own establishment, the quality of the food largely depends on your ability to combine flavors. If you think anchovies, pineapple, barbecue sauce, and blue cheese sounds like a good idea, you're going to have a bad time. Though we too experience the heart-beat-skipping excitement of having a massive variety of toppings at our fingertips, we suggest you stick with the simple.

For the variety and cost, PizzaRev's pizzas are actually pretty damn good. Though we can't envision ourselves making the trek to Edina solely to stop at PizzaRev (we save that kind of pilgrimage for Hello Pizza), it's a great option for folks in the area and likely to be a saving grace for parents with a horde of picky kids to please. Case in point: During our visit, the woman in front of us ordered 11 personal pizzas, each with different specifications. And though it was only their second day of business, PizzaRev took the onslaught in stride, churning out the full order within 10 minutes.

PizzaRev is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m.

7529 France Avenue S
Edina, MN

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