Stellar state fair stand-ins: 6 fair foods available year round

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Sean McPherson
The Elote from the Sonora Grill, your cob away from the fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together starts tomorrow, and we're pumped. We love the fair. We love, love the fair. But some of you aren't going to make it. Maybe the ticket prices are too high, maybe you've had enough of the crowds, maybe it's only over-the-hill bands playing the Grandstand. No matter your reason for ducking the fair, there's no reason you have to miss out on some of your favorite state fair foods.

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6. The Potluck Pickle Roll Ups from Psycho Suzi's

The Potluck Pickle Roll-ups are described as Minnesota sushi on Psycho Suzi's menu. When we order them, we just say "the pickle things please quickly pickles please." These addictive bad boys are made with dill spears wrapped in cream cheese and corned beef and are sliced up into perfect bite-sized bits. At the fair, one can find a larger version of the same dish at Pickle Dog (south side of Carnes between Liggett and Clough). The Psycho Suzi's version is a little less generous, both with the cream cheese and the pickle size, but it's plenty of food for a pre-meal snack and definitely enough to give you that feel-good state fair vibe.

Sean McPherson
The Frickles from Darby's

5. Frickles from Darby's

You can skip this paragraph if you've never bitten into a pickle and thought, "There's so much more we could do together, little pickle." If you have indeed dreamed of something more, Darby's has you covered with its frickles: small discs of dill pickle fried up in a light batter. We were a bit worried when we didn't see the cream cheese inside the breading -- our go-to order at the Perfect Pickle (corner of Liggett and Dan Patch) -- but Darby's seasoned sour cream dip was a suitable substitution.

4. Slow-roasted turkey from Turkey To Go

Turkey To Go got their start at the State Fair, but soon moved into the food truck and brick-and-mortar world, where they serve up juicy, peppery pulled turkey. At the fair there might be no better way to enjoy this bird than in a big overstuffed sandwich, but in the non-fair environs of the skyway shop we recommend giving the entree salad a try. Turkey To Go offers an impressive list of vegetables and other toppings to add to your salad, and the portions are ample. Sure, salad isn't the first thing you think of when you think of state fair food, but why not avail yourself of this opportunity to enjoy slow-roasted turkey in a new format -- without being elbow to elbow with strangers.

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