Top 10 reasons your bartender hates you

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A guy walks into a bar. He snaps his fingers at the bartender to get her attention. It's futile. He waves money in her face. Desperate, he calls from across the room, "Hey, sweetheart, surprise me with something." She brings him a High Life.

"That's not what I wanted," he huffs. "How 'bout you give me this one for free and we'll call it even?"

He gets up from his bar stool after chugging his beer, leaving behind a pile of torn-up napkins, olive pits from the "snacks" he stole from the garnish tray, and a handful of pennies.

This is no joke. This, my friends, is your bartender's worst nightmare.

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The bartender is a true warrior, putting up with belligerent drunks, catcalls, fights, and the same goddamn Guns N' Roses songs played repeatedly on the jukebox, all while serving hundred of drinks per night. If you want to make her job easier, don't be the douchebag who does the following. (Note: "You skip the tip" isn't on this list because if you haven't yet figured out that you should leave your bartender a tip, you're beyond help.)

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The last guy who grabbed the garnishes

10. You think the garnish tray is a buffet table.

The lemons and olives are not for you. When you stick your fingers in the garnishes, you're giving the next person who orders a mojito a mouthful of your germs. Frankly, your bartender doesn't care so much about that -- it's more that he'll have to replenish the stock after you've helped yourself to a nice little feast.

By the way, the garnishes have likely been sitting out for the past eight hours. Enjoy your slimy cheese cube.

9. You expect free drinks.

If you ask your bartender for a free drink, you're eliminating your chances of ever getting one. Free drinks are a privilege occasionally granted to those who are polite, tip generously, and refrain from causing a scene. And dude, no one cares that you know the owner. As the proprietor of a popular neighborhood bar, he probably knows a lot of people. He still wants your money.

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8. You think you're exempt from the law.

Your bartender has heard everything. You left it at home, you put it through the wash, it got taken away after your last DUI.... It doesn't matter if you're wrinkled from head to toe -- your bartender could still be fined and/or fired for letting you drink without checking your ID. It's not about your bartender being a bitch. It's about the need to make a living and not letting some entitled asshole stand in the way of paying rent.

Note: This rule rarely applies in Wisconsin.

7. You ask for a surprise.

Want a surprise? Here's a glass of water. Indecision means nothing to your bartender, who makes hundreds of different drinks per day. And don't even think about ordering a drink you saw on the internet but can't remember the name of. It's not your bartender's responsibility to stay up to date on the latest mixed-drink concoctions on YouTube.

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MN is notorious for checking ID on people.  And some look and stare at the damn thing.  I don't blame them.  I blame the strange amount of stings that happen.  Too many police.

Nick Beheng
Nick Beheng

How about 10 reasons why we hate bartenders

Ryan Mooney
Ryan Mooney

Is there a "10 reasons I hate my bartender" list too?

Luke Emerson
Luke Emerson

Can you make shots here???Duhhhhh. Make it fun, something fruity but not to sweet. God I hate people sometimes.

Cindy Helmerick
Cindy Helmerick

Or when I'm out with my 68 year old dad and he orders "a tall glass of beer". Bartender will be like "what kind sir?" and he replies "Well, what have you got on tap". Sooo embarassing.

Kent Smith
Kent Smith

I can't believe you forgot: Using your Debit / Credit Card for each drink transaction. Good grief people....leave your tab open or pay with cash.

Michelle Ciancanelli
Michelle Ciancanelli

My all time favorite "this is MY bar!" No douche, this is not your bar. If this was "your" bar you wouldn't be getting kicked out as we speak.


What a useless article.  How about top ten reasons why bartenders suck.

(1) You hit on your customer's significant other

(2) You make weak ass drinks and cheat customers out of money

(3) you expect a 20% tip for just opening a bottle

(4) You expect women/men to immediately sleep with you

(5) You make a drink wrong and annoyed to make it again

(6) A customer has to tell you how to make a drink and you expect a 20% tip

(7) If you want more money, get a better paid job

(8) When I ask to make it stronger, I don;t mind paying more money, just don;t be cheap

(9) If you were a good bar tender you wouldn't be working in a crap hole

(10) You are not Tom Cruise

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