Travail/The Rookery makes Bon Appetit's short list for Best Restaurant in America

Photo courtesy of Travail
Yesterday, Travail/The Rookery was listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in America by Bon Appetit
At this point, the folks over at Travail/The Rookery are no strangers to national press. But that doesn't mean they weren't pleased as punch when yesterday, Bon Appetit magazine added them to the list of runners-up for the best restaurant in the United States. The 50 final restaurants were chosen by the magazine's restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton who will whittle down the list and announce the top 10 next Tuesday.

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Photo courtesy of the Rookery
A scallop dish from the Rookery
In 2011, Travail made the number 4 spot, but because of their recent move and expansion, they're in the running a second time.

According to Bon Appetit, "Travail (a BA Top 10 Best New Restaurant in 2011) may have moved to a bigger space and received a boatload of Kickstarter-generated funding, but the staff hasn't shed an ounce of its energy and playfulness."

While the article calls out the accolades of Travail and its new location, it also pays special attention to the Rookery, noting that, "[It] is a place where your cocktail may be called a Ron Burgundy and comes to the table emanating the smoke of cherry-flavored pipe tobacco, only to be followed by a terrarium filled with a million little (edible) components. It's one wild, crazy ride."

The big question now is will Travail/The Rookery make the much coveted top 10 list? Considering that Knowlton is singing some of the same praises he did in his 2011 coverage, it's not only likely, they might even best their original number 4 slot.

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