Get free beer from Eastlake Craft Brewery, coming soon to Midtown Global Market

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Bethany Pitman
Pitman enjoys a slug of cold beer and he wants you to have one, too.

Beer fans at the Midtown Global Market, your taproom dreams are ever closer to becoming a reality. While the brewing hasn't yet begun at Eastlake Craft Brewery, owner and head brewer Ryan Pitman is teasing fans with merch and access to free beer.

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Eastlake has opened a webstore selling various merchandise: pint glasses, stainless steel growlers, t-shirts, and more. While that may not seem like a big step, Pitman has added an incentive for would-be webstore customers: In September he's giving out free beer coupons (in the form of wooden nickels) along with any purchase of a pint glass, and he's offering five free fills with the purchase of the $65 vacuum-sealed stainless steel growlers. The sale will run through the month of September, and perhaps into October, Pitman says, "depending on how close we are to opening."

The brewery is aiming for an October or November opening, though dates are subject to licensing and inspections.

The wooden nickels don't come with an expiration date. "If someone wants to sit on it for a decade, I would love to still be around to honor that," Pitman says.

As for the stainless steel growlers, yes, they are more expensive than glass jugs, but Pitman notes many of their advantages. "[Glass] can break and the seal can leak carbonation a little, especially once it's been opened. The stainless growlers have a clampdown that seals that pressure in. This particular growler, made by Drink Tanks in Oregon, is also vacuum sealed, so your beer stays cold for at least 24 hours," he says.

The sale is a way for Eastlake to earn income as the company completes construction. Many start-ups turn to crowdsourcing at this stage, but Pitman wanted to sell products that he has right now instead of future promises. "And since we're new to the market," he says, "we wanted to have a fun special for people with some early interest."

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Debra Grouse
Debra Grouse

Yes. Of course that is a hipster. Who else would even know about growlers, and Midtown Global Market??? Ok...I might be one of the exceptions. But, mostly hipsters, I am pretty sure.

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