City Pages' Best Of app just got even better

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Ariella Schreck
Want to know where to go and what to do in the Twin Cities? Your essential mobile guide--also known as our Best Of app--just got better. You already know you can count on the Best Of app to offer restaurant, shopping and nightlife recommendations from City Pages' expert critics. Now the app has been redesigned to be faster, sleeker, and packed with even more carefully curated local content.

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Parlour featured in Playboy

The Panty Dropper works on so many levels

Here's your excuse to pick up the magazine for an actual article. In the July issue of the titular publication, Playboy selects the Best Bars in America for 2013. Right there, sandwiched between the boobs and butts is our own, swarthy heartthrob barman, Jesse Held.

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City Pages' Best of the Twin Cities party is coming

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Let's toast the Best of the Twin Cities

"In my younger and more venerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. 'Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone,' he told me, 'just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.' So begins The Great Gatsby, and while F. Scott Fitzgerald might not have known it, he may have been talking about how great we have it in the Twin Cities. Not everyone can be lucky enough to have the advantage of living here. In celebration of our epic Best of the Twin Cities issue (on stands Wednesday April 17), we are throwing a big-time bash, and we would love to see you there.

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Piccolo among the "most underrated" restaurants in America

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Soft scrambled eggs with pig's feet and truffle butter at Piccolo has released a list of 25 of the nation's most underrated restaurants, i.e., places that are on par with the top eateries in the country but don't always get the media attention they deserve or are overshadowed by their more-hyped or long-established peers. Two Chicago restaurants -- Near (which another Chicago chef claims doesn't even get local press due to its suburban location) and Nightwood on South Halstead represented the Midwest on Eater's list, along with one Minneapolis small-plates restaurant.

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Punch, Pizzeria Lola make Food & Wine's list of 50 Best Pizza Places in the U.S.

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Pizzeria Lola in Armatage gets national love from a top food magazine

Food & Wine magazine has called out both the local Punch Pizza chain and Pizzeria Lola in south Minneapolis's Armatage neighborhood as two of the 50 best pizza joints in the U.S. It probably didn't hurt that Andrew Zimmern is one of the magazine's contributing editors, but he surely isn't the only well-traveled foodie who thinks the Twin Cities' boutique pizzerias are among the best in the country. Here's where the two local shops ranked on the national list.

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Top 10 steak houses in the Twin Cities

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Tony Nelson
At the Twin Cities' best steak joints, you'll need is a big appetite, a sharp knife, and a thick wallet
For all of the great advances and trends in local dining in recent years--fusion, small plates, exquisitely crafted platings, molecular gastronomy--for many meat-loving foodies there is still no experience quite like the primal thrill of biting into a big, juicy, perfectly cooked steak. And while the grass-fed, farm-to-table ethos has certainly enhanced the experience, many of the finest local steak houses seem immune to such concerns, lost in a time warp that has left them unchanged for decades; that retro chic, in fact, is part of their charm. So from modern to classic, here are our choices of where to find the best steaks in the Twin Cities.

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Top 10 wine bars in the Twin Cities

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Spending an evening at a great wine bar is one of life's most elegant, refined, and enjoyable dining experiences. Whether you're rediscovering a favorite wine; exploring little traveled regions, wineries, or varietals; seeking a perfect match of food and beverage; or just relaxing in good company, Twin Cities wine bars offer a world of taste adventures, and with so many opening in recent years, it's easy to find one nearby. Here are 10 of our favorite spots to pour a glass. They can be a destination in themselves or the perfect beginning or ending to a night on the town.

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Top 10 Indian restaurants in the Twin Cities

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Indian food: the spice of life
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Could Indian food be the perfect regional cuisine? Its exquisite blending of perfectly balanced spices beckon equally in the sultry days of summer or on frigid winter nights. Its tastes are so delicious they'll satisfy a picky child, yet so complex they'll gratify the pickiest foodie. Dishes are rich enough for a raja, but affordable enough for a student, and they are easily tailored for vegetarians or carnivores, for timid diners or heat-seeking adventurers. When that craving strikes - and you know it will - here are our Top 10 choices for Indian food in the Twin Cities.

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Top 5 brewpubs in the Twin Cities

Twin Cities top-5 brewpubs
The Twin Cities have a great and growing beer scene. I've spent the last year traveling the upper Midwest visiting breweries and tasting brews. I've been to about 130 and can say with some authority that the beers brewed in the Twin Cities are among the best in the region. We've got some great brewpubs, both in terms of the beer they brew and the food they serve. Though we don't have very many, here's a top 5 list of them. My ranking is based on the whole package: beer, food, and ambiance.

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50 tasty reasons to love Minnesota food

50 Reasons--MN food graphic.jpg
Walleye, Surly, Honeycrisp ... and we're just getting started
When Anthony Bourdain last year told his TV audience on No Reservations that his experience at Doug Flicker's south Minneapolis restaurant Piccolo was "far and away the best and most inspired and inspiring meal of my trip across America," he was confirming what Twin Cities diners have known for years: Minnesota's food scene is worthy of national attention.

The Twin Cities' recent domination of the James Beard Awards for Best Midwest Chef is only one sign that our state is now a fixture on America's food map. The explosive growth of Minnesota dining culture can be seen in the burgeoning farm-to-table ethic and growth of farmers markets; in Lenny Russo's grand, experimental food campus at Heartland; in the artisan meats of Green Ox; and in the designer cocktails at Bradstreet Craftshouse, La Belle Vie, and others. Esquire magazine even singled out Al's Breakfast as serving the "Best Pancakes in America."

Minnesota has long been a food-conscious state, from our Mill City beginnings to Betty Crocker to our invention of the Honeycrisp apple, but nothing has rivaled today's diverse restaurant and food scene. Eating in Minnesota has become a spectacular adventure of tastes and experiences.

Here is our list of the 50 best reasons to eat in Minnesota:

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