Nikola Govich Has a Classic in His Glass at Saffron

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Marsha Trainer
A beautiful place to work...

Saffron's bar is romantically lit, filled with deep saturated hues and best of all a place to cozy up and get a fine cocktail. The person newly in charge of making sure that the mood and the drinks stay top-notch is Nikola Govich, an alum of Bradstreet Craftshouse, Meritage, and Eat Street Social (not to mention an Irish beer and shot joint in NYC).

He recently took over for friend and former colleague Robb Jones, who made the leap to Spoon and Stable. Govich has debuted a few new libations but has not shaken things up entirely. As he settles in, we thought it was a good time to pay a visit and find out what's in his Old Fashioned glass right now.

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Hell's Kitchen Introduces a Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar

Hell's Kitchen
231 hot sauces are just 231 of the many ways to garnish a Bloody Mary

How ridiculous must your bloody be?

It's a polarizing thing, as personal as underpants: How you choose to soothe your hangover (or cultivate one) is your business. You want a whole chicken hanging off the rim? One dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts tossed over the straw? A cheeseburger floating on top? Or do you want it neat -- just the good stuff, please?

Garnish your bloody how you like it at Hell's Kitchen's newly minted Jacked Up Bloody Mary Bar. The restaurant says it sold over 31,000 bloodies in the past year, and like any good enterprising soul, the owners must have thought: "Let's jack this thing up!"

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Full Lineup Announced for City Pages Cocktailian 2014


As the holidays near, so does City Pages Cocktailian, a spirited affair celebrating the best that Minnesota distilleries and mixologists have to offer. Join us for the revelry on Thursday, December 11 at Varsity Theater.

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The Grumpy Hour: Happy Hour at Grumpy's Keeps it Simple, Keeps Us Drinking

Sean McPherson
A nice pour of Redbreast on the rocks

Some happy hours make it seem like an obstacle course just to enjoy a bit of booze on the cheap. Certain specials only last half an hour, you have to sit in a particular part of the bar, just show your stub from a sporting event, et cetera. Leave us alone, okay? Don't confuse us when we're drinking.

We're thankful for the bars that hold steady. And if Grumpy's Downtown does one thing right, it's holding steady. These well-timed happy hours will help you stack punk rock cred while sipping on whiskey that your most mustachioed, lumberjack-looking, cocktail mixologist would agree is top-notch.

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New Bradstreet Craftshouse Announces Mid-January Opening

Cocktails at Bradstreet

We've been stalking the new Uptown Bradstreet Craftshouse going into the old Rye Deli space, and while menus listing corned beef and rye were still on the facade just a few days ago, the team has announced a mid-January opening on the restaurant's Facebook page, with the inevitable quip: "Hopefully no one takes New Year's resolutions of austerity and restraint too seriously!"

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The Lowry's Thunder Beard Cocktail for No Shave November and Charity

Categories: Cocktails

A No Shave November cocktail for charity

Not only has the Lowry barkeep Shaggy created a special quaff called the Thunder Beard to mark the No Shave November/Movember festivities, but we're told that many staff members got a close shave before embarking on a month free of hair removal.

You don't have to participate in the facial hair throwdown to give to this good cause a bit of cash. Just order up a Thunder Beard and know that $1 of every one you enjoy in the month of November will go to the American Cancer Society.

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The Lowry

Chowgirls Teams with Bittercube on Craft Cocktails

Categories: Cocktails, News

Tammy Kimbler
Chowgirls cocktail menu and Nick with Bittercube

Chowgirls Killer Catering has partnered with the cocktail mavens at Bittercube Bitters to a create a seasonal cocktail program using house-made ingredients -- from liqueurs and floral syrups to infused gins, sangrias, and punches. Bittercube will also train the Chowgirls staff on their theories of mixology, building seasonal flavors, and how to use new innovative techniques like kegging and barrel and bottle conditioning, to help Chowgirls create their own signature concoctions.

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Marvel Bar Takes Over the Torpedo Room at Eat Street Social

Categories: Cocktails, Pop-Ups

E Utne
Cocktails at Eat Street Social; ESS is hosting a two-day pop-up, in which Marvel Bar takes over the Torpedo Room.

What do you get when you mash up the luxe sensibilities of Marvel Bar mixologists with the somewhat zanier stylings of Nick Kosevich and the Bittercube/Torpedo Room crew?

More excuses to wear Hawaiian shirts, for starters, along with a flight of libations that go from reasonable (the Hayden's Revenge) to, well, less reasonable, like the Flaming Moe, in which a flaming half lime comes as garnish to a Rhum Niesson Aleve Sous Bois Agricole, Smith & Cross lime, Filbert orgeat, E. S. S. orange liqueur, and Bittercube Jamaican #1 & #2 Bitters. If you don't know what any of that means, think clean, clear substrate for a one-two citrus punch with a flaming reminder that you're literally playing with fire.

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A Strip Mall Happy Hour Worth Your Time at Lyn 65: Burgers, Boozy Punch, Beer-and-a-Shot

Marsha Trainer
The light at the end of this strip mall means great cocktails...

Crossing over from Minneapolis into Richfield used to mean that your eating and grocery choices dipped severely in quality in a matter of blocks. Not so anymore. The Lyndale corridor just south of the city is changing the first-ring suburb's food culture with the new co-op and our happy hour pick, Alma-alum Ben Rients's Lyn 65.

It might seem odd to find tasty fare at the edge of a strip mall, and even weirder to find a fine cocktail program, but it's here. And to sweeten the deal, they've got a decent happy hour and a few extra drink deals late at night.

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Innovative Drinks from Rainbow Chinese? Yep, This Eat Street Darling Shakes It Up

Danielle McFarland
Jimmy (left) tasting with his best friend since fourth grade, Eu-k Hua, who is chef/owner Tammy Wong's son and also works at Rainbow

Jimmy Vongsouvanh works the shoe box-sized back bar of Rainbow Chinese, poised and dressed in a way that elevates the image of a young bartender. Vest-clad with a touch of hipster, he rocks a slicked-back '90s skater coiffure as he warmly greets patrons sidling up to the eight-seat bar. He wins them over with no forced laughter. His mild demeanor and perceptiveness speak to the attention he puts into mixing each drink.

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