Not just for caffeine addicts: Lowry Hill Dunn Bros. introduces cocktails, wine, and beer

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Courtesy of Dunn Bros.

Sanjeev and Loveleen Azad, owners of the new Dunn Bros. location near Hennepin and 25th, wanted to create a coffee shop that fits the feel of their neighborhood. The end result is less chain coffeeshop and more wine bar meets cocktail bar meets neighborhood hangout.

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Are cocktail rooms the next taprooms?

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Joy Summers

Let's paint a scene: You enter a bar and grab a seat. You're handed a copy of the latest menu, hot off the press. As you peruse the menu, you notice a variety of choice cocktails crafted from house-made liquors. You make your choice, order, sit back and revel in a refined experience designed with a focus on craft-made, small-batch booze. Welcome to a Twin Cities cocktail room.

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Why we hate "His and Hers" drinks

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Joy Summers
Keep your gender binary out of my cocktail.
When we first visited the Freehouse back in January, our initial impression was less than glowing. Maybe a lot less. Since then the brewpub has been fine-tuning the things it does best: appetizers (the hard cider-battered cheese curds with quince jam disappeared very quickly at a recent happy hour), brunch, and drinks. The Freehouse's cocktails have proved to be a pleasant surprise, including signature breakfast drink the Wake-Up Call. The bar program has a strong enough point of view to differentiate itself in a neighborhood that has a high standard for beverage trends.

But there's one thorn we just weren't able to ignore, one thing that made us think much too long and hard about liquor and ice and garnish in a glass -- an experience that should be enjoyable rather than infuriating. We're talking about the His and Hers Old Fashioneds. 

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Robert & Maria at Nightingale: Manzanilla and gin pair up in this dry, crisp refresher

Robert & Maria, the official power duo of summer.

Robert & Maria

It's a perfect 77 degrees, bright sun streaming through tall windows, and in front of you sits a gem-toned stunner of a cocktail with something dark lurking beneath the surface. In the presence of Nightingale's Robert & Maria, you don't need to think, just drink. Dry and crisp, with a thirst-quenching spot of sweet summer fruit, it's the only thing we want to be drinking all season long.

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Sip a refreshing mint julep or swill a smoky Manhattan for Father's Day [RECIPES]

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Nothing says Father's Day like a scotch rinse...

When it comes to Dad's usual libation, many of us think immediately of Miller High Life or something similar. But this June 15, why not step up your game and show you've got some class?

To ensure your success in the drink department, two of the cities' finest mixologists are here to help with spot-on cocktail suggestions for dear old dad. Both made a beeline for the brown liquor, with some classic cocktails and some summery alternatives.

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UPDATE: Bradstreet Craftshouse will move into former Rye Deli space

Photo courtesy of Bradstreet Craftshouse
For those of you whose hearts stopped beating earlier this week when it was announced that craft cocktail pioneer Bradstreet Craftshouse was closing up shop with the sale of the Graves Hotel, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We learned late yesterday afternoon that while they'll indeed be closing their doors at the Graves, they'll be reopening them in the location that was, until very recently, occupied by Rye Deli.

Bradstreet will close at the Graves by the end of the month and will reopen in Lowry Hill sometime in August. Here's what you can expect from the new incarnation of Bradstreet Craftshouse.

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Updated: Bradstreet Craftshouse set to close as the Graves 601 Hotel changes hands

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The venerable Bradstreet Craftshouse raised up several of the Twin Cities' favorite mixologists and taught them the pre-Prohibition cocktail basics. Now, only a month after their five-year anniversary party, the hotel is being sold and Bradstreet will change concepts when the property changes hands.

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Meta-hattan at Bluestem Bar: Take matters into your own hands with this drink of the week

Customization is key: DIY for a more perfect Manhattan.

Bluestem Bar

The modern drinker is doing it for herself: home brew, basement stills, DIY bitters. A drink you build barside from neatly poured individual elements you can sample, mix, and match? Right up your freshly made over and upcycled alley. Industrious imbiber, satisfy your need to see a project from start to finish with the Meta-hattan, a deconstructed, build-your-own Manhattan from the newly launched cocktail program at Bluestem Bar.

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Temper Tantra at Hola Arepa: Get your way with this drink of the week

No hissy fits here: keep the whole gang happy with a gingered-up bottle of rum.

Temper Tantra
Hola Arepa

Food trucks are fleeting, spontaneous, fun; we can't deny the thrill of the chase, like running after the ice cream man in your swim trunks with a couple of quarters in your grubby paws. But once you're licking the last of your Choco Taco off your fingers, life feels just a little emptier. Now you can make the feeling last and last at Hola Arepa's new home in Kingfield, where veteran barkeep Dan Oskey preserves that childlike excitement with delightful jarred and bottled cocktails like the playfully seductive Temper Tantra.

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LKBGT at Loring Kitchen and Bar: This drink of the week stands up to its acronym

Loring Kitchen spells it out for you with drink-making ABCs.

Loring Kitchen and Bar

While we hope this craft cocktail bubble never bursts, with its ever-evolving line-up of new bitters and shrubs and obscure liqueurs, there's something to be said for reining in the impulse to throw everything but the kitchen sink into the shaker and hope for the best. Much like the food, the drink menu at Loring Kitchen and Bar skews toward the comfortable, but always with a subtle something special that makes you glad you came. Consider the LKBGT, at face value a humble gin and tonic with some happy hidden twists.

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