Delmonico's Italian Foods to Reopen Under New, Puerto Rican Ownership

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Photo courtesy of Delmonico's Facebook Page
George and Louis Delmonico, back in the day

"My realtor told me, don't go in there without me. Show no emotion!" But Jessica Rivera took no heed, and of course within minutes (just like the rest of us) she was professing her love to Terry and Bob Delmonico and their wonderful vintage corner store and Italian market.

"I told them, 'I've been dreaming my whole life of opening a place just like this!, and they said, 'We've been dreaming of someone just like you to come and buy it.'" And just like that, Delomico's 2.0 was born. Well, at least it will be, sometime this summer.

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Scena Tavern: Italian and Crudo Plus Two Big-Name Chef Consultants

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Photo courtesy of Hilary Roberts
Jamie Malone knows how to plate that crudo.

While the whole town has gone Italian and crudo crazy with three (now, four) upcoming places with that concept, Paul Dzubnar is hardly late to the party.

He owns the Green Mill, which has 27 local outlets, including a handful of other casual spots like the Crooked Pint Ale House and Town Hall Brewery. But now he's ready to go swank, and he's tapped Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson to assist.

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Muddy Waters Team to Open Dark Horse in Lowertown

Loren Green
The future home of Dark Horse.

The owners of Muddy Waters are following the Bulldog into Lowertown, as they prepare to open Dark Horse, a new bar and restaurant slated for later this summer.

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Brewer's Table, Surly Taproom's Finer Dining Space, Opens Friday

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Photo courtesy of Surly Taproom Facebook page
Now Surly will have even more menus

They're already serving hundreds a day, but the chefs and brewmasters at Surly are not content with their already (overly?) ambitious beer hall menu of charcuterie, salads, barbecue, shellfish, burgers, steaks, fried chicken, and a zillion small plates.

Brewer's Table, opening Friday, aims to "take things to the next level," though you can (and probably should) leave your suits and ties at home.

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Masu Sushi and Noodle Opening in Apple Valley

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Sasha Landskov
Good sushi and noodles are coming to Apple Valley

A girl can work up a heck of an appetite watching the baby seals do their loop de loops and the polar bears lumbering around in their pools at the Minnesota Zoo. And now, there will be a great way to alleviate those hunger pangs way out in Apple Valley.

Masu Sushi and Noodle-- a departure from the usual "and Robata" is coming soon to Apple Valley.

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More Burgers, This Time in Plymouth

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Emily Utne
The Lowry is a Blue Plate property that makes a mean burger.

If the Twin Cities gets another burger bar, the whole of it might go up in a broiler inferno. But former Blue Plate executive Troy Redding is banking on burgers in the 'burbs, reports the Minneapolis/ St. Paul Business Journal.

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Chunky Monkey Attack? Don't Get Up; Postmates On Demand Delivery Has Got You

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E. Katie Holm
Don't get up. Get other people to do stuff for you, with Postmates.

Channel your inner Axl Rose. Demand only the green M&Ms, chug the whiskey straight from the handle (don't, really), and trash the hotel room (don't really do that either). Instead, dream up a few things you simply cannot do without, right here, right now. A portobello mushroom eggs benedict, a Nacho Bellgrande, six USB flash drives, 14 bottles of Johnsons & Johnsons baby oil, a bag of Swedish Fish (cherry only, please), a package of disposable shot glasses, and some oysters on the half shell.

Postmates will bring it all, no questions asked (you weirdo), in under an hour.

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Your Workday Just Got Better: Bogart's Doughnuts Opening Downtown This Summer

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Hannah Sayle
Get your fix downtown this summer

Are you a donut fiend? Then you already know that since its opening last year, tiny south Minneapolis's Bogart's has been on everyone's lips, both figuratively and literally.

Often selling out within hours, it's a wee, "when they're gone, they're gone" type of joint, otherwise known as the type of joint worth standing in line for. At least now there will be another queue to consider. They're opening a kiosk in the IDS Crystal Court this summer, good news for cubicle prisoners in need of a daily dose of dough.

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A New Cowboy in Town: Cowboy Jack's Replaces Cowboy Slim's in Uptown

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Photo courtesy of Cowboy Jack's Facebook Page

The old (somewhat cursed) Social House space at Lagoon and Hennepin has been the subject of much local speculation. What the heck are they doing to it? Performing surgery? It's been eviscerated, beheaded, and under construction for months now.

But according to a license application submitted to the city of Minneapolis, the joint will be a new Cowboy Jack's, complete with rooftop patio.

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Third-Wave Coffee on Central Avenue, Another Diner, and an "Elevated Pub" in St. Paul

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Mecca Bos
Is Analece gonna "yuppify" Central Avenue?

More new restaurants, folks. More, more, more! This time: a third-wave coffee shop on Central Avenue, (another!) diner, and an all-scratch pub in Lowertown by a very good, under-sung chef.

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