PaddleTap Brings the Unruliness of Pedal Pubs to Open Water

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Sasha Landskov/Paddle Tap

Not since Friday the 13th has a group of youthful reprobates taking to a lake been so foreboding.

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Spyhouse Will Open Fourth Location in the North Loop

Tony Nelson
Spyhouse will open a fourth location in the North Loop this summer

Managing to hit all the required notes, as running a mallet up a xylophone: great coffee? Bing! Music like your very own playlist? Bang! Understated decor like all your favorite catalogs mind-melded? Ding! Outlets galore, foolproof wi-fi, and a liberal stay-all-day policy? Zing!

The best coffee shop is usually the one that's closest to your apartment, but Spyhouse is actually really truly kinda the best, worth traveling for because of all the reasons above plus they serve Patisserie 46 pastry. Spyhouse is stylish enough for a date or a business meeting, or just that place to get out off the couch and stare at the laptop from different environs.

The North Loop will be getting its very own, and yes it's in a luxury apartment building, with a projected opening date in June.

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Grand Avenue Twisted Fork Grille Will Close; 3rd Colossal Cafe Will Open In Its Place By May

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Tony Nelson
Colossal Cafe's famous flappers. Soon you'll be able to get 'em on Grand Avenue.

Did you know that there is a restaurant on Grand Avenue called Twisted Fork Grille? (In the annals of unfortunately named restaurants, this should be entered).

We did, but we also drove past it all the time; it was just sort of there, like a backhoe or a streetlamp or a fire hydrant is there. You know that they're there, but you pay them no never mind and if anyone asked you if you saw them today you'd probably shrug, say "dunno," and move on about your business.

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Coming Soon to Woodbury: Burgers, Beer, and Bourbon

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Photo courtesy of Tamarack Tap Room Facebook Page
These guys are working up a manly appetite for burgers, beer, and bourbon.

Remember when Rachel had that cute haircut on Friends and then suddenly, all the girls, from the one next door to your boss, had it right on top of her own head? Or how about when the Hummer first came out? Arnold Schwarzenegger had one, so what better way to show you could pump it up like the big boys? The smartphone? You just had to have one too -- didn't you?!

The burgers, beer, and bourbon equation is the current Rachel haircut of the restaurant world -- a one-size-fits-all proposition that's now heading to Woodbury.

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Burgers, Beers, and Booze: Red Cow Opens in the North Loop February 10

Mecca Bos
Red Cow North Loop is (almost) ready to take your order.

The hiss of disdain among the talented, if sometimes egotistical chef is a familiar one: "All anyone wants to do is eat burgers. Sigh."

The genius of the savvy restaurateur is perhaps less familiar: Give people what they want.

Luke Shimp, formerly of Blue Plate (The Lowry, Highland Grill, Scuzi, et. al.) and now of the North Loop Red Cow and two others (at 50th and France and Cathedral Hill) seems to be simply checking boxes on a now well-familiar formula: burgers, beer, and mixology. And he's added one more: wine.

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Lynden's Soda Fountain in St. Paul Will Reopen as Cold Front Ice Cream

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Photo courtesy Cold Front Facebook Page
So long, Lynden's, hello Cold Front

On an online dating site, a girl and a boy bond over their mutual love of ice cream. Eventually, they become engaged and open up an ice cream shop on Valentine's Day. Ah, love.

Who doesn't love that story? You may have also loved Lynden's, the cute as a button but ultimately ill-fated old-fashioned soda fountain in St. Paul's Hamline neighborhood. But not to fear, fiancees Steven Willis and Laurie Drake (along with their business partners Matthew Drake and Ho Kye) plan to keep the best parts of Lynden's in tact while adding some neat new stuff, too.

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Sassy Spoon Opens February 4 and Will Serve Plenty of Lard

Categories: Coming Soon

B FRESH Photography
Tamara Brown will soon be peeking out the window of her restaurant instead of her restaurant on wheels.

Sassy Spoon the food truck was big, pink, and served a menu with a wholesome bent (chef/ owner Tamara Brown is a former nutritionist).

Sassy Spoon the restaurant is little, pink, and still serves that nutritious food, plus booze.

And here are a few other things you may not know about the new Nokomis spot, opening February 4.

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Doug Anderson's New Uptown Pizza/Burrito Spot Will Be Called Al's SSSuper Ass Friday

Categories: Coming Soon

Nikki Miller
Restaurateur Doug Anderson likes to create unique spaces like the back alley of the late Nick and Eddie

Remember the strange, ill-fated Belmore/New Skyway Lounge on the strange strip of Fourth Street situated between the cop shop and the defunct Om space? No?

What about Nick and Eddie, Bakery on Grand, or A Rebours? Doug Anderson is nothing if not prolific, and he's back on the scene, with Al's SSSuper Ass Friday, somewhere in Uptown, sometime spring-ish.

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St. Genevieve Cometh: A New Restaurant from Steven Brown

Categories: Coming Soon

Eu Photography
Lynn on Bryant will become St. Genevieve, a "Buvette" from Steven Brown.

Dara Moskowitz reported yesterday that Steven Brown will open a second restaurant in 2015, in the old Lynn on Bryant space. That restaurant will be called St. Genevieve, which according to her is one of the few details about the place he's ready to divulge.

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Devotees Rejoice! King and I Thai to Re-Open in New Location [Update]

Categories: Coming Soon, News

WIll the new King and I live up to the old?

Driving by the shuttered King and I space was like walking past the graveyard where an old friend had gone to rest. So, so sad.

The friend who gave you so many good memories, cooked fabulous towers of Pad Thai to nurse your hangover, while you simultaneously cultivated another on Tiki drinks, with house music throbbing in the background.

You've never met anyone quite like it since -- the ultimate friend with benefits -- the one who would receive you into the dark, mysterious comfort of her underground lair, play just the record you needed to hear and ply you with vodka, naam pla, and pure unadulterated lovin'.

Reliable to the end, always tasty, sending you back into the cold world satiated and happily spent.

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