Nighthawks and Kyatchi Hot Dog Fight, April 6

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William Lavigne
The "Minnesoter Dog" from Nighthawks

Kyatchi is probably the only sushi restaurant in town that also serves hot dogs. But not just any dogs: Japanese hot dogs, with things like ginger, noodles, and sesame piled upon them. So naturally, a bit of friendly-rivalry hackle went up when the upcoming Nighthawks with Landon Schoenefeld at the helm announced they'd be moving into the 'hood, and as a modern American diner, they'd also have dogs on the menu.

Hide Tozawa is chef of Kyatchi and is an avid baseball lover: Kyatchi means "catch" in Japanese. April 6 is the baseball opener, so what better day than this for Tozawa to guard his stadium-food supremacy?

So who's got the biggest, baddest dog? Find out on April 6 when Kyatchi welcomes Nighthawks into the neighborhood with a friendly neighborhood Hot Dog Off.

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The 2014 Iron Fork Results Are In!

Carissa Glarner
The City Pages 2014 Iron Fork competition

Just like it goes on TV, when the secret ingredient was revealed at last night's 9th annual Iron Fork competition, all six chefs and their attending sous chefs stormed the table to arm themselves with their edible weapons of choice.

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Big Central Coffee Competition Brewing in Northeast Minneapolis this Weekend

Nick Kozel
The Caffeine Throwdown at the Big Central Coffee Championships

We, like the rest of the known universe, take our morning macchiato very, very seriously.

Come between it and us before 10 a.m., and you just might find yourself on the wrong end of a smackdown. So, lucky for us, and for you, the coffee industry is churning out pros who take coffee even more seriously than all of that.

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Midtown Global Market Chili Cook-Off Puts International Twists on an American Classic

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Midtown Global Market's chili cook-off

The weather is finally turning, which means snuggies, raging bowls of fiery chili, and the Midtown Global Market's annual chili cook-off.

The event is open to all and features chilis made from several of the Market's most popular vendors. Proceeds benefit homeless and at-risk families in search of transitional housing.

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Barbette Chef Sarah Master talks about auditioning for ABC's "The Taste"

Hilary Roberts Photo
Chef Sarah Master 
There may be a familiar face on this season of ABC's The Taste.

Local chef Sarah Master of Uptown's beloved French bistro Barbette, revealed that she recently auditioned for the cooking competition show The Taste. The season premiere is this Thursday, January 2 on ABC at 7 p.m. Bryant Lake Bowl will be hosting a premiere screening later that evening at 9:30 p.m. where Master will hand out samples of her audition dish.

The Hot Dish caught up with Master to chat about the experience, the judges, and why she decided to throw her hat in the ring. 

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Donut Cooperative's owner making a comeback

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Thumbnail image for Sprinkles Donut Cooperative (500x400).jpg
Benjamin Carter Grimes
You can't keep a good doughnut down

She was down, but Dawn Otwell isn't out. The owner of the beloved Donut Cooperative is back and ready for a battle. Find out where you can see her this summer.

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Local chef showdown at TPT's Whisk Factor

Crank up the ovens, the competition is going to get hot at TPT's Whisk Factor challenge next week.

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Minnesotans invade MasterChef season four

Courtesy Marie Porter
Local food blogger and master of cakes Marie Porter will be a season four contestant
The time has come for another season of the Fox Network's hit reality cooking show, MasterChef. This season get ready to root for the home team as six home chefs from Minnesota will enter into the culinary battlefield along with many others from around the country in an effort to take home the much coveted title of MasterChef.

Here's the lowdown on the local contestants:

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Iron Fork chef competition at International Market Square next week

Thumbnail image for Jorge Guzman_Twitter.jpg
Jorge Guzman of Solera is one of the many chefs competing at Iron Fork

Iron Chef, the fast-paced televised cooking competition, was first popularized in Japan in the '90s before making its way to American audiences. Then the remake, Iron Chef America, moved to Food Network's Kitchen Stadium. Next week, the concept gets a local flavor -- quite literally -- at City Pages' Iron Fork, a cooking competition featuring local Twin Cities-based chefs, bartenders, signature dishes from several restaurants, and one very accomplished brewmaster.

Here are more details on the event and the chefs you can expect to see at International Market Square on October 18:

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Andrew Zimmern wins James Beard Award

Thumbnail image for Zimmernfood.jpg
Bizarre Foods guru Andrew Zimmern
Minnesota food celebrity and TV show host Andrew Zimmern has won a James Beard Foundation Award for Best Television Show on Location. His popular Bizarre Foods show is now in it's seventh season, with new episodes airing on the Travel Channel Mondays at 8 p.m.

The James Beard Awards are known as the Oscars of the food world. The foundation was set up in 1986 in honor of culinary pioneer James Beard.

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