Cry Baby Cry at Seventh Street Social: Take a long lunch with this drink of the week

Cider, ginger beer, and bubbly make for an intriguing afternoon dalliance.

Cry Baby Cry
Seventh Street Social

No frills, no strings attached self-indulgence in an off the beaten path location? No, we're not endorsing some illicit fling, just an innocent lunch at Seventh Street Social. If buttoned-down businessmen knocking back a few with their buttermilk fried chicken gets your engine revving then pencil this tryst into your schedule, ASAP. Sneak off the clock and prepare your alibi while you sip on a Cry Baby Cry, afternoon delight in bubbly liquid form.

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Stone Arch Sling at Spoonriver: A landmark drink of the week

East meets Midwest in Spoonriver's Stone Arch Sling.

Stone Arch Sling
Spoonriver Restaurant

For even the heartiest and halest winter-faring Minnesotan, the arrival of spring, so vibrant on the heels of months of shades of gray, feels a lot like Dorothy emerging from her crashed up black and white farmhouse into an exotic Technicolor blaze. Embrace this opportunity to explore your city with new eyes. Get outside. Be a tourist. Stroll St. Anthony Main, hop on a bike and cruise along the Mississippi, then unwind in relaxed, earthy style at Spoonriver, sipping on a Stone Arch Sling.

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Italian Duet at Icehouse: Two become one in this drink of the week

Espresso and vermouth, making beautiful music together.

Italian Duet

The brunch-going masses may gorge and slurp on overblown bloodies and fishbowl sized mimosas, but not you. You are refined. You exercise sophisticated restraint. You, however, still like to get a buzz on at breakfast time. The Italian Duet at Icehouse was made for you.

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Pisco the Night Away at the Rookery: We're breaking curfew with this drink of the week

Frothy egg white as high as the eye can see in Rookery's Pisco the Night Away.

Pisco the Night Away
The Rookery

You hear it before you see it: raucous music blaring and cheerful light spilling from tall flung open windows -- you've made it to the party on an otherwise sedate and sleepy main drag in Robbinsdale. Being at Travail and the Rookery feels like being a fly on the wall after the restaurant closes for business and the staff cuts loose for the night, with laid-back communal service, eclectically personal playlists, and generous amounts of beer-filled boot passing. That is, until your meticulously constructed cocktail arrives, and you suddenly recognize that the entire place is humming with shared, purposeful energy. In the spirit of getting lost (and you might on your way out to the 'burbs), just let go, and Pisco the Night Away.

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The Vieux Carré at Sea Change: Laissez les bon temps rouler with this drink of the week

Joy Summers
What a view... the Vieux Carré
The rain has washed away one layer of this stagnant winter, and at any moment the sun will return so we can all bask in its warmth. Sit inside the stunning dining room at Sea Change, watch as the Mississippi River rushes by and takes all that melted snow down the line to New Orleans, and then picture yourself down South as you sip this bourbon-based beauty.

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Sour Cherry Manhattan at Republic: Pucker up for this drink of the week

Look forward to the great thaw with this tart treat.

Sour Cherry Manhattan
Republic at Calhoun Square

The first day of spring came and went yesterday, but that doesn't mean we're out of the woods yet. Looking at the forecast, we've got many more days left to curl up in the dark with a glass full of brown liquor before patio doors are flung open and the city's cocktail menus are flooded with gin, vodka, and St. Germain. Why not tuck into a Sour Cherry Manhattan at Calhoun Square's Republic as a final goodbye to all things winter and warming? Made with top shelf bourbon and muddled tart stone fruit, it looks back at this beast of a season while looking forward to the great thaw.

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Watermelon Crawl at Boneyard Kitchen & Bar: Head south of the Mason-Dixon with this drink of the week

Boneyard is shaking off winter with summery Southern libations.

Watermelon Crawl
Boneyard Kitchen & Bar

You remember summer, don't you? Denim cut-offs and dips in the lake, frosty brews and cooking things outside over an open flame? Boneyard will make you a believer in warmth and happiness again with its down-home Dixie look and feel. From the chicken wire inlay on the bar and plates speckled like heirloom eggs to the well-worn cast iron skillets lining the walls, this scaled up barbecue joint will get you in a summer state of mind with a chicken-fried rib in one hand and a Watermelon Crawl in the other.

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Wake-up Call at the Freehouse: This drink of the week stacks up

Start your morning with the breakfast of champions: Jägermeister and candied bacon.

Wake-up Call
The Freehouse

Bloodies and Screwdrivers of the Twin Cities, prepare to step up your game. When it comes to morning libations, a new sheriff has blown into town, taken up residency at the Freehouse, and according to one server, tastes "just like a pancake in your mouth." Other brunch cocktails, this is your Wake-up Call, and until we start seeing more candied bacon skewers and inventive use of Jägermeister, you're all on notice.

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The Flying Dutchman at Amsterdam: Get a lift from this drink of the week

Get lifted to new heights with Amsterdam's Aviation variation.

The Flying Dutchman
Amsterdam Bar & Hall

Few things are more brilliant than a bluebird sky against a blanket of white, so dazzling your newly developed mole-person eyeballs see spots for hours. Or maybe you're one of the lucky ones who got a chance to escape to far-off fantasy lands like "Mexico" and "Puerto Rico" where things are "warm" and no one's ever heard of a "misery index," and now you're reminiscing about the view from above the cloud line as you jetted away from here. Either way, now is the time to ponder the sky and sip on Amsterdam Bar and Hall's Flying Dutchman.

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Saint Bernard at Bryant Lake Bowl: Get rescued by this drink of the week

Sit, stay, snuggle up with Bryant Lake Bowl's Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
Bryant Lake Bowl

Have the children of the upper Midwest gone to school at all since November? With the elements we've been dealt, kids are having the best winter ever, minus the cabin fever and the make-up days in June. Remember romping in the snow until you were red in the face and the numb in the toes, and coming in to thaw with a big mug of hot chocolate? You can do that still (now with booze!) After schlepping yourself in a two-plus hour commute, or shoveling yourself out in time for the next snow emergency, tumble in to Bryant Lake Bowl and get a much needed assist from their cozy Saint Bernard.

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