This Is the Line of Locally Cured Meats You've Been Waiting For: Red Table Meat Co.

Tammy Kimbler
Red Table Meat Company's salami

Red Table Meat Co. is now in full production and distribution mode with the release of an impressive array of custom cured meats.  Helmed by Mike Phillips, former chef at Craftsman, the Modern Cafe, and Chet's Taverna, with partner Kieran Folliard of 2 Gingers fame, Red Table Meat Co. is passionately committed to local, sustainably raised hogs from small farmers that care deeply about animal welfare.  That commitment is not a marketing ploy, and the results are cured meats with extraordinary flavor.

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Weekend Pop-Up to Try: Black Walnut Bakery at One on One

Hannah Sayle
Espresso shortbread

We've been waxing poetic about Sarah Botcher's pastries since she first started Black Walnut Bakery in 2013. After a brief hiatus earlier this year, Botcher is back with a pop-up bakery at One on One bike and coffee shop, and if you know what's good for your pastry-loving, bread-fiending palate, you'll head to the North Loop to snag some of Botcher's baked goods tomorrow.

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5 New(ish) Brunches to Change Your Weekend Routine

Categories: Eat This, Top 5

Hannah Sayle
Color us charmed: Bite-sized croissants and a tiny cup of jam at Heyday.

If you're a diehard bruncher, you've likely got your regular haunts: Psycho Suzi's for its bloody Mary bar and expansive, almost guaranteed-no-wait dining room; Haute Dish for inspired twists on brunch classics; Grand Cafe for an award-winning, hangover-buster with panache. But what are you, married to one ball-and-chain brunch routine weekend after weekend? Could you, starting now, bust out of your mealtime monogamy and flirt with something new? "Yes!" you cry aloud. "You're damn right!" you affirm, slamming your fist on the table, frightening all the sheeple around you at the coffee shop.

Okay then, free spirit. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your brunching life.

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6 Wisconsin Cheeses to Try and Where You Can Find Them in the Twin Cities

Categories: Eat This, Food

Andrew P. Han
Sartori Asiago from Plymouth, WI

Cheese makers from America's Dairyland brought back a haul of awards from the recent American Cheese Society awards, held in Sacramento, California earlier this summer. In dozens of categories -- such as "Rindless blue-veined, made from goat's milk" and "aged cheddar, aged over 48 months, all milks" -- Wisconsin's cheese makers took top honors. Cheeses from a few of these award-winning artisans are available throughout the Twin Cities, at restaurants and specialty stores. Starting mild and moving up in intensity, here 's a list of some fine cheeses for you to try, along with some pairing suggestions.

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Eat waffles for every meal: 24 hours, 5 waffles, immeasurable joy

Ralph Daily
Move over Bagel Bites, there's another food you can eat anytime

We all know waffles are one part of the holy trinity of hot breakfast sweets. Flanked by pancakes and French toast, the waffle has earned its place at the breakfast table, what with its built in syrup traps and attractive modern design, like a Piet Mondrian painting in batter form. (See how we just made you feel cultured about diving face first into a plate of butter and syrup?)

But you don't have to wait until tomorrow's breakfast to get this sophisticated yet understated hot pastry. In fact, you can have your favorite carb-loaded confection for every single meal of the day.

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5 grocery store lunches for every mood

Categories: Eat This


There's a certain amount of food shame associated with a backseat full of fast food containers, and the task of slathering some peanut butter on a piece of bread and throwing it in a plastic bag can seem as insurmountable as the Tour de France at 7 a.m. If your microwave at work takes five minutes to heat a cup of soup and all of the frozen food you've ever tried tastes like wet cardboard, maybe it's time to try the grocery store lunch route.

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Hello Pizza adds delivery service [MAP]

E. Utne
New York slices now available as a full pie, delivered right to your door. 

Hello? Is it de-liv-er-eeeee you're looking for? 

That's the question that Lionel Richie, patron saint of Hello Pizza, and fans of Ann Kim's pies have been asking since she opened her fast casual New York-style, by-the-slice concept in Edina last spring. Kim's dough slingers focused first on getting their high output operation running smoothly, serving up slices and subs to hungry diners before piling on more duties. That is, until now.

Hello has officially added delivery services to their list of important, community-serving functions. So are you within their highlighted area? Or will you have to set up a fake address to get a meatball ricotta or adobo chicken pie without ever getting out of your sweatpants?

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Comfort Food Friday: Chicken pot pie

Katy Meeks
Chicken potpie

This week we found a chicken pot pie that hit the spot, filling our comfort food need and then some. Making the thirty minute trek to Jake O'Connor's Public Housein Excelsior for this masterful pot pie was entirely worth it. In the area, the pub is known for its staple Irish dishes, beer selection, and authentic, rustic d├ęcor.

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Comfort Food Friday: Meatloaf 2.0

Kitchen Life of a Navy Wife
Classic Meatloaf
Meatloaf just may be the ultimate comfort food. A longtime American dinner staple, this nostalgic dish has undergone many modern twists. But if you look for it, you can still find meatloaf served up the same way Grandma used to make it 50 years ago.

The best meatloaf in the Twin Cities is hard to pin down. Every restaurant has their own take on the classic cold-weather delight. So instead of one meatloaf winner, we snatched up our two favorites and called it a tie -- the more meatloaf the merrier.

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Comfort food of the week: The Lowry's mac and cheese

The Lowry's mac and cheese
The season's first snowfall can come as a shock to us Minnesotans -- a sort of slap in the face, a reality check that those warm August nights are long gone. It's the same every year: We trade our balmy patio seats (complete with fruity cocktails) for six months of eating indoors and the inevitable icy gust we've all experienced when stuck sitting by the restaurant's entrance.

With at least five months of winter ahead of us, now's the perfect time to explore the heartiest and coziest comfort foods in the Twin Cities, guaranteed to warm the tummy and keep out the chill.

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