Terroir Food Symposium Plans 2015 Conference in Minneapolis

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Terroir Symposium

Fact: The Twin Cities is one of the fastest growing restaurant communities in the country, with close to 100 new restaurants opening this year, many if not most of them independent. With national talent -- the kind that could settle anywhere -- making Minneapolis and St. Paul their home, there's a spotlight on us from around the globe.

Case in point: Many of the very biggest names in the local food world came together in one room last week -- it also happened to be probably the best and porkiest potluck we've ever been invited to -- to assist in planning the 2015 Terroir Symposium.

Who was there? Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson of upcoming Brut, Landon Schoenefeld of Haute Dish, Niki Francoli of La Belle Vie, Jim Christiansen of Heyday, Doug Flicker of Piccolo, Tim McKee, and, well, you get the idea.

So what the hell is a Terroir Symposium and why does it matter?

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Tickets Now on Sale for Cochon 555, March 1 in Minneapolis

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Everyone knows that pro chefs worship at the altar of the hog. They cure the belly, crackle the skin, barbecue the flesh, pickle the feet, and even do things to those cute little ears.

Cochon 555 is a big-deal national event out of New York with the somewhat do-goodery mission of educating consumers on the importance and quality of heritage breed pigs -- plus, you get to eat shit tons of pork prepared by top chefs.

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Treat Yo'Self! Five Nights of Anniversary Fun at Pizzeria Lola Starts Tonight

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Pizzeria Lola
Pizzeria Lola's copper oven

If chowing down on some of the best local pizza pie is already your idea of a party, then you're in for even more thrills, compliments of Pizzeria Lola as it celebrates its fourth birthday.

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Caffeine-Infused Shopping Returns to Calhoun Square this Holiday Season

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Remember about 25 years ago when it was coffee, not beer, that was all the beverage rage?

No? Well even if you aren't long in the tooth enough to recall the days when a single plantation bean pulled espresso wasn't synonymous with a cup of coffee, you can believe us that there was such a day.

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Traveling Nigerian Chef's Goat Dinner Tour Makes a Stop in the Twin Cities

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Courtesy of Lagos
Tunde Wey, Nigerian chef, innovator of press releases

We'll admit, our spam filters have been a little leaky lately. So when the phrase "hot ass dish" appeared in our inbox yesterday, we had our cursor hovering above the trash can before pausing to take a second look.

Tunde Wey. We'd seen that name before.

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Get Some Uniquely Minnesotan Beers at Grumpy's Limited Action Beer Fest

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Beer festivals are all the rage, but they can be a bit too similar, with a lot of the same old beers being poured into those 4-ounce tasting cups. Grumpy's is sponsoring the Limited Action Beer Fest to challenge that notion.

The idea behind the festival is that participating breweries -- 612, Fulton, Indeed, Lift Bridge, Mankato, Rush River, and Summit at present -- will each brew a unique beer that includes the following ingredients: hops grown at Grumpy's Northeast, wild rice, and "something Minnesotan."

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Introducing Cocktailian: An Evening of Craft Cocktails, Edibles, and Live Music

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Shoring up a year of food-centric events (get your Iron Fork tickets while you still can), City Pages is introducing a celebration dedicated to the art of craft cocktails and fine spirits. Cocktailian will take over the Varsity Theater on December 11, and presale tickets are available now.

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It's a Fair State Brewing Grand Opening at Co-Optoberfest

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Loren Green

Fair State Brewing Co-op held a soft opening one month ago, but now, with the kinks worked out and the taplines filling up, they're throwing a grand opening party to make it official.

From 2 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 18, the country's third cooperative brewery (and Minnesota's first) will be throwing Co-Optoberfest with an expanded beer garden in back and the release of their seasonal Festbier, a traditional German Marzen. Along with the new beer, there will be eight total taps available, games such as hammerschlagen and bag toss, and food including pretzels from Aki's Breadhaus and brats (meat and vegetarian options) from Gerhard's.

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Watch Kobayashi Feast on Veal Brains at the Zombie Pub Crawl

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Matt Mead
Last year's participants
What's a zombie-themed celebration without a little brain consumption? In proper walking dead fashion, the Twin Cities' annual Zombie Pub Crawl is hosting its second consecutive brain-eating contest this Saturday in Minneapolis's Warehouse District in the midst of a full day of gory festivities.

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Harriet's Food Truck Fall Feast Is the Last Hurrah Before Winter


The time has come: Get your food truck kicks while it's still warm enough to get them.

Saturday, October 18 marks the third and final food truck rally of the year at Harriet Brewing in Minneapolis. The Fall Feast features 18 food trucks, Harriet beers, and live music with no cover charge. Food truck fanatics can enjoy bites from Gastrotruck, I Luv Coffee, Moral Omnivore, Tiki Tims, and others, while guests who are 21 and over can enjoy Harriet's full lineup of beers. Live music will take place on the stage inside.

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