Burrito Brawl: El Burrito Mercado and Hot Indian Foods Duke It Out

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Lately we've seen a lot of friendly competition between creators of similar products, and we think it's great. It's a cool way to elevate awareness about both businesses, highlighting similarities, differences, and styles. Maybe there will be a clear winner, or maybe a tie, but everybody, especially the eaters, gets to be victorious.

This time it's El Burrito Mercado vs. Hot Indian Foods "Indurittos" at Eastlake Brewery.

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Food Truck Season Begins: Midtown Farmers Market Food Truck Fair

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Tahile Jimenez

After the past few weeks of merry-go-round weather events (a snowstorm and shorts weather on the same day; where it stops nobody knows!), we're a little bewildered and worse for the wear.

If you're feeling confused after keeping track of your umbrella, boots, flip flops, hats, and shorts all in the same week, take this information like a salve. Official food truck season is nigh. Midtown Farmers Market is kicking off its season with a food truck fair on May 2. The lineup:

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City Pages Beer Fest Is Back: Presale Starts Today

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Denis Jeong Plaster

Sunshine and beer is within our grasp, friends. And no better way to enjoy and imbibe than at the 23rd annual City Pages Beer Festival in downtown Minneapolis.

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Eat Pastries While Saving Bees at 2nd Annual Dandelion Honey Pastry Chef Challenge

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The Beez Kneez

You've heard all the stuff: Honey bee populations seem to be plummeting, and conventional wisdom has it that the sky is falling and we should all be grabbing our hair from the roots and running in circles in fear and consternation because life and food as we know it is in danger as a result.

Whether you beelieve that or not, we're betting you like eating goodies. Goodies made with honey instead of sugar are good, and good for you. So how about you shove a bunch of goodies into your face, all while helping to save the honeybee? Something for you, something for the insects, everybody wins.

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Drink 100 Whiskeys at the Depot: Whiskey on Ice April 12

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Whiskey on Ice

Drinking whiskey at an ice skating rink may or may not sound like a good idea depending on your skillz. Not to worry-- the ice rink will actually be closed for the inaugural Whiskey on Ice event at The Depot on April 12.

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Dining Out for Life Returns to Minneapolis in April

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Photo courtesy of Dining Out for Life Facebook Page
Donate money to charity in 200 different, delicious ways on April 30

Food always tastes better when you're being nice to other people. Providing meals, therapies, and other vital services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS throughout Minnesota, the Aliveness Project and Dining Out For Life could use your help.

And all you gotta do is dine out.

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New Belgium Tour de Fat to Return to Loring Park This Summer

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Photo courtesy of Tour de Fat Facebook page
Grab your "alter ego" and a beer and hop on your bike for New Belgium's Tour de Fat.

New Belgium Brewing has got us pegged: If there's anything Twin Citians like best, it's bikes and beer. And if we can get beer while on our bikes? All the better.

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Tell Big Ag to Shove It at the 2nd Annual Seed Swap at Tiny Diner

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Photo courtesy of furtwangl

Thanks to big agriculture, genetic engineering, and the weird science of patenting nature, the previously innocuous phrase "seed swapping" has garnered an air of counterculture rebellion.

And it's not just The Man we've got to blame for the drastic dip in this time-honored practice that was once for everyone. It's also the nationwide dip in agricultural lifestyle and the consolidation of land ownership that's got us all in a state of seed amnesia.

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Tickets Still Available for Saturday's Cochon 555 "Large Format Feast" at Burch Steakhouse

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Photo courtesy of Cochon 555 Facebook Page
There's no limit to the ways chefs will play with pork during the upcoming Cochon 555 weekend.

Did you mean to buy that ticket for Sunday's whole-hog culinary competition Cochon 555 and it slipped your mind? Or did you have to wait 'til payday to scoop up that ticket? Bummer, because it's sold out.

But there's still a chance to join in some of the piggy revelry. Tickets are still available for Saturday's "Large Format Feast" on Saturday, February 28. It's a four-course dinner (including wine), by Burch chef Daniel Del Prado, featuring family-farm-raised, antibiotic-free Duroc Pork and Black Angus Beef.

So why is a steakhouse rolling out the dinner for the nation's porkiest event?

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Monthly Piccolo Wine Dinners Served in Communal "Kitchen Dining Room"

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Steve Neuharth & Michelle Leon
Piccolo: small food, big flavor, lots of wine at their new Wine Nights.

Having just celebrated its fifth anniversary, the (very) little restaurant that could has now got a mammoth reputation. And over those five years, they say they've collected an equally mammoth and impressive wine cellar. They're ready to show it off:

"Piccolo has developed an exceptional wine cellar.... Now, we plan to showcase these wines once a month at our 'Wine Nights.' For the first time, the food will take a back seat to the drink. But, Chef Flicker will create a meal specific to each night that deviates from his usual menu and style."

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