Tell Big Ag to Shove It at the 2nd Annual Seed Swap at Tiny Diner

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Photo courtesy of furtwangl

Thanks to big agriculture, genetic engineering, and the weird science of patenting nature, the previously innocuous phrase "seed swapping" has garnered an air of counterculture rebellion.

And it's not just The Man we've got to blame for the drastic dip in this time-honored practice that was once for everyone. It's also the nationwide dip in agricultural lifestyle and the consolidation of land ownership that's got us all in a state of seed amnesia.

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Tickets Still Available for Saturday's Cochon 555 "Large Format Feast" at Burch Steakhouse

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Photo courtesy of Cochon 555 Facebook Page
There's no limit to the ways chefs will play with pork during the upcoming Cochon 555 weekend.

Did you mean to buy that ticket for Sunday's whole-hog culinary competition Cochon 555 and it slipped your mind? Or did you have to wait 'til payday to scoop up that ticket? Bummer, because it's sold out.

But there's still a chance to join in some of the piggy revelry. Tickets are still available for Saturday's "Large Format Feast" on Saturday, February 28. It's a four-course dinner (including wine), by Burch chef Daniel Del Prado, featuring family-farm-raised, antibiotic-free Duroc Pork and Black Angus Beef.

So why is a steakhouse rolling out the dinner for the nation's porkiest event?

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Monthly Piccolo Wine Dinners Served in Communal "Kitchen Dining Room"

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Steve Neuharth & Michelle Leon
Piccolo: small food, big flavor, lots of wine at their new Wine Nights.

Having just celebrated its fifth anniversary, the (very) little restaurant that could has now got a mammoth reputation. And over those five years, they say they've collected an equally mammoth and impressive wine cellar. They're ready to show it off:

"Piccolo has developed an exceptional wine cellar.... Now, we plan to showcase these wines once a month at our 'Wine Nights.' For the first time, the food will take a back seat to the drink. But, Chef Flicker will create a meal specific to each night that deviates from his usual menu and style."

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Chipotle's Food and Music Fest, Cultivate, Will Return to Minneapolis This Summer

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Roy Son
You know you gotta have it: Chipotle guac from scratch.

Do you not feel "one" enough with your burrito bowl? Would you like to engage yourself in a more real time, immersive experience with beans and rice? Are you tired of having to go all the way to Chipotle to get a blob of that glorious guacamole, and once and for all you must have the secret recipe?

Then mark your calendar for this summer's Cultivate Festival, sponsored by Chipotle.

The full roster of fun, wrapped up neatly like a tight burrito:

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The Third Bird Invites You to Dine With the Bartenders, Cooks, and Servers

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E. Katie Holm
Come see what The Third Bird has in store for Industry Night Monday Family Meals.

It's a dirty little secret in the restaurant world that industry folks (especially cooks) can't really afford to dine at the kinds of restaurants they work for. So savvy restaurants extend hospitality deals, mostly on Monday nights for industry folk's night off.

Restaurants don't always advertise these deals, and nor do they always extend discounts to civilians, but Third Bird is doing the favor of both, every Monday.

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Sample Local Fare for Free at Gather at the Walker This Spring

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Photo courtesy of the Walker
The monthly Chef-in-Residence events take place at Gather at the Walker.

Doesn't staring up at all that modern art make you hungry? It does us. Visit on a Thursday when admission is free, and so are the snacks.

Waker Art Center's Gather by D'Amico brings guest "chefs-in-residence" in for the first Thursday of the month, allows guests to sample for free, and then continues to serve that chef's creations for each subsequent Thursday of the month (reservations recommended).

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Donuts and Booze: Glam Doll and Eat Street Social Are Putting on a Simpsons-Themed Party

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Photo via Glam Doll Facebook Page
Beef and cheese whiz in a donut comes together in unholy matrimony with a flaming cocktail, both inspired by none other than the Simpsons.

Quick: What are your deepest, darkest desires for celebrating your next birthday?

Okay, not that dark.

But if you said some combination of donuts, booze, and The Simpsons, have we got news for you.

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HauteWok Takeover at HauteDish Will Heat Up January Dining

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Haute Dish
General Tso's Sweetbreads will be available during HauteWok week.

Little known fact: Chef Landon Schoenefeld used to be a delivery driver for Ping's, the long-standing, very pink, Nicollet Avenue Chinese spot where fried rice and cream cheese wontons reign supreme.

Seems those long hours trapped in the Pinto with the waft of grease driving him wild had a lasting effect.

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At Long Last, Surly Beer Hall Opens on Friday

photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.

Minneapolis will enter the Surly Age, beginning at 11 a.m. this Friday.

It's been (roughly) eons since the Surly "Destination Brewery" was announced. Well, the local beerscape may have changed, but Surly's new space is as ambitious as ever and it's ready to open in the new Prospect Park location.

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Travail's New Year's Eve "Jamboree" Packages Promise Booze, Brunch, and Shenanigans

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Travail Kitchen and Amusements
The Travail gang knows how to party. Ring in the new year with them instead of falling asleep on the couch at 10.

You're either going to pop open a bottle of Asti while sitting on the couch in your slippers and yawn your way to midnight (hint: not festive) or you're going to sausage your way into your sequins and slip-slide down Hennepin Avenue in stilettos, trying to act like this is New York (hint: Times Square ain't here).

Considering the lameness of both those options, why not make a plan to do something actually cool? In typical over-the-top fashion, the Travail gang is hosting not just one, but three events for your holiday celebration pleasure.

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