From the chef behind Haute Dish comes Nighthawks/Birdie, a modern diner

Nighthawks, an urban American diner coming to you soon from chef Landon Schoenefeld
Coming soon to a south Minneapolis neighborhood near you (assuming you live somewhere near 38th and Nicollet) is Nighthawks, the newest venture by veteran Twin Cities chef Landon Schoenefeld. Nighthawks will be taking over the old Shorty & Wags location and will include a smaller restaurant-within-a-restaurant known as Birdie.

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Sausage and beer emporium New Bohemia to open second location in Golden Valley

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E Katie Holm New Bohemia.jpg
Golden Valley will soon be home to a new New Bohemia
Good news for sausage and craft beer lovers: Northeast Minneapolis's New Bohemia Wurst & BierHaus is opening a second location, and this time they're taking their sausage party out to the 'burbs. The company spent a lot of time looking at potential locations around the Twin Cities and have set their sights on Golden Valley.

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Haute Dish celebrates the State Fair with (really good) food on a stick

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Next week Haute Dish will host its second annual Haute Dish on a Stick
If you just happen to be joining us here in Minnesota/on earth, it's officially State Fair season. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to head over to the fairgrounds to get a taste of the action. Next week, for the second year in a row, Haute Dish will host a three-day, State Fair-inspired celebration of its own. Dubbed "Haute Dish on a Stick," this dim sum-style menu is an homage to the Great Minnesota Get-Together.

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Four Daughters Winery releases Loon Juice hard cider

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Photo courtesy of Four Daughters Winery
A new line of local hard cider, Loon Juice
Straight from southern Minnesota comes the newest addition to our ever growing roster of locally produced alcoholic beverages. This week, Four Daughters Winery, located in Spring Valley (just south of Rochester), launched a hard apple cider called Loon Juice. While initial distribution will likely stay close to Spring Valley, the company says that it expects Loon Juice to start hitting more liquor stores across the state later this fall.

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Du Nord releases first of three gins vying to be the signature Fitzgerald Gin

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Photo courtesy of Du Nord Craft Spirits
Du Nord Craft Spirits to launch first of three candidates for the title of Fitzgerald Gin
As Minnesota's micro-distilleries are starting to kick things into high gear, a few folks are taking some interesting approaches to the release of their hooch. This week, Minneapolis's Du Nord Craft Spirits will launch its small-batch-brewed Fitzgerald Gin -- but there's a catch.

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Shag, a '70s-themed sushi restaurant, to hit the North Loop

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Photo courtesy of Google Maps
Disco is alive and well in the North Loop
Just when you thought it was impossible to squeeze another sushi restaurant into the Minneapolis city limits, BOOM, another one has dropped down from the heavens -- and this one's got a theme.

Straight from the folks who brought you Rojo Mexican Grill in the West End and the soon to open Ling & Louie's in downtown Minneapolis comes Shag: a North Loop sushi restaurant complete with 1970s decor and a Las Vegas-style bar and lounge.

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Travail/The Rookery makes Bon Appetit's short list for Best Restaurant in America

Photo courtesy of Travail
Yesterday, Travail/The Rookery was listed as one of the top 50 restaurants in America by Bon Appetit
At this point, the folks over at Travail/The Rookery are no strangers to national press. But that doesn't mean they weren't pleased as punch when yesterday, Bon Appetit magazine added them to the list of runners-up for the best restaurant in the United States. The 50 final restaurants were chosen by the magazine's restaurant editor Andrew Knowlton who will whittle down the list and announce the top 10 next Tuesday.

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Yumzar moves the farmers market online -- but will shoppers follow?

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If the farmers market isn't your scene, but you're still on the hunt for locally made foods, Yumzar might have a solution for you.

The online farmers market based in Minnesota launched in March and was co-founded by Steven Lauder, Abbey Smalley, and Michael Otto. The site offers an array of locally produced goods and operates all year round, so come winter you can still get your favorite Minnesota-made treats delivered right to your door.

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Verdant Tea expands to a full menu with cocktails

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Verdant Tea's Facebook Page
Verdant's new Laoshan House Special
Minneapolis tea house Verdant Tea is diving into the world of food and booze, and their tried-and-true brews are taking center stage.

As of July 11, Verdant serves a full food menu and will add on a cocktail bar by the end of summer. The menu offers five to six meals centered around a specific region's cuisine and each dish will be paired with a tea.

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Top 10 reasons why your server hates you

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Photo by Lynn via Flickr
Elevate Research, a new start-up out of St. Paul, is launching an app that allows patrons to rank their dining experiences using customized customer satisfaction surveys while receiving real-time responses from management. Unfortunately, the app only benefits customers and owners, leaving servers without a say.

If servers could fill out comment cards about customers, they'd reach biblical lengths within a few days. We've edited that down and complied a list of 10 reasons why your server hates you.

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