Menu Babble We Hate: Because Sometimes a Cheeseburger Is Just a Cheeseburger

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Bill Alldredge via Flickr
"You know what I hate? Everything."

In an effort to be just a little more like Andy Rooney (this is one New Year's resolution we're delighted to keep), let's embrace our inner cynic and roll out 2015 with some needless criticism, shall we?

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W.A. Frost Launches Arcanum, a Series of Secret Society Cocktail Parties

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Photo courtesy of Commonwealth Properties & Hospitality
The Commodore will be the first of four locations to host the Arcanum Secret Society Series

Looking for a little taste of the underground? The folks behind St. Paul's W.A. Frost are launching a four-part secret society cocktail party series called Arcanum. Details are hush hush, but we've got some key intel straight from the organizers.

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Midtown Global Market Chili Cook-Off Puts International Twists on an American Classic

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Midtown Global Market's chili cook-off

The weather is finally turning, which means snuggies, raging bowls of fiery chili, and the Midtown Global Market's annual chili cook-off.

The event is open to all and features chilis made from several of the Market's most popular vendors. Proceeds benefit homeless and at-risk families in search of transitional housing.

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Chef Pat Weber Talks Top Chef, Spam, and Not Doing "Some Fusion Shit"

Each week, we'll interview one of the chefs participating in our 2014 Iron Fork competition. On November 6, these six culinary masterminds will go head to head to see who can create the most appetizing and healthful dish using a secret ingredient. Tickets are on sale now.

Pat Weber is one of six contestants in the 2014 City Pages Iron Fork competition

We may think of them as the folks who run the kitchens of our favorite restaurants, but the role of a chef takes many forms: consulting, teaching, writing.

Chef Pat Weber spent his earlier years chasing the dream, working in a variety of kitchens across the country, but now spends his time either teaching students at the local Art Institutes International or consulting for various restaurants around town with his business Mise en Place.

Chef Weber is one of six contestants participating in this year's Iron Fork competition. Here's how he went from kitchen jockey to culinary instructor, and how this could give him an edge in this year's culinary throw-down.

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Prairie Dogs Takes Second Crack at Kickstarter to Open Brick-and-Mortar Spot

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Photo courtesy of Prairie Dogs
Prairie Dogs gives Kickstarter a second go

If at first you don't succeed, drop back, wait a few months, and then throw up another Kickstarter campaign. That's what the folks at Prairie Dogs have done in an attempt to get their high-end, handcrafted hot dog and sausage location off the ground.

Last fall, the Prairie Dogs folks had initially taken to hosting a variety of pop-ups around town to help promote and test their craft hot dog concept, which had a lot of local eaters pretty excited. They launched a Kickstarter campaign last fall to help launch the brick-and-mortar version of the business, but only managed to raise just over $3,000 of their $30,000 goal.

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Red Cow Gets "Golden Ticket" Invite to World Food Championships

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red cow burger CR e katie holm x560-2.jpg
Minneapolis's Red Cow was recently invited to participate in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas
Stuff it, stuffed burgers. A different kind of Twin Cities burger is in the spotlight.

Red Cow, the south Minneapolis burger restaurant that recently opened a new location in St. Paul, has been invited to compete in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. Red Cow received a special "Golden Ticket" invitation to the event from Food Network star Ben Vaughn, who also hosts the championships. Once there, the burger eatery will vie for the title of burgermeister supreme.

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Chef Drew Ledo on His Iron Fork Grudge Match and Anthony Bourdain's Life Advice

Each week, we'll interview one of the chefs participating in our 2014 Iron Fork competition. On November 6, these six culinary masterminds will go head to head to see who can create the most appetizing and healthful dish using a secret ingredient. Tickets are on sale now.

Sparks head chef Drew Ledo talks competition cooking and taking life advice from Anthony Bourdain

In the small, often overlooked Minneapolis neighborhood of Bryn Mawr, one petite Italian restaurant has been delighting diners with wood-oven-centric cuisine since 2012. At the helm is head chef Drew Ledo, who has spent the majority of his life immersed in the food service industry and will be taking his first leap into competitive cooking with this year's Iron Fork.

We had a chance to sit and talk with chef Ledo about his background, what it was that motivated him into a serious cooking career, and the life advice he received from celebrity chef/travel guru Anthony Bourdain, which had a lasting effect on his own culinary adventure.

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5 Best Bets for Restaurant Week in the Twin Cities

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Thumbnail image for buffalofriesthirdbird.jpg
It's restaurant week and we've put together a list to help you narrow down your choices. The Third Bird's buffalo fries, anyone?

It's that time of the year again when restaurants across the Twin Cities put together a variety of budget-friendly prix fixe menus. This time around, MSP Magazine's Restaurant Weekhas added a few newbies to the roster of RW regulars, giving you the opportunity to get out and try something new without breaking the bank.

We've scoured the list of participating restaurants and put together a pretty solid guide to places you should check out -- especially if you don't dine out much or find yourself at the same table in the same joint every date night. Restaurant Week is the perfect excuse to break the trend.

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Hiroshima Hot Dogs: A Pop-Up of Godzilla-Sized Proportions and Japanese-Inspired Dogs

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Photo courtesy of Libertine
Feed your mutant-reptile-sized appetite at the Hiroshima Hot Dogs pop-up
The folks over at Libertine are hosting their first pop-up, and it could potentially be the king of all Twin Cities pop-ups. On October 24 and 25, the cheekily dubbed "Hiroshima Hot Dogs" will bring guests a selection of hot dogs dressed to the hilt in the tastiest Japanese adornments and named after classic Godzilla monsters.

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Paul Greenberg: How American Seafood Can Change the World and What You Can Do

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Photo courtesy of Paul Greenberg
Paul Greenberg on why eating locally sourced seafood is critically important
What Michael Pollan is to land-food, Paul Greenberg is to seafood. His books, which examine the way average consumers have feasted through what was once the ocean's bounty, have landed him on the New York Times bestsellers list. Greenberg's newest book, American Catch, paints a clear portrait of America's confounding import-export system for fish and seafood.

In his book, Greenberg details how America exports all of its fresh, wild-caught seafood, only to then import frozen, farmed varieties from around the globe to serve as our primary source of fish-based protein. The practice is so common that almost 90 percent of the seafood that we consume in the United States is imported and as the book states, often comes from "dubious sources."

We sat down to talk to Greenberg when he was in town last week about the current state of American seafood and what we can do to keep fish and seafood on our plates for the foreseeable future.

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