Spring Break Dining for Those of Us Who Can't Afford a Trip

E. Katie Holm

Spring break: It's so close you can practically taste it.

But if the only ticket out of town you can afford is a ride on the Green Line, don't despair. Instead, take your taste buds on vacation. Yearning for Mexico, Hawaii, the Caribbean, or beyond? We've got you covered.

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Stellar state fair stand-ins: 6 fair foods available year round

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Sean McPherson
The Elote from the Sonora Grill, your cob away from the fair

The Great Minnesota Get-Together starts tomorrow, and we're pumped. We love the fair. We love, love the fair. But some of you aren't going to make it. Maybe the ticket prices are too high, maybe you've had enough of the crowds, maybe it's only over-the-hill bands playing the Grandstand. No matter your reason for ducking the fair, there's no reason you have to miss out on some of your favorite state fair foods.

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Top 10 reasons why your server hates you

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Photo by Lynn via Flickr
Elevate Research, a new start-up out of St. Paul, is launching an app that allows patrons to rank their dining experiences using customized customer satisfaction surveys while receiving real-time responses from management. Unfortunately, the app only benefits customers and owners, leaving servers without a say.

If servers could fill out comment cards about customers, they'd reach biblical lengths within a few days. We've edited that down and complied a list of 10 reasons why your server hates you.

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Put down the Kraft: 8 easy steps to arranging the perfect cheese plate

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Rebecca Collins

Here's the scenario: You're invited to a dinner party. Because you know a thing or two about being a good dinner party guest, you ask your host if you can possibly bring anything in order to lighten their load. You're hoping to be assigned dinner rolls or, even better, to be told to "just bring yourself."

Here's what the host says: "An appetizer would be great!" And you heartily agree. It would be great -- if only you had any idea what to bring. The only thing you know is what not to be: the person who shows up bearing a plastic tub of "cheese food" and a sleeve of Ritz crackers.

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MN State Fair gluten-free food guide

Thumbnail image for MN State Fair Gopher.jpg
Gearing up for the Great Get-together, we're thinking of our gluten free friends

As the countdown to the Great Minnesota Get-Together winds down, we're readying our stomachs for the fried goodies and onslaught of pronto pups. For those of us who eschew gluten, the Northland Celiacs Support Group has pulled together a comprehensive list of all the gluten-free options at the fair.

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A Coffee Date with Michael Pollan [Interview]

Photo courtesy of http://hilaryrobertsphoto.com
Best Selling Author takes the time to talk to CP about a variety of issues

Last week New York Times best selling author and one of Time Magazine's 2010 Top 100 Most Influential People, Michael Pollan paid a visit to the Twin Cities to promote his new book, Cooked; A Natural History of Transformation. The book walks readers through a history of cooking while drawing attention to the greater implications of the industrialized food movement which has lead to an overall decline in home cooking.

Pollan is also the author of several other well known books including The Omnivore's Dilemma, In Defense of Food; An Eaters Manifesto and Food Rules; An Eaters Manual. We had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Pollan over coffee at Downtown Minneapolis restaurant Mona, to not only discuss his new book, but also a variety of other topics which include the challenges of being a home cook in Minnesota in the wintertime.

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Tips for new food trucks: an eater's manifesto

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Thumbnail image for Food Truck Rally.JPG
We're ready and hungry for a new crop of food trucks

There are likely no bigger fans of food trucks than those of us here on the Hot Dish. We have eaten at nearly every one currently roaming the streets -- as well a few that have already driven off into that great parking lot in the sky. As the season revs up, we'd like to offer a few tidbits of worthwhile advice for the new crew coming up.

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Tip 1: Find a unique concept
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Time to carve the turkey: Here's the most important thing you'll need

Thumbnail image for Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner.jpg
It's go time: don't screw this up

There's nothing worse after extracting your bird from a steamy hot oven, after hours of being tortured by that heavenly aroma, to then hack the poor thing into oblivion. While there is still a day before the big day, be sure you're prepared. There is one thing you need more than anything else to ensure a successful bird-to-table delivery.

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Get your favorite fair foods...without going to the fair

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Avoid the chaos and the crowds, but still get your curds and corn dogs.
Only a few days left to enjoy the Minnesota State Fair ... or not.

If you're having a hankering for fried foods on a stick but can't bear traipsing through the stinky barns and stepping over the horse-plop-and-Sweet Martha's-cookie-littered sidewalks to get to them, we're here to help.

Here's our list of five favorite fair foods that are served at Minnesota restaurants.

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Fringe Festival dining guide

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Fringe Festival cover.jpg
Fuel yourself for Fringe-watching!
There are 168 shows in this year's Fringe Festival, which starts tomorrow, and how many you're able to watch all depends on your stamina.

To keep yourself fueled, check our our recommendations for which restaurants to hit near each venue.

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