There Is Now a Board Game for Craft Beer Nerds

Courtesy of Brewin' USA

These days everybody owns a brewery, right?

Soon you can do so from your own home, with the Brewin' USA game from Twin Cities designer Adam Rehberg. And you don't even have to clean out the kettles or wait for the Feds to finish their paperwork first. In fact, it advertises that you can take over the country's beer market in just 60 minutes, using bottle caps as currency.

The game combines Risk-like geographic strategy with bidding wars over ingredient cards. It's a game of conquest, but with a fun subject matter and a fast pace.

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Welcome to Minneapolis: Our Convention Center Now Has a Bar

Loren Green
A pint of Boom Island at the new Craft Bar and Lounge

Minnesota is proud of its beers, a fact that is well established by the industry's recent growth -- doubling, in fact, the number of breweries since 2011.

Minneapolis is also a proud city in general, one that likes to showcase what makes it distinct. Bring in the booze.

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Triple Your Money at the Herkimer If the Packers Make the Super Bowl

Photo courtesy of the Herkimer

The Herkimer is betting on the Packers in the Super Bowl -- or maybe betting against the bar's favorite team instead, as they could end up giving away a lot of beer should the Green and Gold advance. The Lyn-Lake brewpub is offering a special deal this weekend where any gift card purchased before noon on Sunday (up to a $250 value) will triple in value if the Packers advance to the big game.

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Sotapitcher's State-Shaped Mugs Take "Drink Minnesota" Literally

Loren Green
A selection of Nice Pint Club steins -- note the traditional pint glass and dairy creamer for scale.

You've got your local craft beer, your favorite local brewery t-shirt, and your regular seat at the local taproom bar, but how local is your drinking glass?

"Many have heard of the German tradition of drinking beer from a boot-­shaped glass," says Sotapitcher, the company that has created a stoneware pitcher/pint in the unique shape of our beloved state. "But we're Minnesotans, why not drink out of a state-shaped glass?"


The start-up company, which premiered earlier this year on Kickstarter, has introduced the Nice Pint Club, a series of new mugs and shooters designed in a Minnesota likeness and adorned with the logos and locations of eight Minnesota breweries.

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The Essential Holiday Gift Guide for Local Beer Lovers

Danny Nicholson

Shopping for a fanatic can be nigh impossible -- they already have everything, right? Fortunately, the beer fan consumes the collection, so there's always room for more.

Still, to give the best gifts one needs a background on the subject, and not everybody knows the difference between Centennial Hops and Cascade, nor cares about why a tulip glass is superior to a shaker. The Hot Dish is here with a guide to what your closest beer-loving friends want for the holidays.

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Harriet's Food Truck Fall Feast Is the Last Hurrah Before Winter


The time has come: Get your food truck kicks while it's still warm enough to get them.

Saturday, October 18 marks the third and final food truck rally of the year at Harriet Brewing in Minneapolis. The Fall Feast features 18 food trucks, Harriet beers, and live music with no cover charge. Food truck fanatics can enjoy bites from Gastrotruck, I Luv Coffee, Moral Omnivore, Tiki Tims, and others, while guests who are 21 and over can enjoy Harriet's full lineup of beers. Live music will take place on the stage inside.

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Boom Island's Limited Edition Richard Strauss Beer Is a Brew Set to Music

Matt Trudeau

As you can imagine, Boom Island's head brewer Kevin Welch is a whiz with the mash tuns and fermenters. But what you might not expect is his musical bent: Welch is a former substitute French horn player with the Minnesota Orchestra.

He wanted to thank many of his fellow musicians -- both for their contributions to the Minnesota Orchestra and for their continued support of his brewing endeavors -- so his Belgian-themed brewery has crafted a special beer in honor of the 150th anniversary of German composer Richard Strauss's birth. They'll serve this exclusive brew from October 9-25 at Target Atrium at Orchestra Hall.

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SurlyFest 7 Offers a New Take on Oktoberfest

photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.

The 7th annual SurlyFest is upon us, and the annual event, slated for Saturday, September 20, might be the last one held in the original brewery.

"It's too early to say if this will be the last SurlyFest in Brooklyn Center, so we're just going to treat this one like we have every other SurlyFest," says Surly president Omar Ansari, "and that's to throw a kick-ass Oktoberfest-style party fueled by SurlyFest, which is not your traditional Oktoberfest-style bier."

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Is a New Town Hall Space Coming to Northeast?

Sasha Landskov

Can't get enough of Town Hall? Wondering when they might open a fourth location? Good news: Town Hall Brewery is currently eyeing the former site of Little Jack's Steakhouse in northeast Minneapolis.

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Fair State, Minnesota's first co-op brewery, gets set to open

Categories: Brews, Etc.

Loren Green
Fair State Brewing Co-op's taproom takes shape.

Fair State Brewing Cooperative, a new northeast Minneapolis brewery -- and Minnesota's first co-op brewery -- is in the final stages of preparation for a late-summer opening. The fermenters are filled, the beer is aging to perfection, and the paperwork is being filed. It's now a waiting game for those final licenses and taproom touch-ups before the co-op members can get their first taste.

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