First Annual Minnesota Morel Fest Will Crop Up Next Month

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Photo courtesy of Minnesota Morelfest Facebook Page

You know spring has really sprung when chefs' Facebook pages start filling up with photos of themselves hefting armloads, bagfuls, saucepans full of morels; their faces twisted into the silly grins of marauders, drunk on power, glee, and bounty.

Almost nothing gets chefs giddier than wild mushroom season, and if you're of a like-minded mood around all of this, or if you'd just like to find out what all the fuss is about, The first annual Minnesota Morel Fest will be a good way to do so. A roster of top chefs will be on hand to tease out the best in these fabulous fungi.

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New Executive Chef Shane Oporto's Debut Dinner at La Belle Vie

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Jacquiline Hanson

When you're royalty, there's not always incentive to change. When the masses worship at your feet, all you do is hold your head high, sit upon your throne, and absorb all the adulation. Of course, that's not exactly what La Belle Vie has been doing in its nearly two decades of business. It's had a revolutionary move, undergone precisely one jillion menu changes, started one of the most intriguing pastry programs in town if not the country, and blazed a trail for the local craft cocktail movement.

But now that sommelier Bill Summerville, pastry chef Diane Yang, and executive chef Mike DeCamp have all moved on to expand their careers elsewhere, LBV has a grand opportunity to reinvigorate its own aristocracy. Think of it as an exciting regime change.
Join them on Wednesday, April 22, for the official debut dinner of new executive chef Shane Oporto.

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GetKnit Visits Every Brewery in St. Paul This Weekend

Loren Green
A Tin Whiskers flight

There was a time when a brewery crawl could hit every stop in town, from Summit in St. Paul to Surly in Brooklyn Center. These days, it's tough to even make it through a city. GetKnit, an event and tour company, has a plan to bring curious city explorers to as many stops as possible with their inaugural Brews & Buses "city crawl," taking place this weekend in St. Paul.

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Chefs Host Curated "Pop-Up" Farmers Markets

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Photo courtesy of Linden Hills Farmer's Market Facebook Page
Red Wagon will be happy to show you all the products they like at their upcoming farmers market.

Want to know how chefs get all of that deliciousness into that pizza pie, those kimchee beets, that potato leek soup? Yours never tastes the same, does it? Why?

Investigate these questions and others when three local establishments flip the farmers-market model and the market comes to them. And then, they bring it all to you.

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Forget Green Beer, Eat Pigs Instead on "St. Portrick's Day" at Third Bird

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Erik Sather
Chef Erik Sather doing what he does best. He will Join chef Lucas Almendinger at Third Bird in presenting a "St. Portrick's Day" feast

St. Patrick's Day pork traditions go back hundreds of years. Pagans actually spent many years evangelizing the superiority of bacon over haggis, and since 1640 it has been traditional in Colcannon to spit roast a pig every March 17, supping on all of its delicious crispy and fatty bits while wearing a St. Patrick's Day cross, afterward marching a procession while donning official badges made of pig skin.

None of that is true. But who cares! Eat some pork on St. Patrick's Day anyway, because it beats lying in a pool of your own green come March 18. Third Bird and former Bar La Grassa chef Erik Sather have got it all figured out:

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Bockfest at Ward 6: Put a Hot Poker in Your Beer

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Photo courtesy of August Schell Brewing Co. Facebook Page
Your new winter sport: Put hot poker in beer. Drink. You win! Try it this Saturday at Ward 6.

Since we've been having this pantywaist winter with barely enough snow to roll a ball and half the below-zero days as last year, what's your excuse for not getting outside?

Perhaps you need more beer. And fire pits. And hot pokers.

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Iron Sommelier at Louie's Wine Dive Lets Drinkers Be the Judge

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Louie's Wine Dive
The "Iron Sohm" event will take place at Louie's Wine Dive on January 12.

Why does beer get all the love? It used to be that quaffing wine was what all the sophisticates were into, and now, suddenly, wine lists have fallen by the wayside at all but the most serious restaurants -- in favor of suds. But Louie's Wine Dive is trying to change some of that.

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Full Lineup Announced for City Pages Cocktailian 2014


As the holidays near, so does City Pages Cocktailian, a spirited affair celebrating the best that Minnesota distilleries and mixologists have to offer. Join us for the revelry on Thursday, December 11 at Varsity Theater.

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Charlie Awards 2014: Winners, a Kitchen Band, and Bad Yelp Reviews


For the restaurant patrons and peers attending the 4th annual Charlie Awards at the Pantages Theatre, where over a dozen outstanding food industry professionals were honored, the most-heard mantras from award recipients were:

"Holy shit!" and some variation of "Don't thank me, thank my wife/girlfriend/significant other," ostensibly for putting up with the long hours and absenteeism inherent to dedication to the craft.

Highlights included Salty Tart's Michelle Gayer as co-hostess, as well as the Taste Buds (a Steven Brown-assembled crew of restaurant folk banging on pots and pans in lieu of musical instruments; Brown was disappointingly absent) and a big-screening of pro actors reading hilarious Yelp reviews.

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Eight Years, New Chefs, and Free Vittles at Grand Cafe

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Grand Cafe's Facebook
Grand Cafe celebrates eight years

Eight years is a milestone anniversary for an indie restaurant. Grand Cafe owners Dan and Mary Hunter know this, and they're celebrating the occasion with an upcoming "appreciation open house."

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