5 Best Bets for Restaurant Week in the Twin Cities

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It's restaurant week and we've put together a list to help you narrow down your choices. The Third Bird's buffalo fries, anyone?

It's that time of the year again when restaurants across the Twin Cities put together a variety of budget-friendly prix fixe menus. This time around, MSP Magazine's Restaurant Weekhas added a few newbies to the roster of RW regulars, giving you the opportunity to get out and try something new without breaking the bank.

We've scoured the list of participating restaurants and put together a pretty solid guide to places you should check out -- especially if you don't dine out much or find yourself at the same table in the same joint every date night. Restaurant Week is the perfect excuse to break the trend.

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Hiroshima Hot Dogs: A Pop-Up of Godzilla-Sized Proportions and Japanese-Inspired Dogs

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Photo courtesy of Libertine
Feed your mutant-reptile-sized appetite at the Hiroshima Hot Dogs pop-up
The folks over at Libertine are hosting their first pop-up, and it could potentially be the king of all Twin Cities pop-ups. On October 24 and 25, the cheekily dubbed "Hiroshima Hot Dogs" will bring guests a selection of hot dogs dressed to the hilt in the tastiest Japanese adornments and named after classic Godzilla monsters.

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Dumplings 101: Learn the Craft at the Dumpling House at Nash Gallery

Courtesy of the Dumpling House

Dumplings know no borders. These soft, doughy balls of goodness pop up across almost all cuisines in various guises -- from pierogi in Poland to ravioli in Italy -- all colossally comforting no matter the form or the filling.

Maybe it's the rare thing we can agree upon: No matter how down and out we're feeling, there will always be dumplings. Eat one and everything will be okay.

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Forget Pub Crawls: The Twin Cities Donut Crawl Is Here

On November 8, donut fiends will crawl through the streets, leaving a trail of sugary glaze behind them.

If there's one thing we can say about donut fans, it's that they're diehard. Something in those rings of deep-fried dough inspires a fiercely obsessive hunger that somehow makes triple the daily sugar allowance totally acceptable as breakfast.

Mind you, we aren't complaining. We'll follow those trail-glazing donut devotees wherever they may lead, so long as it's someplace with an exceptional lineup of the goods: cake, raised, filled, and iced. And soon enthusiasts will shepherd locals on a journey just like that -- a quick tour of a few of the finest donuts in the Twin Cities.

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Spyhouse Offers Free Coffee at Two-Week-Long Pop-Up

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First & First
Yeah, we could drink coffee in here.
It's true. We love coffee. And the only thing we love more than coffee is free coffee. Fortunately for those of us who love the brew that comes with zero dollar signs attached, Spyhouse will be participating in a special two-week-long pop-up where they'll be serving up -- yeah, you guessed it -- free coffee.

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Trotter's Cafe Celebrates 25 Years With Free Cake, Music, and Week-Long Discounts

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Photo courtesy of Trotter's Cafe & Bakery
St. Paul's Trotter's Cafe & Bakery was dishing up regional foods long before the local food movement gained its foothold. Through the years, the restaurant's owners have maintained their dedication to local and organic foods, even in the midst of expansion. What started in 1989 as a whole-grain bakery with three tables is now a 65-seat cafe with a full-service coffee bar, craft beers, wine, homemade bakery items, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

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Erick Harcey of Victory 44 Shares His Ruthless Tactic for Iron Fork 2014

Each week, we'll interview one of the chefs participating in our 2014 Iron Fork competition. On November 6, these six culinary masterminds will go head to head to see who can create the most appetizing and healthful dish using a secret ingredient. Tickets are on sale now.

Keane Amdahl
Chef Erick Harcey, mastermind behind north Minneapolis's Victory 44, competes in this year's Iron Fork
Easily one of the most notable names in modern cuisine in the Twin Cities is chef Erick Harcey. At the forefront of the modernist movement, Harcey has brought a whole new level of flavor to the Victory neighborhood of north Minneapolis with his flagship restaurant, Victory 44.

Despite some figurative and literal roadblocks -- his departure from Stock & Badge and an ongoing, two-year-long city construction project that has severely restricted access to his restaurant -- Harcey has honed in on his skill set as a chef and restaurateur. It's these strengths that he'll be bringing to the table as a competitor in this year's Iron Fork.

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Don Saunders on Climbing the Ranks, Opening the Kenwood, and Training for Iron Fork

Each week, we'll interview one of the chefs participating in our 2014 Iron Fork competition. On November 6, these six culinary masterminds will go head to head to see who can create the most appetizing and healthful dish using a secret ingredient. Tickets are on sale now.

Keane Amdahl
Don Saunders, chef/owner of the Kenwood, is one of this year's Iron Fork competitors

If you're a lifelong restaurateur, you know that losing is part of the game. Ideally, if you're as committed as Don Saunders, owner and head chef at the Kenwood, you also know what it feels like to win.

Saunders has had his share of ups and downs, openings and closings in his career on the Twin Cities dining scene. He'll bring that experience and a veteran chef''s composure to the 2014 Iron Fork Competition in November, where maybe he'll score himself another win.

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Zen Box's Ramen Massive Attack Brings Ramen Burgers to the Twin Cities This Sunday

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photo courtesy of Sasha Landskov
Zen Box Izakaya to host second annual Ramen Massive Attack at Mill City Museum this weekend

All of you ramen fans out there better get ready to hold onto your hats, because one of the biggest names in Twin Cities ramen is throwing down with a party of epic proportions. John Ng and Lina Goh of downtown Minneapolis's Zen Box Izakaya are hosting their second annual Ramen Massive Attack! and celebrating three years in business -- and bringing in a couple of big names to help them do it.

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The Wedge 40th anniversary keeps block party season going this weekend

Courtesy of the Wedge
Think summer festivities are over? Think again. Community co-op the Wedge is throwing a block party this Sunday, September 7 in celebration of its 40th anniversary.

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