#Grapegate: Top Tweets From the Great Grape Salad Controvery of 2014

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The tastiest of controversies
For those of you who don't spend all day on social media, yesterday the New York Times ran a post entitled "The United States of Thanksgiving," in which NYT food writers "scoured the nation for recipes that evoke each of the 50 states."

For Minnesota, they chose grape salad, which led hundreds to beg the question on Twitter and Facebook: What the fuck is a grape salad?

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DrinkFly App Brings Fuss-Free Alcohol Delivery to Minneapolis

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We've done it, you've done it, we all do it: miscalculate the booze you've got on hand to get through the night, or to get through the hangover.

If you've had one too many -- or one too few -- getting off your duff to set things straight can be a real bummer, and maybe against the law if you're contemplating a tipsy ride.

Enter DrinkFly, otherwise known as What the Smartphone Was Invented For. A few taps of the fingertip and you're back in the drink.

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Charlie Awards 2014: Winners, a Kitchen Band, and Bad Yelp Reviews


For the restaurant patrons and peers attending the 4th annual Charlie Awards at the Pantages Theatre, where over a dozen outstanding food industry professionals were honored, the most-heard mantras from award recipients were:

"Holy shit!" and some variation of "Don't thank me, thank my wife/girlfriend/significant other," ostensibly for putting up with the long hours and absenteeism inherent to dedication to the craft.

Highlights included Salty Tart's Michelle Gayer as co-hostess, as well as the Taste Buds (a Steven Brown-assembled crew of restaurant folk banging on pots and pans in lieu of musical instruments; Brown was disappointingly absent) and a big-screening of pro actors reading hilarious Yelp reviews.

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New Digs for Prohibition Kombucha

Prohibition Facebook

The kombucha company inspired by founder Nate Uri's four months on the wagon (he was bored and needed a bevie to quell the cravings) has landed a 5,300-square foot Seward warehouse space, where they'll be able to increase their production five-fold.

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Eight Years, New Chefs, and Free Vittles at Grand Cafe

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Grand Cafe's Facebook
Grand Cafe celebrates eight years

Eight years is a milestone anniversary for an indie restaurant. Grand Cafe owners Dan and Mary Hunter know this, and they're celebrating the occasion with an upcoming "appreciation open house."

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Brian Nelson, Esteemed Veteran Fishmonger for Coastal Seafoods, Has Passed Away

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A big name and an even bigger personality in the world of food has passed away.

Brian Nelson is the name on every chef's lips this morning as word spreads that Nelson, wholesale manager and veteran Coastal Seafoods fishmonger, has died.

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Tim Fischer Returns to Minnesota to Lead Cosmos, Cask Cookhouse, & Releve

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Tim Fischer, a James Beard Award nominee himself, has the aura of Beard surrounding him.

The Minnesota born and raised chef ("My parents moved us up to the lake when I was 10," he says, and by "the lake" he means Brainerd) headed to the Culinary Institute of America as soon as he turned 18. Like any chef in search of inspiration, he went on to work for "the best chef that I could," which at that time was the James Beard Award-winning George Mahaffey of Aspen's The Little Knell.

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Heartland Farm Direct Market Morphing into Ballpark Friendly Deli?

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Heartland Farm Direct Market

"The market is probably the coolest thing in the state, but it doesn't generate enough revenue to justify its existence."

Chef Lenny Russo is talking about Heartland Farm Direct Market, the gem of a shopping experience adjacent to Lowertown's Heartland, where the same ingredients he uses in his own utter devotion to local product can be procured by the home cook.

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New Linden Hills Restaurant for Erick Harcey of Victory 44

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Erick Harcey

When we get Erick Harcey on the phone, he's taking a short break from his nip-tuck of Victory 44, which he's closed for a few days. Meanwhile, he's working hard on his latest endeavor, in the old Bayer's Hardware building in Linden Hills.

He says it will house not one, but three projects.

"I don't want my life to get all crazy again," he says, probably referring to his brief stint with the late Parka and his even briefer stint with Stock & Badge at MIA.

He then pauses to contemplate what he's undertaking and chuckles.

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Minneapolis Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Repeal of 70/30 Rule

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Quinn Dombrowski

Though it means the death of our favorite cheesy video series, we're pleased to report that Minneapolis voters have ended the tyrannical reign of the 70/30 rule. Yesterday, the dining-savvy citizenry voted to remove from the city charter a rule that requires neighborhood restaurants to make at least 70 percent of their revenue from food sales, meaning only 30 percent can come from the sale of alcohol.

Tiny beers? Not unless we're knocking back a whole flight of 'em. And so just like that, 70/30 bit the dust.

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