Prairie Dogs Takes Second Crack at Kickstarter to Open Brick-and-Mortar Spot

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Photo courtesy of Prairie Dogs
Prairie Dogs gives Kickstarter a second go

If at first you don't succeed, drop back, wait a few months, and then throw up another Kickstarter campaign. That's what the folks at Prairie Dogs have done in an attempt to get their high-end, handcrafted hot dog and sausage location off the ground.

Last fall, the Prairie Dogs folks had initially taken to hosting a variety of pop-ups around town to help promote and test their craft hot dog concept, which had a lot of local eaters pretty excited. They launched a Kickstarter campaign last fall to help launch the brick-and-mortar version of the business, but only managed to raise just over $3,000 of their $30,000 goal.

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Ready Your Forks: A Two-Month-Long Pie Pop-Up at Hola Arepa

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Courtesy of Power, Corruption, and Pies
The kind of PCP you can write home about.

It would be difficult to overstate our love of pies. Pretty lattice-topped domes, peaks of dainty meringue, the golden surface of a perfectly set chess pie: We quell the urge to dive face first into these buttery crusted confections every time we see one.

Even getting a pie in the kisser doesn't sound so bad when we're thinking of Michelle Gayer's malted banana cream.

And we are definitely thinking of Michelle Gayer's pies, especially now that we know this critically acclaimed Salty Tart chef will be popping up at Hola Arepa with a rotating array of pies for the entirety of November and December. The Power, Corruption, and Pies pop-up is on its way.

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Red Cow Gets "Golden Ticket" Invite to World Food Championships

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red cow burger CR e katie holm x560-2.jpg
Minneapolis's Red Cow was recently invited to participate in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas
Stuff it, stuffed burgers. A different kind of Twin Cities burger is in the spotlight.

Red Cow, the south Minneapolis burger restaurant that recently opened a new location in St. Paul, has been invited to compete in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas. Red Cow received a special "Golden Ticket" invitation to the event from Food Network star Ben Vaughn, who also hosts the championships. Once there, the burger eatery will vie for the title of burgermeister supreme.

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The Four Firkins Burgled After Grand Opening

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photo courtesy of The Four Firkins
Inside of the Oakdale store.
After an exciting grand opening of a second location, the Four Firkins craft beer store was burgled the following morning, Sunday, October 12, while the store was closed.

The store is keeping details of the theft quiet for security and privacy reasons, but three men were captured by video surveillance taking an undisclosed amount of property, as well as causing damage inside the store.

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Gavin Kaysen's Merchant Is Now Called... Spoon and Stable?

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Gavin Kaysen in the kitchen of Spoon and Stable

In a bold move for the team behind this year's most hotly anticipated restaurant, chef Gavin Kaysen and crew have renamed their North Loop venture -- just a month before opening.

Formerly Merchant, the new restaurant will be called Spoon and Stable, a reference to its building's history and Kaysen's propensity for stealing spoons. Yes, you read that last part right. Check out Kaysen's video announcement after the jump.

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The Blue Door Defends Blucy Trademark Against Blaine Restaurant

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Ed Neaton
The Blue Door's proprietary burgers are not to be trifled with.

The secret to the Blue Door's stuffed burger, the "Blucy"? Quality beef, molten cheese, a good attorney, and a touch of irony.

Defending the trademark Blucy name, which is itself a twist on the, ahem, borrowed concept of the Ju(i)cy Lucy, the Blue Door Pub successfully took action against Bluzy's Roadside Beer in Blaine, Minnesota for trademark infringement.

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Jeremy Messersmith and Others Take a Stand Against 70-30 Rule in Cute, Cheesy Video

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Champagne to celebrate? Video shows how much food you'd then have to order to comply with the 70-30 rule

As the November elections approach, local restaurateurs and concerned citizens are ever more vocal about a rule they'd like to see abolished.

The onerous 70-30 rule requires that restaurants in residential areas earn at least 70 percent of their revenue from food sales and no more than 30 percent from alcohol. Voters will decide for themselves in a few short weeks, by answering yes or no on ballot question 2: "Shall the Minneapolis City Charter be amended to remove mandatory food to wine and beer sales ratios?"

In addition to yard signs blazoned with the "Yes On 2" logo, Citizens for a Modern Minneapolis has recruited local musicians to help spread the word -- resulting in this adorable and slightly cheesy video starring Jeremy Messersmith, members of Rogue Valley, and John Munson. Did they write a little song to help you remember to vote "Yes On 2"? You bet they did.

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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Chipotle News: A Lawsuit or a $3 Burrito?

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Is the problem... paying workers?

Step right up to this choose-your-own-adventure. Love Chipotle? Skip ahead to the part about $3 burritos. Hate Chipotle and want to stoke the flame of hatred in your heart? Read on.

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Critically Acclaimed Pizzeria Lola Heading to Northeast Minneapolis

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E. Utne
Wood-fired pizza to go with your Dangerous Man brew?

Could it be that another beloved pizza place is on the move? Indeed, just a week after finding out that Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza would expand to Eat Street, we're getting word that Pizzeria Lola, the wood-fired pizza shop from queen of the slices Ann Kim, has purchased a property in northeast Minneapolis -- on the very same block as Dangerous Man Brewing.

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What Happens to Twin Cities Food Trucks Over the Winter?

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Where's this cheesy truck going when it starts to get chilly?

As both leaves and temperatures start to fall, there's another noticeable change that comes about with the turning of the seasons: fewer food trucks on the road. This year, some will brave the cold, some will hibernate for winter, and others will choose to limit their appearances to certain events. A few are looking forward to putting down roots in more permanent digs. Whatever the situation, we have the scoop on the future plans of a few of our favorite mobile eateries.

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