Grease Thieves Hit Rochester Restaurants

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Rachael Vorhees
Don't steal from this!

In perhaps one of the messiest thefts imaginable, thieves have spent the past few weeks storming through Rochester's restaurants and stealing thousands of pounds of kitchen grease.

As first reported by the Post-Bulletin, the thefts have been from restaurants that have left the oil out for the grease-collection company Midwest Grease. And it sounds like the crooks took a lot -- more than 6,000 pounds of kitchen grease over the past few weeks, worth more than $1,500.

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Agra Culture to Open Location in the MIA, as Stock and Badge Pulls Out

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Photo courtesy of Agra Culture
Agra Culture will open its third location in less than six months in the old Grain Stack location at the MIA
It's not much of a surprise that Grain Stack, the second project behind the Stock and Badge team that put together south Minneapolis's now defunct Parka, is out at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. But what's taking its place is somewhat unexpected: Agra Culture, the socially health-conscious restaurant chain by the same folks who brought us Yogurt Lab, will open its third location in just six months in the museum's restaurant space.

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Zen Box's Ramen Massive Attack Brings Ramen Burgers to the Twin Cities This Sunday

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photo courtesy of Sasha Landskov
Zen Box Izakaya to host second annual Ramen Massive Attack at Mill City Museum this weekend

All of you ramen fans out there better get ready to hold onto your hats, because one of the biggest names in Twin Cities ramen is throwing down with a party of epic proportions. John Ng and Lina Goh of downtown Minneapolis's Zen Box Izakaya are hosting their second annual Ramen Massive Attack! and celebrating three years in business -- and bringing in a couple of big names to help them do it.

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Figlio's Closing Marks a Trend for the Capricious Kaskaid Hospitality

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figlio benjamin Carter Grimes.jpeg
Figlio will wind up one of the remodels and re-brands of Kaskaid Hospitality
The newest reincarnation of Figlio, this time at the West End, will be closing its doors at the end of October. Kaskaid Hospitality, the parent company behind not only Figlio, but also Union, Crave, Urban Eatery, and Boneyard, made the announcement late last week that Figlio would be remodeled and re-branded as a new, lighter-fare Italian restaurant. They also announced plans to open not one, but two new restaurant concepts at the Mall of America.

We've started to notice a fairly interesting trend from the folks at Kaskaid: a slew of remodels and re-brands, temporarily buoyed by top-shelf talent that doesn't stick. Will the new, restaurant-formerly-known-as-Figlio concept follow along those same lines? Only time will tell, but a look at the restaurant holding company's track record suggests yes.

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Robb Jones Tapped to Head Up Bar Program at Merchant

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Saffron's Robb Jones is taking his talents elsewhere -- but staying in the North Loop.

As the most anticipated restaurant of 2014 readies to open sometime in November, executive chef Gavin Kaysen is putting together a dream team of managers (Bill Summerville), kitchen whizzes (Diane Yang), and servers. Next on the list? The crew behind the bar -- anchored by none other than Robb Jones, award-winning cocktail king currently serving at Saffron, and his second in command, Elliot Manthey from Cafe Maude.

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Weggy's On Campus in Mankato Apologizes for Adrian Peterson Spanking Joke

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A peek at the Facebook page for Weggy's On Campus in Mankato shows they've got all the bases covered: breakfast, lunch, dinner, a wildly inappropriate spanking joke in the wake of a Vikings football player's alleged child abuse scandal. Who wants pancakes?

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Vellee Deli to Open Permanent Location in Downtown Minneapolis

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Thumbnail image for Vellee Deli truck.jpg
Vellee Deli gets a new home
Last week, Joyce Truong and Will Xiong, owners of Vellee Deli, put up a cryptic video letting their ravenous fans know about some big news: Downtown's premier Asian-Mexican fusion truck will soon be getting its own brick-and-mortar location. The new spot is set to open sometime this winter, but its exact location is still under wraps. So while the video includes a few inside shots of the space, the clip is just vague enough so that the average viewer won't likely recognize the 2,500-square foot location.

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Parka to Close and Become Dogwood Coffee Bar

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Parka Exterior Summers (550x454).jpg
Joy Summers
On September 22, Parka will be no more
In less than surprising news, it was announced yesterday that Parka in south Minneapolis will close up shop. It was also announced that while Parka might be going dark, the company behind the restaurant intends to keep the space alive in the form of a new Dogwood Coffee bar.

Parka's last night of service will take place at this end of this month. After that, they'll close for approximately a week's time and reopen under the new Dogwood name.

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Twin Cities Residents Successfully Petition Against Offensive Chino Latino Billboard

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From petition

When subjected to a rape joke, we generally have a few options: walk away, confront the "comedian" directly, administer a slap-o-sense to the face, or mix and match any combination thereof.

But what can we do when a rape joke is plastered on a billboard near a busy intersection, flaunting its insensitive message in the faces of any former rape or sexual assault victims who happen to pass by?

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World Street Kitchen offers free burritos for life to anyone who can find catering van vandal

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Photo courtesy of World Street Kitchen
Wanted: Van Vandal. Reward: Free burritos.
Now, we appreciate good street art as much as anybody else, but when you're throwing up a tag on something that could potentially cost a small, locally owned, independent business some hard earned cash, you're not so much a street artist as a dickhead with a spray can. Well-known Twin Cities chef Sameh Wadi agrees, which is why he and his crew are calling on fans to help them catch the person who recently vandalized their company's catering truck.

Wadi, chef and owner of both Saffron and World Street Kitchen, found out about the incident from WSK staff early Friday morning. Wadi then put out a call to his massive online following including over 3,000 Facebook fans and 6,000 Twitter followers, offering free burritos for life to anyone who could help bring the vandal to justice.

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