Dunkin' Donuts Officially Moving into the Twin Cities Market

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Rene Schwietzke

We get pretty feisty about our donuts in this town, and one thing's for sure: Whichever local donut shop we frequent is the best donut shop that ever was and ever will be. We will defend it till our last sugary breath.

Dunkin' Donuts is going headlong into the fray, once more taking aim at the local morning pastry scene. Will the Twin Cities accept its persistent advances?

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Bloody Mary Bill: No More Waiting for Booze at Sunday Brunch

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Susan Lucas Hoffman

Waking up early on Sunday morning is hideous enough. But when you need some hair of the dog urgently and no brunch place serves that particular brand of pick-me-up before 10 a.m.? There is weeping. There is gnashing of teeth. Won't anybody help?

The Minnesota legislature hears your cries.

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Get Your Powdered Alcohol While You Can: Palcohol Faces Possible Ban in Minnesota

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Solylunafamilia and Beau Considine

Developers of powdered alcohol say it's perfect for hikers and campers. No lugging 12-packs around. No strapping barrels of grain alcohol to your backpack frame.

So in Minnesota, powdered alcohol, or "Palcohol," should go over like a crisp brewski after a day of canoeing the lakes, right? Not so fast.

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Margarita with Your Twins Game? Barrio Opening a New Bar at Target Field

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Alma Guzman

Buy me some ceviche and tostadas.

Barrio is opening a new bar at the Twins stadium, inside of Gate 6 in left field, offering a full menu of Latin cuisine and a full selection of tequila.

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5 Food and Drink Events for Beating the March Winter Doldrums

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Photo courtesy of Graze 4 Good
Put down the blanket, knot a pretty scarf, move slowly toward the door, and get out for some March food fun.

The pasty white, flaking skin that hasn't seen a ray of sun in approximately 180 days, the extra two inches of belly bloat, the seething anger. This happens every single year, and every single year we are no more ready for it.

There's only one thing to do (well, two) and it isn't NordicTrack.

Eat and drink even if you simply cannot be merry. April is on its way. Promise. It happens every year.

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Common Roots to Fill the Jewish Deli Void in Uptown?

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Hannah Sayle

Some truths I hold to be self-evident: Cheap, waxy chocolate is a sin; a Heggies pizza at 1 a.m. is always the right choice; and real Jewish delis have killer matzoh ball soup.

Or, at least some kind of matzoh ball soup.

So can a plucky little coffee shop fill the vacancy of Jewish delis in Minneapolis with nary a drop of chicken-laced broth nor a bobbing dough ball in sight?

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Vegan Butcher Shop Takes on Its Biggest Challenge Yet: Camembert Cheese

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Ryan Strandjord
Bust out the Brut or cry in your beer -- Herbivorous Butcher is selling vegan Camembert.

Depending on your constitution, the kids of Herbivorous Butcher are here to either rankle or delight.

Not content just to be vegan, the bro/sis team of HB are taking matters into their own hands, and nothing is safe from their machinations. Vegan breakfast sausage we can dig. Summer sausage? Maybe. Ham? Insert uncertain emoji here.

But last night they announced they'd be presenting the dining public with a vegan Camembert. Did your head just explode?

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HauteWok Takeover at HauteDish Will Heat Up January Dining

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Haute Dish
General Tso's Sweetbreads will be available during HauteWok week.

Little known fact: Chef Landon Schoenefeld used to be a delivery driver for Ping's, the long-standing, very pink, Nicollet Avenue Chinese spot where fried rice and cream cheese wontons reign supreme.

Seems those long hours trapped in the Pinto with the waft of grease driving him wild had a lasting effect.

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Verdant Tea Tasting Room Is Now Verdant Lounge With Argentinian Flair

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Verdant Lounge
Verdant has a new look, a new feel, and a new menu.

Tea is the new coffee and kombucha is the new tea and David Duckler is peddling both, which means he's a busy guy and has decided he doesn't need to be into food, too. So he's sold his Verdant Tea Tasting Room to his chef Katriel Menendez and Menendez's partners Ozzy Amelotti and Pablo Vinuesa.

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Bonfire Uses Servers' Tips to Pay Credit Card Fees

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Image from Google Street View
St. Paul's Bonfire is one of seven state-wide locations.

If you eat at Bonfire, your tips aren't making it into that smiling server's pocket at the end of the day without a grab-and-dash toll tax to the restaurant.

Derek Johnson, a server at Bonfire in St. Paul, has been slinging dishes at the popular wood-fire pizzeria since mid-summer. He says a month after he started, he served a large party that tipped him about $80, but at the end of the shift Bonfire withheld 2 percent.

When Johnson asked where the rest was, his manager explained that the restaurant had a legal right to take a percentage of servers' tips to cover credit card fees. Though Bonfire is actually correct in that according to the federal Fair Labor Standards Act, Johnson's pissed because no one bothered to tell him they were taking his money.

As a result, for a while he was claiming more than he was actually making, and paying taxes on imaginary income, Johnson says.

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