Bulldog N.E. Chef Crafts Satanic, Slayer-Inspired Pizza

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Photo by John Hurkes
Chef John "Blüd Hammer" Hurkes of Bulldog N.E. is Minneapolis's master of blasphemous cuisine. When he's not assembling detailed plates of pickles or frosting mini cupcakes for Bulldog, he's experimenting with ways to combine three of his primary passions: heavy metal, Satanic imagery, and damn good food.

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Meatball Emergency, another ambulance-centered food truck, launches Kickstarter

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Via Meatball Emergency's Kickstarter page
Here in Minnesota, we approach each meal with a sense of urgency. So too does Meatball Emergency, this year's second local Kickstarter project centered on turning an ambulance into a food truck.

"We were looking at food trucks on Craigslist and [ambulances] came up. There were a couple of them, so then we started thinking about how cool it would be to have a food truck as an ambulance," Kelsey Lampert, the creator of Meatball Emergency, says.

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Plate or Pass: Camel milk

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Emily Eveland
A fruity camel milk smoothie
When it first touched our lips, all we could think of was the hairy, humped creature it came from. We wanted answers to our paranoid questions: When was this stuff shipped? Has it been properly refrigerated? Will we be projectile vomiting within a half hour? How did someone manage to get a seven-foot-tall animal to stay still long enough to be milked?

After a few sips, though, our fears of impending illness and the image of frothy milk being squeezed from the teats of a kicking dromedary were replaced by pure enjoyment. The milk was grassy, startlingly sweet with a sour edge, and textured like a light kefir. If not for the multiple warnings we'd received about drinking too much camel milk at once, we would have been happy to guzzle an eight-ounce glass in one sitting. But when it comes to potential colon explosions, we err on the safe side. Yeah, you read that right. Camel milk is known to loosen the bowels, especially within the first few weeks of consumption, which makes it a popular remedy for constipation.

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Minnesota's camel milk black market

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Via 4Cheungs on Flickr
It felt like a drug deal.

"Stay in the car. I'll be right back." We were sitting in the back of a limousine, our fingers crossed that this would be our last stop. It had been three days, and we hadn't seen a trace of the elusive substance. "Turn the music up. What CD is he playing?" We nodded our heads to calm our nerves. Ten minutes later, the limo driver waltzed out of the restaurant, grinning and sipping from a styrofoam cup. He handed us a cardboard carrier with four more cups inside.

"It's fresh," he said. "From Columbus, Ohio."

After days of searching, too many dead ends to count, and hours in the back of a stranger's limousine, raw camel milk was finally ours.

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Best bets for MPLS/St.Paul Restaurant Week

Thumbnail image for Barbette Lamb Chops.jpg
Hilary Roberts
Lamb chops at Barbette, one of our Restaurant Week picks
Do you have a running list of "must eat" spots, but you never seem to find an occasion to visit them? Well bust out your pens and get ready to start crossing things off. MPLS/St.Paul Magazine's Restaurant Week is upon us (now through October 25) and the menus at this year's participating places are chic and cheap.

Reservations are recommended for most and you can find the full list of restaurants here, but we have a few favorite picks. 

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Minnesota's Newest Food Network Star Debuts Saturday

Photo courtesy Food Network
Amy Thielen hosts Heartland Table
We're used to eating local, but what about watching local? This weekend Amy Thielen, a Minnesota-grown chef with a New York pedigree will premiere her new show, Heartland Table, on the Food Network.

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Prevail Travail! The gastro-wunderkinds take to Kickstarter, plus more details on their next pop-up UPDATED

Michelle Leon
Tasty bits from Travail
From smashing down walls, to building a pizza joint to hosting pop-ups all over town (including the forthcoming pop-up Umami), the chefs behind Travail have hardly been taking it easy. This morning they launched their next step in edging toward re-opening Travail in its new location. It's a Kickstarter campaign with some tasty incentives to get their fans in on the Travail-ian action.

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Hell's Kitchen announces wedding winners!

The beginning of wedded bliss lies in Hell's Kitchen for one lucky couple
As the hour for the historic vote drew near, Hell's Kitchen were the first to raise their hands and offer the opportunity for a same sex couple to celebrate their marriage at the restaurant, for free. People clamoured for the opportunity, other businesses jumped on the bandwagon in a fit of rainbow festooned solidarity. This weekend, Hell's Kitchen announced the winners as well as five "second place" winners.

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Chino Latino's ad for new menu: Is it racist?

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Chino Latino
A spicy new menu and a hotbed of controversy

UPDATE: In a change of heart, Chino Latino has apologized for the ad and reworked the campaign to be less offensive.

Following the recent rollout of a new menu featuring Indian-inspired cuisine, Parasole-owned Chino Latino is getting some backlash.

To introduce its "New India Street Sheet" menu items like cauliflower pakora, vindaloo pork, and paneer omelette, the Uptown fusion restaurant released an ad containing some decidedly offensive copy. 

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Mosaic Cafe adds Sunday brunch

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Emily Utne
Now serving brunch in Longfellow

In addition to its famous baked French fries and fabulous frozen custard, Mosaic Cafe in Longfellow will now add Sunday brunch service for the late-rising weekend crowd.

Since July, the cafe has been serving weekday breakfast and grab-and-go items from its bakery case, but the new brunch menu is fuller and a bit fancier.

Here's a sneak peek of what's on the menu and the updated Sunday hours.

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