Kitchen Window offers a Thanksgiving cooking class with Italian flair

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Sarah Burt.jpg
Kitchen Window
Sarah Burt, of Saucy Burt's food cart, teaches the four-course feast tomorrow night
The typical Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition for a reason, but there's always room to add a little spice and variety. The Kitchen Window can help you do just that with its Italian Thanksgiving class tomorrow at 6 p.m.

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Arboretum offers "Food as Metaphor" writing class

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Author Jules Nyquist
It's no surprise that the tastes and smells of certain foods trigger strong memories. But have you ever considered using those memories as a starting point for your own poetry, fiction, or short story? Local author Jules Nyquist (her latest chapbook,
Appetites: Poems on Food, Drink, Sex, tells you she's got some experience in this area) will guide students as they use food as a starting point when digging into the writing process as part of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum's upcoming "Food As Metaphor: Writing Inspirations from Food" class. We talked with Nyquist to find out more about the class.

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At Sweets Bakeshop, school's in session

Sweets Bakeshop
Edible art or fashion victim turned cupcake?
​​There's not much chance that we can ever master the St. Paul bakery's Lady Gaga cupcakes, but Sweets Bakeshop owners Ly Lo and Krista Steinbach are willing to give all of us novice bakers and Martha Stewart wannabes a peek into their confectionery design process.

Don't know the difference between fondant and frosting? Don't worry, you'll learn everything you need to know at the the Marshall Avenue shop's School of Sweets.

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Kindred Kitchen already cooking up plans for growth

Kindred Kitchen Nature's Prime Organics.jpg
Andy Lien
Chefs in action
The chefs of Nature's Prime Organic Foods are sizzling over the cooktop inside the Kindred Kitchen, the scents of seared ham and freshly blanched peas fill the room. They are preparing ready-made organic meals for delivery around the Twin Cities. They are one of the approximately 10 businesses already renting the space available in North Minneapolis's new business venture.

The types of food businesses lined up at the Kindred Kitchen are eclectic. There are TV close-up ready structural cakes, a father-son catering team specializing in Southern-style foods, egg rolls for fundraising, an Ethiopian bread maker, Italian pastry maker--even a cake diva.  Each business is as unique as the food maker, and each is finding tailored assistance from the people at the Kindred Kitchen.

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Kindred Kitchen gets food entrepreneurs cooking in North Minneapolis

Kindred Kitchen Front.jpg
Andy Lien
On the boulevard of burgeoning dreams
On West Broadway a new business venture is fostering foodie dreams and hope for a revitalized neighborhood.  On November 11 the Kindred Kitchen officially opened as a community resource for people hoping to begin or grow their own food businesses.

The idea for the Kitchen came about over a year ago, when the nonprofit Catalyst Community Partners put together a focus group of North Minneapolis residents to discuss what they wanted to see in their community. The overwhelming answer was a way for them to make their burgeoning food businesses, mostly being run out of their own kitchens, viable career options. They are referred to as the "hidden food entrepreneurs."  With that, a unique idea and space was created.

A commercial kitchen space available for rent without a monthly lease obligation, open cafe area, and conference room space, where classes will begin in February are steeped with the excitement and enthusiasm of a great idea just beginning to take off.  Ever wondered how to take your gourmet ideas to greatness? Kindred Kitchen has the answers right here.

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Cooking at the Market's return next week has home cooks fired up

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Sung Sook/flickr
Midtown Global Market
Next week, look for the latest session of the popular series of cooking classes, Cooking at the Market, taking place at Midtown Global Market with chef-caterer Molly Herrmann of Tastebud Catering.

Neighboring vendor Vicki Potts of Grass Roots Gourmet, starts the proceedings with a lesson and tasting of several local cheeses. Then--what makes the Cooking at the Market Class unique--participants tour the market in small groups, choosing produce and protein, then cooking the meal together in several small kitchens, and later dining on your creations while sipping wine or beer with your classmates. Here's how to sign up.

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Healthy Food Summit with Mark Bittman

Thumbnail image for Mark Bittman.jpg
andrew brusso
Alluring green and crunchy bits
Mom wasn't kidding when she told you to eat those veggies.  Distressing statistics about the American diet seem inescapable these days.  Turns out the burger 'n' fries way of life is harming not only our families but the planet.  The University of Minnesota is addressing these issues at the upcoming Healthy Foods Summit to be held Thursday, September 30, and Friday, October 1, at the University Radisson and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum respectively.
Day one of the summit culminates in an evening with New York Times columnist and author of How to Eat Everything, Mark Bittman.  Bittman will discuss his latest book Food Matters: 500 Revolutionary Recipes for Better Living.   Chef, restaurateur and local food enthusiast Lucia Watson will provide an introduction.  Tickets are available online for $35 and are first-come, first-serve. Hors d'oeuvres, wine, and beer will be available before the discussion, while a book-signing and Q&A session will be held after.

Preserving Summer's Harvest: learning to pickle, can, and more

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Your winter self will thank you.
​This is the time of year that our gardens are bursting with fresh produce as tomatoes fill bowls, berries fall off the bushes, apples hang from trees, while cucumber and squash dangle from tendrils and vines. Or maybe a really amazing CSA box just arrived at your door. As the different harvests come and go, we don't always have time to utilize the lovely harvest--which makes it so cost effective, not to mention delicious, to can, pickle, or dry some of your goods to store for the long winter. Like a granny or a squirrel. This Sunday Minnesota History Center, Fabulous Catering, and Gastro Non Grata co-host Preserving Summer's Harvest, a DIY class that will teach you how to preserve your fresh goods. You will also learn the history of food preservation techniques that exploded during the Great Depression and WWII.

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