Slurp That Spaghetti! Where to Celebrate National Pasta Day in the Twin Cities

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Screenshot via Lady and the Tramp
Even these precious pups are down with pasta.
Sure, it's easy to boil some water, toss in some spaghetti, and open up a bottle of sauce at home... but there's something divine about the perfect plate of pasta while you're out on the town. The snap of al dente tendrils of bucatini, the melt-in-your-mouth creaminess of ravioli, meaty and rich B├ęchamel-drenched lasagna -- we love it all.

There are plenty of local standbys where you can get your favorite pasta dishes like Broders' Pasta Bar, Loring Pasta Bar, and Amore Victoria, among countless others -- but we wanted to highlight a few spots you might not have tried just yet. Here's our roundup of a few of our favorite newer places around town where you can get your noodle fix on National Pasta Day.

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It's National Donut Day: How to celebrate in the Twin Cities

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Hannah Sayle
Bogart's Doughnut Co. in south Minneapolis has been selling out all week.

Cream-filled, sugar-crusted, powdered, or glazed, we want our donuts and we want them today. It's National Donut Day, and lucky for us, the Twin Cities is the place to be for these rich, sugary delights.

If you're just waking up, we have one caveat: This beloved national holiday isn't exactly a secret, so area donuts have been selling like hot cakes. Hot, delicious cakes with icing and fillings and soft, melt-in-your-mouth dough.

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7 delicious ways to celebrate National Peanut Butter Day

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Katy Meeks
January 24 is National Peanut Butter Day

Happy National Peanut Butter Day! Peanut butter has grown in sophistication from its humble PB&J roots, and we've tracked down some of the unique and delicious ways local restaurants have introduced it to their menus. Read on and you might just find yourself inspired to create your own PB concoctions.

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5 places to celebrate National Sangria Day

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Happy National Sangria Day! Yes, the beverage usually slurped down on sunny patios during the humid summer months celebrates its national holiday today, in the dead of winter. But there's no reason this typically summery summer drink can't be enjoyed year-round. Take this national recognition as an excuse to get out and enjoy a glass (perhaps not on a patio just yet) at one of our favorite spots for sangria, served all year.

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Rye Deli has a special Thanksgivukkah menu

B FRESH Photography
Rye Deli releases a creative new holiday menu
For the first time since 1888 Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will fall on the same day. It's a mathematical anomaly, yes, but more importantly, it's a perfect excuse to celebrate the all-new food-centered super holiday that will heretofore be known as Thanksgivukkah. 

As far as we know, only one Twin Cities restaurant has gone so far as to make a full mash-up menu for the holiday and we must say, we're intrigued.

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Five ways to celebrate National Bourbon Day in the Twin Cities

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Kelly Moritz
Sure, just about every day of the year is National [Insert Random Food] Day, but today's a special one. It's National Bourbon Day, and we're inclined to celebrate our return to summer weather with a bourbon-filled concoction.

Here are a few drinks around the Twin Cities with which you can toast this boozy holiday.

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Celebrate National Donut Day in the Twin Cities

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EU Photography
Glam Doll Donuts
Whether you prefer doughnuts or donuts, it's hard to nitpick over how delicious those little bits of fried dough are... especially when there are opportunities around town to get 'em for free for National Donut Day.

Started in 1938, this scrumptious national holiday was established by The Salvation Army to honor the women who brought soldiers doughnuts during WWI. (Fun fact: these ladies used to be called "Donut Lassies" and "Doughnut Dollies.") Now, the tradition of doughnut-adoration lives on, and the while we don't have Dunkin Donuts in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we're celebrating with our own hometown treasures. Here are some of the places you can get your hands on Homer Simpson's favorite treat.

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National Macaroon Day: Where to celebrate locally

Courtesy Salty Tart Facebook page
Go coconuts: It's national macaroon day
It is a little silly that practically every confection, cocktail, ingredient, and dish you can think of now has its own dedicated day and they just keep getting more and more specific and obscure. National hot pastrami sandwich day is January 14, crab meat Newburg day is September 25, and in an effort to raise their decidedly un-hip profile, raisins were given April 30 as a day of recognition and reverence. But one national food holiday we can get behind is the one that conveniently falls on this day, May 31, a.k.a National Macaroon Day. 

This is partly because we love to celebrate coconut, but more so because it's an opportunity to do a P.S.A. about the difference between macaroons and macarons. Macaroons are the chewy, unleavened, sometimes chocolate-dipped, coconut and egg white-based "cookies" (though they technically aren't cookies because they don't contain flour) that are the heart and soul of popular Minneapolis-based baking company Lily Bloom's. Macarons are the more technically complex French meringue confection made with an almond powder base and filled with jam or ganache. Macarons are pastel and pretty and popular and have been totally hogging the spotlight for the last few years, so today let's give the old macaroon its place in the sun. Here are a few good places to get them locally.

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Beaujolais Nouveau Day: Celebrate at Barbette

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Last year's vintage of Beaujolais Nouveau is making way for the new guy this Thursday

In America, there's a certain Thursday in November that wine drinkers look forward to. This is also true in France, but the holiday is a week earlier and it doesn't involve as much food, but it does involve a lot more wine. The point is, this Thursday is Beaujolais Nouveau Day! 

When the clocks strike midnight on the third Thursday of each November, Frenchmen from Normandy to Alsace flood the bistros and brasseries to get their first taste of the year's latest Beaujolais -- a fruity, barely fermented, super-young red wine made from gamay grapes. The fervor, fun, and festivity surrounding the release of Beaujolais has since inspired other countries to follow in the tradition, with Italians celebrating Vino Novello Day, and now we even honor nouveau wines in the U.S. -- all on this upcoming third Thursday in November.

Want to start a tradition of your own? Head to Barbette in Uptown. From Thursday to Sunday this week, they'll be hosting a four-course dinner where you can sample Beaujolais Nouveau from popular French winemaker Joseph Drouhin. 

Here's the menu:

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Top 5 ways to celebrate National Hot Dog Day today

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Hot dogs
Exercise your right to tube steaks today
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Aside from National Pie Day (January 23), Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day (April 12), and Whiskey Sour Day (August 25), today, National Hot Dog Day, is one of the food holidays we look forward to the most.

There's nothing wrong with packing a picnic lunch or firing up the grill in your own back yard, but here are five ways to celebrate today at local restaurants:

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