First look: Butcher Salt, a new meat-centric food truck

Joy Summers
Butcher Salt rolls into downtown Minneapolis
Nothing heralds spring like the first sighting of a string of food trucks lining Marquette Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. On Friday morning, the lineup included Butcher Salt on its inaugural downtown lunch run. We stopped by for a first taste.

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Finnegans launches reverse food truck

Categories: Food Truck
Image courtesy Finnegans
Filling up with food for neighbors in need
We're used to having food trucks bring us the tasty treats. But this time, local beer company Finnegans has turned its truck the other way, launching a mean, green, do-good-ing machine that will be rolling around town picking up nonperishable food items. Here's where you, fair readers, come into the picture.

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Couple launches Kickstarter for waffle ambulance [VIDEO]

Categories: Food Truck

Via 91Waffle's Kickstarter page
We need 2 cc of maple syrup, STAT.
Your wildest waffle dreams may soon come true. Last week, Minnesotan couple Shana Antonissen and Tony McMullin launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their groundbreaking food truck concept, "91Waffle."

Their idea is to serve sweet and savory waffle sandwiches out of an '89 Ford Diesel ambulance at state fairs across the country. In the downtime between fairs, they plan to serve their waffles around the Twin Cities. The couple is asking for a whopping $17,000 to help gut the truck and transform its interior into a kitchen space, for which they need fridges, sinks, and a propane generator.

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Thrillist names Natedogs one of the 21 best food trucks in America

Eliesa Johnson for Natedogs
Natedogs makes Thrillist's list of the 21 best food trucks in America
Hot dog carts were making street-eating cool long before the food truck craze, and Natedogs, with its locally sourced meats and house-made condiments, takes that cool to another level. It's no surprise then that Thrillist has put this Twin Cities hot dog hawker on its list of the 21 best food trucks in America.

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Butcher Salt, a new themed food truck, is coming to town

Categories: Food Truck
Via Butcher Salt
Sodium lovers rejoice! A new butcher salt-inspired food truck, aptly named Butcher Salt, is set to hit the streets of Minneapolis in early February. Butcher salt -- a blend of sea salt, fresh marjoram, rosemary, and thyme -- is typically used as a meat rub, but Butcher Salt owner Jean Hutar isn't stopping there. Her food truck will feature two styles of locally made hot dogs, butcher-salted caramel, slivered apple salad, and butcher-salted sliders, among other items.

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Edina opens online forum to discuss city's ban on food trucks

Thumbnail image for Moral Omnivore  food truck 4 CR Joy Summers x500.jpg
The city of Edina is asking citizens for their thoughts on mobile dining
Will Edina, the city with a standing prohibition on food trucks, finally start to reconsider its stance on the overwhelmingly popular mobile restaurants? The short answer is: not any time soon. While the city of Edina has made it clear that they're not currently proposing any changes to the current food truck rules, they have opened up an online discussion to let the citizens of Edina give their input on the subject.

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Psycho Suzi's owner launches a zombie-themed food truck

Courtesy Undead Frank's Facebook page
Just as some of our local food trucks close up for the season, one entrepreneur is expanding her empire by launching a new one. 

Leslie Brock, owner of Psycho Suzi's, Donny Dirk's, and the upcoming Betty Danger's Country Club, is keeping her character-driven theme going with Undead Frank's Zombie Bites, reports Eater Minneapolis

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New food truck in the works from MasterChef contestant

Courtesy MasterChef
Jordan Roots Kickstarting a new food truck
Does this face look familiar? 

It might if you saw him make it into the top 10 as a contestant on the last season of MasterChef, where he gained a reputation as a superb sauce-maker with a flair for making simple food into complex, composed plates. Or maybe you know him as your friendly neighborhood delivery man, since he drove a FedEx truck for some time before deciding to follow his food dreams full time. He's Jordan Roots, and he's looking to get behind the wheel of a truck with a very different purpose. The talented young buck just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help his Salted Roots food truck become a reality.

The Hot Dish got a chance to chat with Roots and hear more about what might be on the menu, the other local trucks he admires, and what Gordon Ramsay is like in real life. 

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Bloomy's Roast Beef says goodbye

No more beef for you
The team behind Bloomy's Roast Beef has decided that this winter won't just be a hiatus, but the end of their food truck business altogether. Yesterday they announced that they have made the difficult decision to pack up the roast beef recipe and sell their food truck.

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Gastrotruck hijacked by S.O.B

Photo courtesy Gastrotruck
The SOB takeover

With a change in the seasons, the Gastrotruck owners have decided to give their green-and-white truck a bit of a makeover, and they're having fun with the transition. Soup on Board -- or, as the members are affectionately referring to themselves, S.O.B. -- is taking over the truck for the winter, driving out the usual Gastrotruck sliders and flatbreads in favor of steamy soups.

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