Brooklyn Park Is Getting Its First Craft Distillery

photo courtesy of Skaalvenn
"The craft spirit industry is where craft beer was ten plus years ago," says Tyson Schnitker. Schnitker and his wife Mary are two of the latest entrants into the vibrant craft spirits scene. In the coming months, they'll open Skaalvenn, Brooklyn Park's first distillery.

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Permaculture Research Institute turns to Kickstarter for funding

Permaculture Research Institute's Kickstarter page
Twin Cities-centered company Permaculture Research Institute has begun a Kickstarter campaign to help promote sustainable living in colder climates.

The organization hopes to spread the trend of at-home, accessible sustainability -- urban gardening, canning, beekeeping -- in communities where a cold climate dominates more than half of the year. PRI calls for their participants to "care for the earth, care for people, and share their surplus."

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Loon Liquors releases Loonshine, an organic white whiskey

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Courtesy of the Loon Liquors Facebook page

The micro-distillery spirits seem to be flooding out of local stills. Coming from southern Minnesota, Northfield's Loon Liquors recently released its first product "Loonshine."

The spirit is un-aged or white whiskey that has a sort of whiskey/rum/tequila finish and works well in many different cocktails. Hot Dish spoke with owners Mark Schiller and Simeon Rossi to get their recommendations for summertime sippin'.

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Drinkiply invites you to drink for a good cause

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When most of us are thirsty, we grab a glass of water and don't think twice. But it's not so simple for many living around the world. Gaining access to clean water is a daily struggle for millions, and Drinkiply, a local non-profit in partnership with Surge for Water, is out to help those suffering from thirst one drink at a time.

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Xcel Center now serving a fake loon sausage and Zenon Konopka's wine

Dawn Brodey
New and improved brats from Husnik's Sausage.

While you're reading this week's cover story about the Minnesota Wild's controversial new arrival, Matt Cooke, you may find yourself wondering what kinds of tasty foods will be available at the Xcel Energy Center this year. Indeed, there will be quite a few new menu options for sports fans and concert-goers.

Executive chef Jason Steidle tells Hot Dish that people are going to find improved cuisine with a focus on local foods and local inspiration. For example, among the many new foods being offered is a "Loon Sausage," made by South St. Paul's own Husnik's Sausage. The brat-style sandwich comes stuffed with cheese, wild rice, and -- no, not our state bird -- pork.

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Trouble at True Thai

Tony Nelson

If you've gone to True Thai recently, you may have noticed some changes -- a lack of beer and wine on the menu, for example -- and maybe a little tension in the air.

Anna Fieser, owner of the awarding-winning Thai restaurant is in the midst of a contentious legal dispute with her former restaurant manager, Corey Whitechurch.

According to Fieser, Whitechurch had been her housekeeper for over 8 years prior to working as the restaurant's manager. There are differing accounts of both the nature of Whitechurch's job at True Thai and how much he was to be compensated. Fieser claims he was an unpaid consultant; Whitechurch maintains that Fieser agreed to pay him the $51,000 in checks he wrote himself, that he signed a contract entitling him to $100,000 a year... and that she once threw knives at him during a dispute.

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Andrew Zimmern shows off Minneapolis for Travel Channel [VIDEO]

Travel Channel
Hometown hero Andrew Zimmern shows off Minneapolis via a new Travel Channel video

Minneapolis is pretty awesome, and now local food celebrity Andrew Zimmern has taken to the internet to let the rest of the world know it too. In a video released by the Travel Channel, Zimmern divulges an array of reasons as to why exactly Minneapolis is a world class city.

In it you'll see Haute Dish hanging out in the background as well as a stop-in at a certain coffee shop-bike store. Zimmern also hits up Linden Hills paying visits to both Harriet Brasserie and Tilia.

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Travail plans a pop-up restaurant for north Minneapolis

EU Photography
From the team that brought you everything on this specials board, an upcoming month-long pop-up spot
Travail's co-owners Mike Brown, Bob Gerken, and James Winberg have been keeping busy this summer, but somehow between all the sauce-slinging and smoke-spooning at Pig Ate My Pizza, barbecuing at their block party, and planning the upcoming Rookery, plus the return of the re-vamped Travail (whew), the trio has also found time to come up with a concept for a month-long pop-up restaurant, reports the StarTribune.

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Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy return from the cereal graveyard

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General Mills
A blast from breakfasts long past.
It's time for the back-to-school scramble right now, but General Mills is already thinking ahead towards a spookier part of the year. The company recently announced that it will bring back two long-gone favorites as part of its annual Monster Cereal series during the Halloween season.

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Two weeks after the Solstice Storms, restaurants that lost power still recovering

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Alma Guzman
Inside Nightingale, one of the local restaurants hardest-hit by the storms.
Starting on Thursday, June 20, and continuing through the weekend, the solstice storms swept through the Twin Cities, tearing down more than 2,000 trees in Minneapolis alone and knocking out power to more than 600,000 Xcel Energy customers -- including many local restaurants.

For restaurants, being without electricity doesn't just mean that the dining room lights flicker out and servers start taking orders by candlelight. It also means that their kitchen equipment shuts down, and most importantly, so do their food-packed coolers and freezers.

We checked in with a handful of local favorites that lost power during the storms to see how they coped and how now, two weeks later, they continue to recover.

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