Free Haagen Dazs Ice Cream Cones Today

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Photo courtesy of Haagen Dazs Facebook page

Maybe it's just because they're nice guys, or perhaps they're ready to re-establish the addictive qualities of their premium ice creams, but Haagen Dazs is giving away free ice cream cones all across the nation today.

Really, what else do you need to know?

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Sparks will Replace Your Recalled Sabra with Their Scratch-Made Hummus and Pita, Free!

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Photo courtesy of Sparks Facebook Page
Sparks pita bread gets cooked in their wood-fired pizza oven

Did you get burned on the recent Sabra recall? Do you have a tub of Seriously Spicy festering in the fridge right now, unsure what to do with it? Well, we did, and this is a good reminder to buy local.

Sparks restaurant is giving us a little nudge. Just provide some evidence: a receipt, a picture, even just your word, and they will give you an order of their freshly made hummus (and pita!) on the house.

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Free Breakfast from the Twins at April 13 Opener

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Tony Nelson
Don't care about the Twins opener? Get free breakfast from the team anyway on April 13

The Twins have got a whole roster of festivities cooked up for the 2015 home opener, including live music, the ceremonial gate opening, a national anthem performance, ceremonial first pitch, and a National Guard flyover.

But if all that stuff leaves you cold, here's a freebie almost nobody can turn down: free breakfast, and you don't even have to care about baseball to partake.

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Hey, Joe! Want Free Breakfast? But Only If That IS Your Real Name...

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Photo courtesy of Longfellow Grill Facebook page
Hey, Joe...

We don't have to explain the magical effect free food has on the human mind. Promise sandwiches, no matter how mediocre, and the accounting meeting is going to be that much more well attended.

Otherwise clear-thinking people will wait in line for an hour for a free burrito or a free cone or any other thing that costs less than 10 dollars. When time literally is money, it's a difficult equation to figure out, but hey, humans are a complicated sort. So, is your name Joe? Then today is your lucky day.

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Free Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cones Today, March 16

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Photo Courtesy Dairy Queen Facebook Page
Treat yourself to a free cone at Dairy Queen today 

Doing nice stuff for other people plus eating ice cream has got to be the pinnacle of happiness in this world. And today, it's all free! Well, sort of.

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Cheap Burgers and Beer Plus Free Wine at Firelake Grill

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Photo courtesy of Firelake Facebook Page
Two burgers, two beers, $24. (Or, your math is correct, one and one for $12)

There's nothing more American than demanding something for free because it's your birthday. It doesn't matter how old you get, you're inevitably going to ask (actually you're going to put your spouse up to it), "Do I get anything for my birthday?!"

Firelake Grill is doing something so completely un-American on its birthday, it's practically communist. They're giving stuff away instead!

Homeland security might want to get on this one.

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Free Wine by the Glass and Bottle at Amore Victoria

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Rouen Group
Grab a bunch of friends and get over to Amore Victoria because they're giving away free wine.

If there are any finer words in any language, we don't know what they are.

In a gesture of true hospitality, Amore Victoria is just giving away wine, the way one would if entertaining guests at home.

And for once, there's not much of a catch.

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Love Meat? Dine at Fogo de Chao for Valentine's Day and Get a Free Meal

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Aine D/Flickr
Fogo de Chao wants you to dine for Valentine's Day, and then dine again, for free.

What could be sexier than the meat sweats?

Whether you've got a lover to wine and dine on Valentine's Day or not, Fogo de Chao wants to show how much it loves you with a big incentive for dining there on Valentine's weekend: complimentary lunch or dinner.

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Chipotle Offers Free Burritos, Bowls, and Tacos on January 26

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Wagstaff Worldwide
Buy a vegan burrito, get a burrito of your choice in return.
Read our lips: free Chipotle.

But there's a catch. If, that is, you think of meat-free eating as a catch.

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School's Out: Kids Eat Free Today at Blue Plate Restaurants

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Francesco Doglio
Load up a child, any child, and head to lunch.

So it's cold enough that Minneapolis schools are closed for the day (though not St. Paul schools, you hardy lot!) and you want to take this opportunity to put on all the clothes in your closet and never leave the woolly cocoon of your bed. Besides, your car probably wouldn't start anyway.

But if you happen to be out and about, and you happen to have a young Minneapolitan in tow, Blue Plate Restaurant Group is offering free food to any school-sprung tot with a paying grown-up.

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