Here's Your Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gift From St. Croix Chocolate Co.

Photo courtesy St. Croix Chocolate Co. website
St. Croix Chocolate Co. has your last-minute Valentine's Day gift sealed up.

Listen up, brother: You've got exactly ONE DAY to make good on Valentine's Day. Even if your girl says she doesn't care, she does. We're giving you this advice for free.

So here's a nice little three-fer: a gift, an outing, and a donation all built into one, which will make you look like the most sensitive guy on the block because it involves chocolate, charity, and fuzzy little animals. Oh, and art!

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Special Gift Packages at Piccolo Range from Impressive to Ridiculous

Categories: Great Gifts

Give the gift of small food in a grand package at Piccolo

The foodie on your list already has a Zoodle-maker, a lifetime subscription to Lucky Peach, an autographed copy of the Prune Cookbook, and a standing reservation at Spoon and Stable.

What can you do to impress him or her? Gift certificates for a splendid meal are always a welcome stocking stuffer, but it doesn't necessarily carry the gravitas you need to truly make a memorable impact. You want hugs and high-fives in return for this gift, and Piccolo has truly thought of everything -- both are included in the tailored dining experiences they've packaged for your favorite foodie.

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The Essential Holiday Gift Guide for Local Food Lovers

A tin full of cookies is always nice, but how about fancy cheese or a night out on the town? Read on.

In an alternate universe somewhere there is a better version of you, a version who says, "Hooray! Holiday gift-giving time! I know exactly what to get Grandpa Lou even though he gave up drinking Scotch and Scotch was virtually the only thing he truly loved so that's all we ever bought for him! It's cool! I got this!"

Friends, this is not that alternate universe and you are not that better you. You need help and we are here with just the thing: food.

Lucky for us, it's a wonderful time of year for the local food lover -- special treats, both delicious to eat and pleasingly packaged, abound. And though Grandpa Lou might not care where the truffles you bought were made, you can feel good about keeping it local.

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The Essential Holiday Gift Guide for Local Beer Lovers

Danny Nicholson

Shopping for a fanatic can be nigh impossible -- they already have everything, right? Fortunately, the beer fan consumes the collection, so there's always room for more.

Still, to give the best gifts one needs a background on the subject, and not everybody knows the difference between Centennial Hops and Cascade, nor cares about why a tulip glass is superior to a shaker. The Hot Dish is here with a guide to what your closest beer-loving friends want for the holidays.

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Travail's 2015 Sexy Chefs Calendar Is Hot and Ready

Categories: Great Gifts

Travail Kitchen and Amusements
Who says Christmas can't be sexy?

If you're the kind of girl or guy with a mad crush on your fave chef and have always wondered what he might look like in his skivvies, now's your chance to find out.

The second annual Sexy Chef Calendar (it was a Kickstarter incentive for last year's wildly successful Travail Kickstarter campaign) can be yours for the low, low price of $18.

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Brasa Rotisserie Gets Its Own B.T. McElrath Chocolate Bar

Categories: Great Gifts, News


It appears Brasa Rotisserie is not just content to offer up some of the best, smokiest meats and Caribbean-inspired side dishes around. Now they've teamed up with local chocolatier B.T. McElrath (best known for the otherworldly Salty Dog, as well as other chef-driven approaches to chocolate making, like balsamic-zinfandel truffles).

The move seems like a good fit for the restaurant, which has long touted the use of local, natural, and organic products. Chocolate has enjoyed a recent resurgence in health circles -- high-cocoa chocolate is known to contain powerful antioxidants and offer myriad other health benefits.

Plus, you know, chocolate.

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5 great Father's Day gifts for the foodie dad

Categories: Great Gifts
Thumbnail image for Grilled_Steak.jpg
Looking for that last-minute gift item for your foodie father? Well, look no further. We did the scouting for you. Here are several options to choose from. More »

Last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas for the foodie mom

Categories: Great Gifts

Mother's Day.jpg
Shower mom with delicious gifts this year.
Still trying to find that perfect gift for mom? Is she the kind of woman who appreciates a meal of many courses, served in small but exquisite portions? When she comes over to your house, does she dump out your salt cellar and refill it with Maldon Sea Salt? Does she love to cook but already has every kitchen gadget ever made, and you're wondering if you'll ever find a gift to convey how much you appreciate her?

Well, have no fear. Any of the items from the following list are sure to thrill and delight foodie moms everywhere.

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The 'Splendid Table' duo is back with another splendid cookbook

Splendid Table How to Eat book.jpg
"We emphasize taking pleasure in the doing," Lynne Rossetto Kasper says. "This is not about 'it's got to be right and it's got to be perfect.' "
One of the very best things I ever ate was an appetizer made by Lynne Rossetto Kasper. She cracked open a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano and drizzled it with a syrup-thick balsamic vinegar. That's it. Creamy and sharp, sweet and salty, the shards of cheese and vinegar startled my senses awake. It was exactly what I wanted at that moment. It was perfect.

The spanking-new cookbook that she and Sally Swift have written, The Splendid Table's How to Eat Weekends: New Recipes, Stories & Opinions (Clarkson Potter, $35), is like that deceptively simple dish.

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Rogue Chocolatier offers free shipping through January

Rogue Chocolatier.jpg
Rogue Chocolatier
70% cacao, 100% delicious
If you enjoy high-quality chocolate that's made locally, here's your opportunity to stock up on the best of the best. To celebrate winning the Good Food Award, Rogue Chocolatier is offering free shipping on all web orders over $20 for the remainder of January.

The Good Food Awards recognize outstanding American food producers and farmers who support sustainability and social good. Rogue's Sambirano, made with cacao from a single family-owned estate in Madagascar, took the award earlier this month at a ceremony in San Francisco. The bar was up against 180 entries for the chocolate category in a blind taste test by an impressive group of judges.

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