Chef JP Samuelson Out at 6Smith, In at Red Stag

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Courtesy of Red Stag
Chef JP Samuelson is heading back into the city after a short stint at Wayzata's 6Smith.

He says he always thought of Wayzata's 6Smith and his tour of duty with Kaskaid Hospitality (he was chef of the ill-fated Figlio 2.0) as a "stepping stone" in his career, with Red Stag being more his speed -- in size and in style.

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Trouble at True Thai

Tony Nelson

If you've gone to True Thai recently, you may have noticed some changes -- a lack of beer and wine on the menu, for example -- and maybe a little tension in the air.

Anna Fieser, owner of the awarding-winning Thai restaurant is in the midst of a contentious legal dispute with her former restaurant manager, Corey Whitechurch.

According to Fieser, Whitechurch had been her housekeeper for over 8 years prior to working as the restaurant's manager. There are differing accounts of both the nature of Whitechurch's job at True Thai and how much he was to be compensated. Fieser claims he was an unpaid consultant; Whitechurch maintains that Fieser agreed to pay him the $51,000 in checks he wrote himself, that he signed a contract entitling him to $100,000 a year... and that she once threw knives at him during a dispute.

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Ideal Diner remodeling and (hopefully) re-opening

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Ideal Diner credit therubadu 2x560.jpg
The Rubadu
Ideal Diner returns after a former employee buys the building

When news broke in April that Ideal Diner, a Northeast Minneapolis landmark and breakfast institution, had closed, the most common response from local diners was a regretful, "I always meant to stop in there." Well folks, in a few months time you may just have your chance to intend to go there once again.

Just a few days after Mpls./St. Paul Magazine's Stephanie March mentioned seeing "Cooks wanted" and "We're remodeling" signs in the diner's window, the Downtown Journal has confirmed that Kim Robinson, a former Ideal Diner employee, purchased the restaurant from owner Kevin Kelzenberg and is intending to re-open it, though an exact date has not yet been set. 

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Andrew Zimmern says, "Yelp is on my $@%# list"

Andrew Zimmern NYCFF (500x458).jpg
Food personality Andrew Zimmern speaks out against Yelp
Local food celebrity Andrew Zimmern has come out recently in, we'll just say firm opposition to the crowd-sourced restaurant review site Yelp. In his weekly podcast Go Fork Yourself, Zimmern lashed out against the website, saying, "Yelp is on my shit list!"

Yelp is the online/mobile app where users register and leave both reviews and restaurant ratings. No food writing or rating experience is required. Though users flock to the highly rated website, restaurateurs have often had less than glowing things to say about it because of the often untrained writers and what restaurant owners see as unfair and exaggerated criticisms. Here's why Zimmern is ticked off.

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Martha Stewart kept to herself on trip to Minneapolis

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Martha Stewart 2.jpg
Martha Stewart came to town, but she didn't see much.
Martha Stewart didn't see much on her trip to Minneapolis last week despite tweeting for suggestions.

Stewart came to town at the behest of General Mills for a tour of its Betty Crocker kitchen and a speech to marketing folks about "the fact that she's a global brand," says GM director of marketing excellence Ami Anderson.

So did Stewart like the Twin Cities?

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