37: Corn Pancakes at Maria's Cafe

Courtesy of Maria's Cafe
Cachapas Venezolanas

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and, frankly, the best meal in general, we cherish the gastronomical wonder that is Maria's Café.

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Tickets Still Available for Saturday's Cochon 555 "Large Format Feast" at Burch Steakhouse

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Photo courtesy of Cochon 555 Facebook Page
There's no limit to the ways chefs will play with pork during the upcoming Cochon 555 weekend.

Did you mean to buy that ticket for Sunday's whole-hog culinary competition Cochon 555 and it slipped your mind? Or did you have to wait 'til payday to scoop up that ticket? Bummer, because it's sold out.

But there's still a chance to join in some of the piggy revelry. Tickets are still available for Saturday's "Large Format Feast" on Saturday, February 28. It's a four-course dinner (including wine), by Burch chef Daniel Del Prado, featuring family-farm-raised, antibiotic-free Duroc Pork and Black Angus Beef.

So why is a steakhouse rolling out the dinner for the nation's porkiest event?

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18-Year-Old Eva Duckler is Founder and CEO of Tree Fort Soda

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Eva Duckler

Sometimes, it can be hard to hear a kid utter this phrase: "My whole life.... "

Kid! What life? You're barely knee high to a bug.

But then, when they're smart and creative and together enough to have started their own successful company when most other people their age are bopping down the street with the earbuds and the saggy pants and the long hair, oblivious to the cold, cruel world that likes ahead, well, you've got no choice but to perk up and listen.

Eva Duckler had been in search of the perfect root beer for her entire, entire life. But in 18 years on the planet, she couldn't find just the right one. You can guess what she did next.

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Do Low Points at Salt Cellar Indicate a Deflating Restaurant Scene?

Tony Nelson

"This is what you're going to start to see when you talk about that bubble bursting."

A local name chef told me this when I relayed a recent dining experience at the Salt Cellar, St. Paul's newest big-time, big-bank-account, swaggering steakhouse. The bubble he's referring to is the 100 or so restaurants that opened last year locally, just in time for a major deflation of good culinary talent in our local pro kitchens.

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Cheap Burgers and Beer Plus Free Wine at Firelake Grill

Photo courtesy of Firelake Facebook Page
Two burgers, two beers, $24. (Or, your math is correct, one and one for $12)

There's nothing more American than demanding something for free because it's your birthday. It doesn't matter how old you get, you're inevitably going to ask (actually you're going to put your spouse up to it), "Do I get anything for my birthday?!"

Firelake Grill is doing something so completely un-American on its birthday, it's practically communist. They're giving stuff away instead!

Homeland security might want to get on this one.

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Monthly Piccolo Wine Dinners Served in Communal "Kitchen Dining Room"

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Steve Neuharth & Michelle Leon
Piccolo: small food, big flavor, lots of wine at their new Wine Nights.

Having just celebrated its fifth anniversary, the (very) little restaurant that could has now got a mammoth reputation. And over those five years, they say they've collected an equally mammoth and impressive wine cellar. They're ready to show it off:

"Piccolo has developed an exceptional wine cellar.... Now, we plan to showcase these wines once a month at our 'Wine Nights.' For the first time, the food will take a back seat to the drink. But, Chef Flicker will create a meal specific to each night that deviates from his usual menu and style."

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38: Seared Salmon with Ginger, Scallion, and Sweet Soy at Quang

Suzy Piper
What's the 411? It's delicious salmon.

Located on Nicollet Avenue, Quang, a Vietnamese restaurant, is known for a variety of things -- including some great tasting pho, an infuriating parking lot (but at least there's a parking lot), and probably the fastest service we've ever experienced.

It's like you barely have a moment to take it all in and poof! Spring rolls.

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36 Hours in February: A Twin Cities Food and Drink Itinerary

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Manny's Steakhosue Facebook Page
Manny's starts serving breakfast at 6:30 a.m. for a civilized way to start the day.

Don't be so selfish. Your favorite restaurant just won't do. Maybe your friend doesn't even like Elvis burgers and eels on toast. Instead go wheels-up, seat-of-the-pants whirlwind for a day and a half with this itinerary.

We might be cocky about all we have to offer because Prince still lives here sometimes, we've got lakes plopped right in the middle of the city, biking to work is a breeze (well, kinda), and we're suddenly popping up in all the food magazines. But this is a Lilliputian window of time and opportunity, and you've got something to prove.

For all they know, this is just, you know, Minnesota. Flyover country and all that.

Don't plan on sleeping. Thirty-six hours is a day and a half. You can sleep when you're dead.

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There Is Now a Board Game for Craft Beer Nerds

Courtesy of Brewin' USA

These days everybody owns a brewery, right?

Soon you can do so from your own home, with the Brewin' USA game from Twin Cities designer Adam Rehberg. And you don't even have to clean out the kettles or wait for the Feds to finish their paperwork first. In fact, it advertises that you can take over the country's beer market in just 60 minutes, using bottle caps as currency.

The game combines Risk-like geographic strategy with bidding wars over ingredient cards. It's a game of conquest, but with a fun subject matter and a fast pace.

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The 10 Best Bars with Indoor/Outdoor Fireplaces

Categories: The Lists, Top 10

Matteo Paciotti

We're staring down the barrel at six more weeks of winter. Minimum. The optimists among us are chirping about how the worst is over, and mathematically speaking, they're right. But sometimes that last slog through sub-zero temps hurts the most. Our lips are chapped, our skin is pale, and our butt cheeks are in a permanent cold-induced clench. Barring a last-minute flight to Cabo, what's it gonna take to get through these last few weeks alive?

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