60: Table-Side Caesar Salad from the Salt Cellar

Mecca Bos
A Spanish boquerone takes its rightful place, crowning Salt Cellar's delicious table-side Caesar.

Table-side preparation, that retro service style from steakhouses and country clubs gone by, has made its comeback at Salt Cellar.

Lighting up Bananas Foster, carving the Chateaubriand, and mixing the Caesar salad can all be done right before your eyes. And while one could argue that watching someone make a salad isn't all that exciting, it's no matter, the end result is worth all the fuss.

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Donuts and Booze: Glam Doll and Eat Street Social Are Putting on a Simpsons-Themed Party

Categories: Events

Photo via Glam Doll Facebook Page
Beef and cheese whiz in a donut comes together in unholy matrimony with a flaming cocktail, both inspired by none other than the Simpsons.

Quick: What are your deepest, darkest desires for celebrating your next birthday?

Okay, not that dark.

But if you said some combination of donuts, booze, and The Simpsons, have we got news for you.

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Go Ahead, Eliminate Tipping. You'll Get What You Pay For.

Categories: Readers Write

Tony Nelson
Despite mimimum wage increases for all employees, some servers are not down with the idea of eliminating tipping.

Last week Hot Dish ran "Is It Time to Do Away With Tipping? Maybe." The story concerned Minnesota's recent minimum wage increase (it currently sits at $8 an hour but will increase incrementally until it reaches $9.50 in 2016). Governor Dayton has said he will not enact a "tip credit," which would allow bars and restaurants to pay tipped employees less than the new minimum wage if they make up the difference in tips.

So we took a stance. Maybe with the new minimum wage it's time to eliminate the custom of tipping? A server responds:

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Mike Phillips of Red Table Meat Really Wants You to Eat Kidney Fat

Categories: Interview

Photo courtesy Mike Phillips
Mike Phillips (right) and apprentice Tyler Montgomery break down a pig

Each morning, Mike Phillips, the most highly regarded salumiere and charcuterie master in the state if not the region, wakes at 4:30 a.m. He's on site at his shiny new northeast Minneapolis meat-curing facility by 5:15. He starts with a walk-through to examine cleanliness and adherence to USDA regulations. Then, this meat master and owner of Red Table Meat Co. is already thinking about lunch. Sort of.

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Five Twin Cities Restaurants Have Closed So Far This Year. Here's Why.

Categories: Dish-cussion

Jackie via Flickr
Surfing's fun, but so is keeping a business afloat. We hope we don't see more restaurants shutter in 2015.

Last year's boom of 100 or so new restaurants was exciting indeed, but any time one talks of boom, the next talk is of bubble, and then bust.

With each passing day of the new year, we seem to hear news of another closing. Only three weeks into 2015, already five spots have shuttered. A little obit for each, in passing order:

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61: Post-Dessert Dessert at Spoon and Stable

Hannah Sayle
Miniature caneles. Part of the post-dessert dessert tin at Spoon and Stable.

You've tucked in a hefty dinner and dessert at the North Loop hotspot Spoon and Stable and just when you think you can't handle a single bite more, pastry wizard Diane Yang presents the post-dessert dessert: itty bitty little petit fours as irresistible as jewelry box broaches to evoke the phrase: "Well, maybe just one."

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Today Is National Hot Sauce Day: We Celebrate With Tabasco Because It's Better Than Sriracha

Categories: Food Fight

patchattack via Flickr / http://www.flickr.com/photos/patchattack/2790838260
Oh Tabasco sauce! You are superior, yes. Sriracha bows down.

We're toasting National Hot Sauce Day with a big ol' bottle of Tabasco sauce. You know why? Because it's better than Sriracha.

You read that right, hipsters. We have not drunk the Sriracha Kool-Aid.

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MN Egg Company "Locally Laid" Defends Name to Outraged Customer in This Awesome Letter

Categories: Funny

Photo via Locally Laid Facebook Page
A disgruntled customer grabbed these "Get Locally Laid" eggs "in a hurry" and was displeased with the sexual innuendo.

They say they're not above using a bit of double entendre to get the word out about their locally produced, pasture-raised eggs, but that also means Duluth egg producer Locally Laid is not immune to the occasional prudish letter.

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Band Box Diner Will Survive -- At Least for Now

Categories: News

Photo Courtesy Band Box Diner Facebook Page
Band Box Diner will get its new grill, thanks to crowdsourced funding.

After news broke that wee, beloved Band Box diner was on the verge of collapse, thanks in part to owner Brad Ptacek's failing, ancient Vulcan grill, lovers of his greasy spoon burgers and fluffy flapjacks stepped up to the plate and raised over $5,000 in five days.

"Just unreal," he told us this morning on the phone. "I'm kind of at a loss for words."

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Sample "Pre-Contact" Native American Food at Sioux Chef Pop-Up, February 6-7

Categories: Pop-Ups

Photo via the Sioux Chef's Facebook
A salad of squash, corn, Great Northern beans, dandelion shoots, blueberries, and flower petals is an example of Sean Sherman's "pre-contact" cooking.

The notion that the American diet, as a general whole, is as screwed up as a pile of corkscrews is nothing new. And the average American knows as much about Native American history as Columbus did when he set sail on the ocean blue, much less about Native cuisine.

So what was pre-contact Native American food really like, aside from what you think you might know about the Thanksgiving table?

Sean Sherman, a.k.a. the "Sioux Chef," is here to try to shed some light.

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