Little Mekong Night Market Needs Your Crowdfunding Help

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Photo courtesy of Little Mekong Night Market Facebook page
Little Mekong Night Market

Frogtown is one of the most vibrant Twin Cities neighborhoods that still remains mysterious to many of us. Little Mekong Night Market aims to change that.

Banh mi, face painters, artists, musicians, acrobats, ferments, ice cream, dancers, elote, bubble tea, henna, mushrooms, and much, much more; all at night, under the moon with 9,000 new and old friends -- the night market has to be one of the coolest cultural activities taking place in either city. This year, the organizers wish to expand the market, taking it from the sidewalk to the street, and up to double the number of vendors (from 50 to 100) and participants. And, it's right off the light rail line, so getting there will be half the fun and plus, no parking!

Sound expensive? It is: about $200,000 worth of expensive (double last year's budget). But they're not asking for that much -- they already have $148,000 thanks to foundation and corporation funds, so they're hoping to crowd fund $30,000 of that number. Here's how (and why) you can help:

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Spoonriver Restaurant and Chef Brenda Langton

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Mecca Bos
The fish special at Spoonriver changes daily.

After 38 years in the business (she bought her first restaurant when she was just 21), Brenda Langton enjoys a kind of royalty status in the industry. People know who she is, people like what she does, and she can quietly, like a fine timepiece, tick on without too many interruptions or reasons to stop off and retool.

But with that status can come a kind of strange obscurity, too. Unless you're a regular, how often do you go, or think of it as doing things that are new, or cutting-edge? The place is one of our finest local treasures -- if you can believe it, the Spoonriver location has been open for nearly a decade, its anniversary is this year. Following are 10 things that might change the way you think about these two grande dames.

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Welcome to the Future: Get the Lowdown on Our New Facebook Commenting System

Impassion Afghanistan
Today is the dawn of a new era for City Pages. We're switching to Facebook commenting.

You're on Facebook all the time already. Why log into a new system so you can comment on City Pages' articles that inspire, provoke, and let you know what's happening around the Twin Cities?

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Bottomless Brunch at Sparks: Endless Food and Cocktails for $20

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Photo courtesy of Al Vento Facebook page

You don't even have to bring your mom (unless you want to) because it's not Mother's Day, and leave the jellybeans at home, because it isn't Easter, and it isn't any other annoying reason to hit up a brunch buffet either. This one happens every Sunday, and guess what else? It's actually good. And it's affordable.

We're talking about the all-you-can-eat brunch buffet at Al Vento, a longstanding reason to love that Nokomis Italian spot, but now, chef Jon Hunt is bringing his good ideas to the other side of Minneapolis at Bryn Mawr's Sparks. And now, with a much larger dining room, there's somewhere to fit the chocolate fondue fountain!

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Delmonico's Italian Foods to Reopen Under New, Puerto Rican Ownership

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Photo courtesy of Delmonico's Facebook Page
George and Louis Delmonico, back in the day

"My realtor told me, don't go in there without me. Show no emotion!" But Jessica Rivera took no heed, and of course within minutes (just like the rest of us) she was professing her love to Terry and Bob Delmonico and their wonderful vintage corner store and Italian market.

"I told them, 'I've been dreaming my whole life of opening a place just like this!, and they said, 'We've been dreaming of someone just like you to come and buy it.'" And just like that, Delomico's 2.0 was born. Well, at least it will be, sometime this summer.

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Scena Tavern: Italian and Crudo Plus Two Big-Name Chef Consultants

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Photo courtesy of Hilary Roberts
Jamie Malone knows how to plate that crudo.

While the whole town has gone Italian and crudo crazy with three (now, four) upcoming places with that concept, Paul Dzubnar is hardly late to the party.

He owns the Green Mill, which has 27 local outlets, including a handful of other casual spots like the Crooked Pint Ale House and Town Hall Brewery. But now he's ready to go swank, and he's tapped Jamie Malone and Erik Anderson to assist.

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Muddy Waters Team to Open Dark Horse in Lowertown

Loren Green
The future home of Dark Horse.

The owners of Muddy Waters are following the Bulldog into Lowertown, as they prepare to open Dark Horse, a new bar and restaurant slated for later this summer.

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Brewer's Table, Surly Taproom's Finer Dining Space, Opens Friday

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Photo courtesy of Surly Taproom Facebook page
Now Surly will have even more menus

They're already serving hundreds a day, but the chefs and brewmasters at Surly are not content with their already (overly?) ambitious beer hall menu of charcuterie, salads, barbecue, shellfish, burgers, steaks, fried chicken, and a zillion small plates.

Brewer's Table, opening Friday, aims to "take things to the next level," though you can (and probably should) leave your suits and ties at home.

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Shag Sushi Shines as a '70s-Themed Snacking and Drinking Den

Tony Nelson

When new sushi joint Shag went up in the North Loop, everybody cried, "What do the 1970s have to do with sushi? Disco balls, Jackie Brown, Tony Montana, Austin Powers, wood-paneled walls — what does it all have to do with sushi?!"

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Nightingale's Carrie McCabe Johnston: Chef, Family Woman, Sausage Maker

Mecca Bos
Carrie McCabe Johnston and a whole lot of sausage

My kitchen chat with Carrie McCabe Johnston, chef and co-owner of Nightingale, begins and ends with a kiss. She owns the place with her partner of 19 years, Jasha Johnston, and they've been married "for seven or eight of those, I think." Though they've been joined at the hip for the almost three years that Nightingale has been in business -- she runs the kitchen and he's the front-of-house man -- he greets her with a smooch and says goodbye with one too, and they both seem genuinely happy about all of it.

They've got two sons, Levi, 9, and Jakob, 18. The job of parenting taught them a lot about this one, and the whole place is one big happy family. Except: Jakob just got a job as a host at Eli's. "I would never hire an 18-year-old to be a host and he knows that. Even if he is my son."

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