Holiday Survival: How to Have a Depression-Free Meal at the Mall

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Michael Coghlan
Ah, the mall food court. The saddest feedlot known to man.

The holiday season brings out the worst in a lot of people -- and we have one theory as to why.

Sure, parking at the mall is a pain (especially after you've stalked someone all the way to their car only to find out they're just dropping bags off), and buying obligatory Williams Sonoma peppermint bark for various family members/co-workers you don't particularly like is bound to make a Grinch or Scrooge out of even the friendliest of folks.

But let's face it, prepping for a day of holiday shopping in one of the few malls we have in the Twin Cities is like prepping for a marathon -- and if you haven't packed protein gels and plenty of electrolytes, you may suffer from holiday hypoglycemia (it's a thing, trust us.)

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Little Szechuan's Hotpot Brings Eaters Together for Ideal Cold-Weather Dining

Tony Nelson

You know fondue. You love fondue. You have that one fondue pot, maybe even two, tucked up in the back of that high cupboard above the refrigerator and you pull it out and dust it off about twice every winter, once at the holidays and once on a regular old Friday night because it's fun and festive, and it gives you an excuse to invite some friends to the house, open a bottle of Riesling, and wham! It's not just a regular old Friday night anymore. That fondue pot was your grandma's.

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Insight's Yuzu Pale Ale Is Exotic, Yet Familiar

Loren Green

Insight Brewing's mantra is to focus on the global history of beer and its many styles, pulling from different directions for unique, handcrafted recipes. Their taproom-only Yuzu Pale Ale is a perfect sample of this brewing philosophy, as the beer takes a familiar light, crisp, and enjoyable pale ale and adds the distinct yuzu fruit, native to Japan, for complementary citrus elements.

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Sneak Peek: Black Sheep Brings Modern Pizzeria to the Heart of Eat Street

Hannah Sayle

For occupying a "cursed" corner on Eat Street, the new home of Black Sheep Pizza is certainly looking auspicious.

The doubly successful coal-fired pizza joint opens in the former home of the short-lived Eat Street Buddha Kitchen (and before that Azia) this Wednesday. And for their third act, owners Colleen and Jordan Smith are adding cocktails and chargrilled meats to the repertoire.

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81: Chicken Tikka Masala at Himalayan Restaurant

Suzy Piper

We love Minneapolis for a variety of reasons: the vast expanses of recreational space, a vibrant arts community, and most importantly, we fully embrace the annual building of our winter coats. And by that, we mean bulking up on the good stuff: a lot of grains, a lot of cream, and a lot of meat.

Summer may be spent sweating daintily on a porch, lazily picking through a farm-fresh salad, but when it comes to the snowy season, we change our tunes pretty quickly. And why not? We're going to be wearing sweaters for the next eight months anyway. While many choose old standbys like beef stroganoff or chicken wild rice soup, we think you will really enjoy the Nepalese take on a winter coat builder.

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The 12 Beers of Christmas: One Man's Attempt to Drink Himself into the Yuletide Spirit

Jon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons/PDPhoto; Tony Nelson & Benjamin Carter Grimes

I'm lagging in the Christmas spirit this year. Just like last year. And the year before. Scrooging has always been my go-to reaction to the yuletide, but as I grow older, fatter, and more sentimental, it's increasingly unacceptable to be crotchety and contrarian. It's unsavory. So, I decide to be proactive. I set aside a December Friday to gorge myself on Christmas cheer.

By which I mean Christmas beer.

Since December 1, Bulldog Uptown has been tapping a 12-pack of holiday brews in a variety of different styles. I see this as the perfect opportunity to fill my gullet with good tidings. I'm sure it's not Bulldog's intention for patrons to take on all 12 in a single evening, but, from my experience, Christmas is about nothing if not overconsumption, and I've got a lot of catching up to do.

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At Long Last, Surly Beer Hall Opens on Friday

photo courtesy of Surly Brewing Co.

Minneapolis will enter the Surly Age, beginning at 11 a.m. this Friday.

It's been (roughly) eons since the Surly "Destination Brewery" was announced. Well, the local beerscape may have changed, but Surly's new space is as ambitious as ever and it's ready to open in the new Prospect Park location.

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Travail's New Year's Eve "Jamboree" Packages Promise Booze, Brunch, and Shenanigans

Categories: Events

Travail Kitchen and Amusements
The Travail gang knows how to party. Ring in the new year with them instead of falling asleep on the couch at 10.

You're either going to pop open a bottle of Asti while sitting on the couch in your slippers and yawn your way to midnight (hint: not festive) or you're going to sausage your way into your sequins and slip-slide down Hennepin Avenue in stilettos, trying to act like this is New York (hint: Times Square ain't here).

Considering the lameness of both those options, why not make a plan to do something actually cool? In typical over-the-top fashion, the Travail gang is hosting not just one, but three events for your holiday celebration pleasure.

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Iron Sommelier at Louie's Wine Dive Lets Drinkers Be the Judge

Categories: Events

Louie's Wine Dive
The "Iron Sohm" event will take place at Louie's Wine Dive on January 12.

Why does beer get all the love? It used to be that quaffing wine was what all the sophisticates were into, and now, suddenly, wine lists have fallen by the wayside at all but the most serious restaurants -- in favor of suds. But Louie's Wine Dive is trying to change some of that.

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Sotapitcher's State-Shaped Mugs Take "Drink Minnesota" Literally

Loren Green
A selection of Nice Pint Club steins -- note the traditional pint glass and dairy creamer for scale.

You've got your local craft beer, your favorite local brewery t-shirt, and your regular seat at the local taproom bar, but how local is your drinking glass?

"Many have heard of the German tradition of drinking beer from a boot-­shaped glass," says Sotapitcher, the company that has created a stoneware pitcher/pint in the unique shape of our beloved state. "But we're Minnesotans, why not drink out of a state-shaped glass?"


The start-up company, which premiered earlier this year on Kickstarter, has introduced the Nice Pint Club, a series of new mugs and shooters designed in a Minnesota likeness and adorned with the logos and locations of eight Minnesota breweries.

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