Keepsake Cidery Will Put MN Apples in Your Glass

Photo courtesy of Keepsake Cidery

Beer lovers in the Twin Cities are taken care of, but many cider drinkers are wondering when the taps will turn toward their tastes. After all, Minnesota is known for its dynamic orchard industry.

This summer, Keepsake Cidery will marry local orchard and cider in a collaborative venture with Woodskeep Orchard in Dundas.

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Northeast Brew District Is Growing (and Malting) with Able Seedhouse and Brewery

Loren Green
Able Seedhouse + Brewery

The Northeast Brew District keeps growing, and Able Seedhouse + Brewery is the latest outfit to join the trend. Slated to open this fall or winter, the new brewery will be located in the Highlight Center at Quincy and Broadway, just two blocks south of Indeed.

MPR recently reported that Minnesota will see roughly 110 breweries in the next year -- that's a 60 percent increase from 2014 totals in the rapidly growing industry. Even with that remarkable growth, Able will stand out in a crowded field.

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Brooklyn Park Is Getting Its First Craft Distillery

photo courtesy of Skaalvenn
"The craft spirit industry is where craft beer was ten plus years ago," says Tyson Schnitker. Schnitker and his wife Mary are two of the latest entrants into the vibrant craft spirits scene. In the coming months, they'll open Skaalvenn, Brooklyn Park's first distillery.

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You Can Now Get Minnesota Craft Beers with Your Pizza at Davanni's

photo courtesy of Davanni's
Now serving: Fulton Lonely Blonde and Bad Weather Ominous, among others.

The Millennials have spoken and it's unanimous: Craft beer is the beverage of choice and restaurants are scrambling to get on board.

Local pizza institution Davanni's has taken notice. Owners are in the process of updating beer options at all of their locations. Currently, 11 of 21 restaurants (soon to be 22 when they open in Chanhassen) have increased their craft selection with a decidedly Minnesota bent.

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Hell's Kitchen Opens a "Minnesota Room" to Show Out-of-Towners a Bit of State Pride

Categories: Minnesota Made

Hell's Kitchen
Hell's Kitchen adds the "Minnesota Room" to its underground lair.

What do you think of when you think of Minnesota eats? Wild rice? Panfish and walleye? Rhubarb pie?

It seems many folks think of downtown's Hell's Kitchen, and their special brand of, well, branding -- really, it's a totally wholesome place wearing naughty-girl makeup. It's constantly filled with families and all sorts of different kinds of people, but especially the kinds of people who want to get full in a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere with pretty good food and a menu that pleases all.

In fact, Hell's kitchen managed to draw 340,000 diners last year, and they say almost half were from outside of the Twin Cities area. Some come specifically to dine with them, but others are from the convention set, and many think of HK as a "must stop" in Minnesota. Who knew?

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8 Best Bets for Local Candy This Halloween

Michael Ocampo/Jeff Vier
Don't let this happen to you.

Halloween isn't just for kids anymore, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to gorge yourself on fun-sized Snickers, Pixy Stix, and Skittles (but, hey, no judgement if you do). Check out the offerings from these Minnesota candy makers that will take your holiday to the sublime, whether you're watching Texas Chainsaw 3D, hosting a costumed bash, or making a midnight trip to a haunted graveyard.

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Millers & Saints Rides the First Wave of Craft Distilleries in Minnesota

Benjamin Carter Grimes

Minnesotans are familiar with craft beer, but the realm of craft spirits is mostly murky and uncharted. While we can handily distinguish between a Heineken and a Surly, with a new product like craft spirits, we're a little less surefooted. The criteria and marketplace is still developing.

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What Happens When Musicians Try to Cook? The Halfway Cooks Show [VIDEO]

Youa Vang
The Halfway Cooks Crew

In the back room of Spyhouse coffee shop in Uptown, the group of friends who make up the Halfway Cooks cooking show gather around a table, most likely annoying any patrons looking for a quiet study spot. Project manager Darien Washington shares a story of how he once got a parking ticket from an attendant.

"That's why I removed my windshield wipers," says videographer Jake Astle. "That way they can't give me a ticket."

At this table, it's best to put on your listening ears and let the crew talk. Each member is a character, and each is trying to outdo the others in jokes. Much of that humor comes through in the group's work. Their first video features hip-hop artists Toki Wright and Big Cats cooking up some "Pad Thai Rad Thai" and sharing the stories behind their music.

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Where to Pick Apples, Pluck Pumpkins, and Get Gourds This Fall

Alma Guzman
Do you like to do it yourself? Here are some of our best you-pick-em destinations.

You have it earmarked on your calendars for before it gets too cold, or too close to Halloween. You've cleared yourself of other on-the-side obligations and decided to make a whole weekend all about fall's splendor. Yes, it's apple and pumpkin picking time, people. And it's so seasonal you can practically smell its cinnamon-spiced lure from downtown Minneapolis. But where to go to get all the produce for your mulled cider, crumbly crisps, and flaky pies? 

We have the lowdown on some of the best sites for DIY apple picking, pumpkin selecting, free hayrides, corn mazes, and llamas you can feed from the palm of your hand.
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Wander North Distillery opens with Outpost Vodka launch

Tammy Kimbler
We've got spirits, yes we do.

Riding the wave of new micro-distilleries opening after the 2011 Minnesota micro-distillery law, Wander North Distillery opened for business last Wednesday with a ribbon cutting ceremony and launch of their first spirit, Outpost Vodka. Owner Brian Winter cut the ceremonial ribbon with city councilman Kevin Reich. "Being in northeast Minneapolis is fantastic," says Winter. "The synergy and collaboration here is phenomenal."

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