Don't cha know: 7 foods you didn't know started in Minnesota

Dennis Yang
The Land of 10,000 Lakes can brag about many things, including but not limited to the birth of our dear artist formally known as Prince, the stapler, and roller blades. But when was the last time you took a bite of your Pillsbury croissants or funfetti cake and thought, "BOOM, Minnesota!"? Not often enough, Hot Dishers. Well, stop being so humble. Here are seven foods you should celebrate with newfound pride.

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Local chefs celebrate their James Beard Award nominations

Thumbnail image for HB_Amy-Thielen-courtesy_Food_Net_500pxl.jpg
Photo courtesy Food Network
Amy Thielen, recipient of two James Beard Award nominations

On Tuesday the news broke that several local chefs were nominated for James Beard Awards. We reached out to everyone to see what exactly one does to toast this honorable recognition. The most common answer? Working. Typical. Here's what they had to say.

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Hello Pizza adds delivery service [MAP]

E. Utne
New York slices now available as a full pie, delivered right to your door. 

Hello? Is it de-liv-er-eeeee you're looking for? 

That's the question that Lionel Richie, patron saint of Hello Pizza, and fans of Ann Kim's pies have been asking since she opened her fast casual New York-style, by-the-slice concept in Edina last spring. Kim's dough slingers focused first on getting their high output operation running smoothly, serving up slices and subs to hungry diners before piling on more duties. That is, until now.

Hello has officially added delivery services to their list of important, community-serving functions. So are you within their highlighted area? Or will you have to set up a fake address to get a meatball ricotta or adobo chicken pie without ever getting out of your sweatpants?

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Psycho Suzi's owner launches a zombie-themed food truck

Courtesy Undead Frank's Facebook page
Just as some of our local food trucks close up for the season, one entrepreneur is expanding her empire by launching a new one. 

Leslie Brock, owner of Psycho Suzi's, Donny Dirk's, and the upcoming Betty Danger's Country Club, is keeping her character-driven theme going with Undead Frank's Zombie Bites, reports Eater Minneapolis

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Beer of the Week: Sweet Yamma Jamma from Indeed Brewing

Emily Weiss
A sweet and spicy Beer of the Week from Indeed Brewing in Northeast
It may be all about the Oktoberfest beers in early fall, but this week's Beer of the Week is an entirely different style that speaks to the season. Brewing's Sweet Yamma Jamma is a medium-bodied clear ale brewed with familiar Thanksgiving dinner flavors such as pulverized sweet potatoes and candied yams.

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Marvel Bar Now Serves a $200 Bowl of Punch

Sasha Landskov
A selection of tinctures, tonics, and bitters at the Marvel Bar - now serving an expanded menu
It always seems like a bit of a wink on the part of Marvel Bar's owners to offer Cheetos as their sole snack alongside $14 cocktails. Still, the drinks are undeniably delicious and it's really hard to make a big stink about free Cheetos. In any case, frequenters and never-beens alike will be glad to know that Marvel has recently expanded its menu a bit to include more bar bites and a selection of punches made by liquid wizard Pip Hanson. 

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Whole Foods Maple Grove opens this week, will sell booze

Construction is still underway at the highly anticipated new Whole Foods location at the corner of Hennepin and Washington Avenues, but those who live a little bit outside the center of the city can get excited about the latest finished outpost of the natural foods grocery store, which opens this Wednesday at the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes in Maple Grove.

The new 32,000 square-foot store features a handful of services not yet available at any other Minnesota locations.

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Hell's Kitchen offers free wedding

Ready for one hell of a wedding party
As supporters for marriage equality gather at the capitol, Hell's Kitchen has made an interesting offer. As supporters and opponents have engaged in debate, Hell's Kitchen has been a vocal supporter for the equal rights of their friends and staff to have the right to make their committed relationships recognized by the state. Today, they took their support one step further putting their money where their mouths are. 

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Brunch at Icehouse: the savory eclair

David McCrindle
The brunch of indulgent champions
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Though it's barely been open a month (full review is coming soon), we've already found many reasons to love Icehouse on Eat Street. Like the bar program, headed up by Northstar Bartender's Guild's Johnny Michaels, which includes delicious oversized sipping shots for just $5; the lightly sweet, super smooth house-made sweet corn ice cream; and the raised stage made of beautiful reclaimed wood. But the newest reason we have to love Icehouse is a unique item served only at brunch: the savory eclair.

Here are all the mouthwatering details on this sweet and salty morning glory:
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