Teamsters Union stalls Sunday growler sales

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Except on Sundays
Last week wasn't all good news for beer: Minnesota craft brewers took home five international awards but may have lost the battle over growlers.

Sales of these refillable 64-ounce containers are prohibited on Sunday and will remain so, for the foreseeable future, thanks to the Teamsters Union.

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New bill would allow "tax delinquent" bars and restaurants to keep liquor licenses [UPDATE]

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A new piece of legislation could save Minnesota bars and restaurants from what they describe as the the shame and hassle of being labeled "tax delinquent."

Every day, the Minnesota Department of Revenue updates a public list of businesses that are more than ten days behind on their liquor tax obligations. After another three days, those same businesses are forbidden from purchasing more booze until they settle their bill, and any distributor who's caught breaking this law could lose their own license for 60 days and face a $2,000 fine.

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Gavin Kaysen of Cafe Boulud to leave New York City for... Minneapolis?

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via Gavin Kaysen on Twitter and Cafe Boulud on Facebook
As if the North Loop wasn't already a dining destination, we just received news that a rather big fish is landing in our little pond. Gavin Kaysen, best known the world over as the executive chef at Cafe Boulud in New York City, will actually be leaving the Big Apple for the Minneapple.

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Bob Dylan-themed restaurant, Zimmy's, closes its doors

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Photo by badosa via Flickr
The owners of Zimmy's, a Bob Dylan-themed restaurant in Hibbing, Minnesota where Dylan grew up announced on Thursday that they would be closing after 30 years of business. The announcement follows months of struggles with tax delinquency, which led to the loss of Zimmy's liquor license. Though they initially tried to stay afloat by adding a delivery service, specialty coffees, and breakfast items, it wasn't enough.

"It is true, we had to close our doors today," chef Audrey Johnson told Duluth News Tribune. "We lost our liquor license in January, and without a license in Hibbing you can't cover certain costs. ... Having the license attracts a lot of customers."

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President Obama shouts out Punch Pizza in State of the Union [VIDEO]

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Last night Punch Pizza got some publicity better than any Superbowl ad.

The President of the United States gave the local pizza chain an extended shout out during the State of the Union, lauding the company for giving employees raises to $10 an hour and calling on businesses across the country to follow Punch's good example.

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Pizza, Punch

Commission blocks plans that would raze Dinkytown restaurants

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Via James Cadwell on Flickr
What will become of Mesa Pizza?
On Tuesday, the Minnesota Heritage Preservation Commission voted against Kelly Doran's bid to build a six-story boutique hotel on Fourth St. in Dinkytown. According to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Doran had approached the Commission seeking approval for his plan to raze the businesses. The final decision will likely fall to City Council.

If Doran's plan goes through, Mesa Pizza by the Slice, Publika Tea and Coffee Union, and Camdi Vietnamese restaurant, as well as the University LifeCare Center and Dinkytown Tattoo will be demolished to make room for the hotel, which will span from 13th to 14th Avenue. According to a Star Tribune article from Tuesday, neither the buildings nor Dinkytown itself are considered historic, but neighbors are vying for protection against the demolition. Supporters of the demolition believe that people are more important than the buildings in terms of preserving history, the article added.

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Dunkin' Donuts to try again in Minnesota

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Photo via Qfamily
Late last week, Steve Rafferty, the senior director for Dunkin' Brands U.S. franchising, announced that Dunkin' Donuts plans to open approximately 50 stores around Minnesota starting in 2015.

This isn't the first time Dunkin' Donuts has attempted to return to the state; the company tried and failed to open 100 restaurants in 2008. The same happened in 2001. And remember Krispy Kreme? The franchise lasted in Minnesota for a mere six years, closing its last stores in early 2008. Take note, Dunkin' Donuts: According to a Kare 11 story from 2008, the Krispy Kreme decline may have resulted from the company's attempts to open too many stores too soon.

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Johnny Michaels, La Belle Vie's longtime bar man is out

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Out from behind the bar at La Belle Vie
Chances are, if you've tippled at any number of local bars, you've had a drink created or inspired by Johnny Michaels.

Now Michaels, the local craft cocktail godfather, is leaving his long term station at La Belle Vie. Michaels has been with the James Beard Award-winning restaurant since 2005, and has used this home base as a stage for leading the local craft cocktail revolution. He has created impressive drink lists for other restaurants (including Union, Masu and Icehouse) and authored Northstar Cocktails, the Northstar Bartenders Guild book, but always maintained his place at La Belle Vie.

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City Pages internships available for spring semester

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Oh, hey there, college students. Aren't you just way tired of sitting around on your parents' couches all day, Snapchatting each other, and watching hours of Too Cute reruns? (Or whatever it is kids do these days, hem haw.) Aren't you tired of not having responsibilities?

Well, fear not, young go-getters! Soon enough, school will be back in session, and you'll be able to spend your days scurrying across campus in this balmy 15-below weather that's never going to end, ever. Better yet, why not make Mom and Dad proud with an internship at City Pages? (The very website you're reading right now. Imagine that!) Find out more about how to be a hero below the break.

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MN Health Department investigates foodborne illness outbreak at Girvan Grille

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Google Maps street view of the Edinburgh USA Golf Course clubhouse containing Girvan Grille
In 2010, this paper bestowed the title of Best Wings on Girvan Grille, praising the "woodsy, then slightly fruity" and ultimately "blazing" flavor of its ghost pepper sauce. The restaurant has earned another sweat-inducing distinction -- this time as the likely source of a foodborne illness outbreak.

The Minnesota Department of Health is still assessing the damage but says at least 77 people, including members of the Totino Grace High School football team who attended a banquet on December 8, were sickened. The complaints followed meals that were served between December 6 and 10. The symptoms: vomiting and diarrhea.

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