R.T. Rybak Dances Bollywood Style, Rolls Indurritos at MGM Hot Indian Foods

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A mayor walks into an Indian restaurant, and...

In a show of continued support for the business owners of Midtown Global Market, R.T. Rybak took an hour out of his schedule to work the lunch rush at Hot Indian Foods.

Hot Indian owner Amol Dixit said he invited the former mayor of Minneapolis to work the line just because "he's such a great guy -- I knew he would do it. I think it's awesome that he continues to show support of local businesses this way. Just awesome."

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Taco Cat Adds Bike-Delivered Sunday Brunch Service with Breakfast Burritos

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Taco Cat
A delicious Taco Cat bike-delivered burrito

Because it's a no-brainer and someone had to do it, Taco Cat came to the rescue in 2012 to the fill the terrible void that was the equation of tacos + bikes = tacos delivered to your door. Yes, even late-night taco delivery.

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Vegans Rejoice! Chipotle Presents Meatless "Sofritas" Option in Twin Cities

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A Sofritas-stuffed Chipotle burrito

The hulking bean and rice burrito with an extra-large dollop of guac has long been the guilty pleasure of choice for vegetarians and vegans on the go.

But now the company with a conscience (Chipotle has long touted its commitment to sustainable, local, and organic animal protein sourcing) is introducing a product specifically designed with meatless eating in mind.

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Pipeline Confections Can Turn Anything Into a Cookie


"I pretty much think of everything in cookie terms," says Holly Lowe of Pipeline Custom Cookie Bakery. She says she grew up in a house with an avid baker for a mom and a cartoonist for a dad, and inevitably for her the two talents mind-melded.

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A Liquor Store for the Midway Target?

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Mark Ou

In an effort to shorten your errands list by one all-important stop, Target is proposing a liquor store inside its Midway store in St. Paul.

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Sparks in Bryn Mawr Doubles in Size with Recent Expansion

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Sparks is the somewhat little-known gem in the perpetually under-served neighborhood of Bryn-Mawr and one of our picks for some of the best pizza in either city -- thin-crust, hand-tossed, wood fired with white and red oak, topped with hand-pulled mozzerella, and finished with the finest olive oil.

But each winter, when the cold weather rolled in, Sparks' teeny dining room would shrink by half.

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Bulldog N.E. Kitchen Expansion Includes Bun Bakery

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"We grind our own meat -- why wouldn't we bake our own buns? It's kind of like if we were baking buns but then buying frozen meat patties."

Bulldog N.E. chef Kevin Kraus cringes at the very thought, but his tiny basement kitchen space just wouldn't allow for in-house baking -- until now.

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Prairie Dogs Lands Brick and Mortar in Lyn-Lake

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Prairie Dogs
"Wet & Wild Walleye Sausage"

Tobie Nidetz has finally confirmed it: Prairie Dogs has a new Lyn-Lake home in the former Gray House space at 610 W. Lake St.

"We're working out the final lease stuff over the next couple of weeks, and we're looking at a mid-December opening," the specialty hot dog purveyor says.

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Chowgirls Teams with Bittercube on Craft Cocktails

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Tammy Kimbler
Chowgirls cocktail menu and Nick with Bittercube

Chowgirls Killer Catering has partnered with the cocktail mavens at Bittercube Bitters to a create a seasonal cocktail program using house-made ingredients -- from liqueurs and floral syrups to infused gins, sangrias, and punches. Bittercube will also train the Chowgirls staff on their theories of mixology, building seasonal flavors, and how to use new innovative techniques like kegging and barrel and bottle conditioning, to help Chowgirls create their own signature concoctions.

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A New New Bohemia Opening Next Month in Golden Valley


When it comes to good beer and finer meats, it can seem like city dwellers have all the fun. That's about to change.

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