IKEA Adds Vegan Swedish Meatballs to the Menu in April

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Take the "meat" out of the "ball" and what do you get? Vegan meatballs! From IKEA.

Minnesotans like to think of IKEA as our store, thanks to all that Swedish blue and Scandahoovian chow.

But if the overpowering aroma of cafeteria cuisine disconcerts you as it does us when you're shopping for your GRÖNKULLA, you might be able to breathe a little easier in coming months.

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Chef Gavin Kaysen and Team USA Take Silver in Culinary Olympics, Bocuse d'Or

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Diane Yang
The Staff of Spoon and Stable gathered to cheer on Gavin Kaysen and team USA who competed in the 2015 Bocuse d'Or.

Remember when Mary Lou Retton took gold in the Olympics and she was all over the Wheaties boxes and she just absolutely stole America's heart?

Well, this may not be quite as exciting as that, but it's pretty dang exciting. If you like food, and you must or you wouldn't be reading this, its sort of like we've got our own Olympian doing culinary gymnastics all over town.

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Chipotle Asked Minnesotans to Try Meatless Monday. Here's How It Went.

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Mike Madison
Chipotle served larger than normal lunchtime crowds as they took advantage of Meatless Monday promotion. Buy a Sofritas today, get a menu item of your choice later.

Fact: Americans eat more meat than the citizens of any other country in the world except Luxembourg, which, for context, is situated right between Belgium and Germany -- two other meat-lusting countries. We average 270 pounds per person per year.

So what?

The reasons for reducing meat consumption stack up damningly each day, including meat production's negative impact on the environment, the human body, and livestock itself.

You probably wouldn't think to look to a fast-food chain to give away free food to get you to try their vegetarian offering, but Chipotle did just that yesterday, on Meatless Monday.

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Band Box Diner Will Survive -- At Least for Now

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Photo Courtesy Band Box Diner Facebook Page
Band Box Diner will get its new grill, thanks to crowdsourced funding.

After news broke that wee, beloved Band Box diner was on the verge of collapse, thanks in part to owner Brad Ptacek's failing, ancient Vulcan grill, lovers of his greasy spoon burgers and fluffy flapjacks stepped up to the plate and raised over $5,000 in five days.

"Just unreal," he told us this morning on the phone. "I'm kind of at a loss for words."

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The Best BBQ Ever Is in Stillwater at Smalley's, Says the Food Network

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Smalley's Caribbean Barbeque and Pirate Bar Facebook Page
Smalley's in Stillwater makes painstaking BBQ Jerk Chicken that the Food Network has declared "Best. Ever."

Stillwater: home to appliquéd grandma sweaters, ice cream cones, riverboats, enough antiques to fill every bed and breakfast in America, bed and breakfasts, zany wine shops for zany ladies who like to drink lots of wine, and... some of the country's finest BBQ?

Much like fried chicken, we just don't do BBQ all that well up north. Kansas City is the gateway to the south, and they've got it nailed. They're hoarding all the recipes, we think.

But if you've forgotten about Smalley's Caribbean Barbeque and Pirate Bar, the quaint little Tim McKee co-owned project in the quaint little town of Stillwater, the Food Network is here to remind you.

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Local Vegans Poised to Take Over the World: The Herbivorous Butcher Makes BBC News

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Jonathan T. Armstrong
Sausage is easy. The Herbivorous Butchers are now trying to tackle vegan SPAM, they tell the BBC.

Last month it was Jimmy Fallon, and now it's international news: The BBC World Service has picked up the news of the vegan butcher shop, proving that there's no end to the fascination over the question: "What, exactly, do vegans butcher?"

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Animal Cruelty? Critics of Whole Foods Protesters Say Not Quite [VIDEO]

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Screenshot from video
Whole Foods Market came under fire yesterday by animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, which held in-store protests over the alleged mistreatment of hens by Petaluma Farms, a California company that supplies humanely certified eggs to Whole Foods.

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Cedar Summit, Local Meat and Dairy Farm, Ceasing Production [UPDATE]

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Cedar Summit Farm
Cedar Summit 100% grass fed milk will no longer be available after January 31.

Cedar Summit, the people behind the cream line milk in the returnable glass bottles, have announced on their website that they are ceasing production.

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Vegan Butcher Shop Takes on Its Biggest Challenge Yet: Camembert Cheese

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Ryan Strandjord
Bust out the Brut or cry in your beer -- Herbivorous Butcher is selling vegan Camembert.

Depending on your constitution, the kids of Herbivorous Butcher are here to either rankle or delight.

Not content just to be vegan, the bro/sis team of HB are taking matters into their own hands, and nothing is safe from their machinations. Vegan breakfast sausage we can dig. Summer sausage? Maybe. Ham? Insert uncertain emoji here.

But last night they announced they'd be presenting the dining public with a vegan Camembert. Did your head just explode?

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School's Out: Kids Eat Free Today at Blue Plate Restaurants

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Francesco Doglio
Load up a child, any child, and head to lunch.

So it's cold enough that Minneapolis schools are closed for the day (though not St. Paul schools, you hardy lot!) and you want to take this opportunity to put on all the clothes in your closet and never leave the woolly cocoon of your bed. Besides, your car probably wouldn't start anyway.

But if you happen to be out and about, and you happen to have a young Minneapolitan in tow, Blue Plate Restaurant Group is offering free food to any school-sprung tot with a paying grown-up.

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