Who Won Big at Cochon 555?

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Mecca Bos
Pop-up Butcher Shop: Red Table Meat's Mike Phillips and Seward Co-op's Eric Sather broke down a pig on the spot and sold the parts to highest bidders.

Touted as the nation's biggest pork competition, Cochon 555 came to the Twin Cities for the first time this year, and five of our top chefs competed to become the King of Porc (sic). The only thing missing at the Loews Hotel event was a greased pig catching contest. And if there had been, the winner would have been. . .

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Spoon Stealing: Want In on the Action? Now You (Kinda) Can at Spoon and Stable

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E. Katie Holm
Gavin Kaysen wants you to do as he says and not as he does: Buy a spoon, don't steal one, from Spoon & Stable

Chef Gavin Kaysen purportedly named his restaurant Spoon and Stable partly because of his penchant for stealing spoons, spoons being one of those tools that chefs covet in different sizes, shapes, and heft for executing various tasks.

But Kaysen's kleptomania is supposedly legendary in the industry, and he's aware that karmic retribution might well rear its head, resulting in far fewer spoons accounted for at the end of service than at the beginning.

So rather than stealing a spoon at S&S, Kaysen's got a better idea for sticky-finger diners. Buy one for ten bucks, and he'll put the proceeds toward a good cause.

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Secret of the City: Brit's Pub Has "Quite a Lot" of Imported Cadbury Chocolate in Stock

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It is too cold for lawn bowling or patio drinking, so engage in another British sport: Eat imported Cadbury chocolate from Brit's.

When news broke that no more British-version Cadbury chocolate would be entering the U.S. thanks to Hershey's throwing around its chocolatey brawn (they claim copyright infringement because some U.K. Cadbury products resemble their own), people lost their minds.

If this is the kind of thing you yourself pay attention to, you may know that British Cadbury chocolate is indeed creamier than the U.S. version (Hershey's owns the rights to sell the Cadbury brand in the U.S. using its own American formula), with a first ingredient of milk rather than sugar. It's also not laden with additives as Hershey's is.

So what's a local chocoholic to do?

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Who Is James Beard, Why Does He Matter, and Why Do Our Semifinalists Deserve to Win?

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Photo courtesy of James Beard Foundation
The James Beard semifinalist nominations are in.

Every year, culinary communities across the country have Muppets-style freakouts, hands waving in the air, running in and out of view, all over the announcement of James Beard Award nominees. That list came out yesterday, and the Twin Cities have received the biggest showing of all time, so yay, us!

But wait, who is this James Beard dude, and why does he matter anyway?

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5 Things You Need to Know in Local Dining This Week

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Photo courtesy Vellee Deli Facebook Page
Vellee Deli Skyway is days from opening.

Snackable content for your office lunch break.

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Chef Nick O'Leary Exits Coup d'Etat and Jester Concepts

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EU Photography
Nick O'Leary (left) and Tyler Shipton (right) when times were flush at Borough.

In early December, sous chef Tyler Shipton left Jester Concepts, the company responsible for Borough & Parlour, Coup d'Etat and Marche.

While official press releases stated that he was leaving "to pursue new opportunities and explore life outside the kitchen," (that old story) it still seemed strange. Shipton and executive chef Nick O'Leary were a culinary dream team spurring Borough on to every best-of list in the Twin Cities.

Now, O'Leary is gone, too. Why?

"To pursue new opportunities," of course.

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IKEA Adds Vegan Swedish Meatballs to the Menu in April

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Creative Commons
Take the "meat" out of the "ball" and what do you get? Vegan meatballs! From IKEA.

Minnesotans like to think of IKEA as our store, thanks to all that Swedish blue and Scandahoovian chow.

But if the overpowering aroma of cafeteria cuisine disconcerts you as it does us when you're shopping for your GR├ľNKULLA, you might be able to breathe a little easier in coming months.

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Chef Gavin Kaysen and Team USA Take Silver in Culinary Olympics, Bocuse d'Or

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Diane Yang
The Staff of Spoon and Stable gathered to cheer on Gavin Kaysen and team USA who competed in the 2015 Bocuse d'Or.

Remember when Mary Lou Retton took gold in the Olympics and she was all over the Wheaties boxes and she just absolutely stole America's heart?

Well, this may not be quite as exciting as that, but it's pretty dang exciting. If you like food, and you must or you wouldn't be reading this, its sort of like we've got our own Olympian doing culinary gymnastics all over town.

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Chipotle Asked Minnesotans to Try Meatless Monday. Here's How It Went.

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Mike Madison
Chipotle served larger than normal lunchtime crowds as they took advantage of Meatless Monday promotion. Buy a Sofritas today, get a menu item of your choice later.

Fact: Americans eat more meat than the citizens of any other country in the world except Luxembourg, which, for context, is situated right between Belgium and Germany -- two other meat-lusting countries. We average 270 pounds per person per year.

So what?

The reasons for reducing meat consumption stack up damningly each day, including meat production's negative impact on the environment, the human body, and livestock itself.

You probably wouldn't think to look to a fast-food chain to give away free food to get you to try their vegetarian offering, but Chipotle did just that yesterday, on Meatless Monday.

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Band Box Diner Will Survive -- At Least for Now

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Photo Courtesy Band Box Diner Facebook Page
Band Box Diner will get its new grill, thanks to crowdsourced funding.

After news broke that wee, beloved Band Box diner was on the verge of collapse, thanks in part to owner Brad Ptacek's failing, ancient Vulcan grill, lovers of his greasy spoon burgers and fluffy flapjacks stepped up to the plate and raised over $5,000 in five days.

"Just unreal," he told us this morning on the phone. "I'm kind of at a loss for words."

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