Taco John's Shift Manager Gave Teenage Employee "Gaytard" Nametag

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Photo courtesy of ACLU
Taco John's has proven that fast food can be tasteless in more ways than one.

Tyler Brandt, an openly gay 16-year-old, was given a name tag reading "Gaytard" during his shift at a Yankton, South Dakota Taco John's franchise in June. His night manager instructed him to wear it for the rest of the night.

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Cam Gordon to Introduce Minneapolis E-Cig Ban for Bars and Restaurants

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Jonny Williams via Flickr
Like a vape with your whiskey? Not so fast. Minneapolis City Council member Cam Gordon plans to introduce an amendment banning e-cigarettes in bars and restaurants.

Gordon spoke briefly with MPR about his amendment, citing a recommendation from the Minnesota Department of Health that e-cigs and cigs be treated as equal because the health risks are still unknown. The FDA is in the process of a review.

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City Pages Seeks Food Blogger and Restaurant Critic

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If your idea of food criticism is Yelping yourself hoarse, read no further. This announcement is not for you.

If you view food writing as experiential storytelling, authoritative guidance for curious diners, and a way to connect readers to the farmers, producers, and chefs behind the Twin Cities dining scene, we're eager to hear from you. City Pages is seeking a dedicated, knowledgable food writer to join our editorial team.

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City Council Gives Urban Farms, Community Gardens More Freedom to Sell Produce

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Andy Fell via Flickr
Good news for growers: The Minneapolis City Council on Friday made changes to its urban agricultural policy. The folks who run farms and market/community gardens in the city will no longer need to apply for the $150 farmstand permit. They can now peddle produce on site (with a sign and table) for as many as 75 days a year.

Previously, the permits were only good for 15 days a year, which meant that growers needed to decide in advance when they were going to set up shop. But that's difficult -- some might argue impossible -- considering that one's bounty depends largely on the weather.

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Minneapolis City Council Votes to Loosen Restrictive Alcohol Sales Rule [UPDATE]

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Quinn Dombrowski

:::: UPDATE ::::

The Minneapolis City Council voted today to remove the "60/40 rule," which demands that restaurants in commercial areas outside of downtown make at least 60 percent of their revenue from food, with alcohol being restricted to less than 40 percent.

It was a unanimous decision, with all 12 members of the council voicing their support. Voters will decide on the similar "70/30" rule for residential areas come November.


The rule was well intentioned, designed to prevent things from getting too rowdy in neighborhoods like Dinkytown and St. Anthony. But as specialty cocktails and craft beer have come into style, the decades-old rule has become burdensome for area restaurants.

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Updated: Bradstreet Craftshouse set to close as the Graves 601 Hotel changes hands

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The venerable Bradstreet Craftshouse raised up several of the Twin Cities' favorite mixologists and taught them the pre-Prohibition cocktail basics. Now, only a month after their five-year anniversary party, the hotel is being sold and Bradstreet will change concepts when the property changes hands.

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The Lynn on Bryant to close

The Lynn Interior (550x367).jpg
Joy Summers
There's still time to say goodbye to The Lynn on Bryant
We're crying salty tears into our sweet Baba Rhums. The Lynnhurst neighborhood will be a little less sweet: Yesterday owner Peter Ireland announced that the Lynn on Bryant will close.

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Dust off that MFA: Izzy's Ice Cream is now hiring poets

Courtesy of Izzy's
Fly on the viewless wings of Poesy and mocha almond fudge

Calling all frozen dessert bards! Izzy's Ice Cream is now accepting applications -- in the form of haikus. That's right, for 25 job-seekers wishing to scoop their summers away behind barrels of flavors like Summit Oatmeal Stout, Salted Caramel, and Mango Django, the dream job is just a lick of poetry away.

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Teamsters Union stalls Sunday growler sales

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Except on Sundays
Last week wasn't all good news for beer: Minnesota craft brewers took home five international awards but may have lost the battle over growlers.

Sales of these refillable 64-ounce containers are prohibited on Sunday and will remain so, for the foreseeable future, thanks to the Teamsters Union.

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New bill would allow "tax delinquent" bars and restaurants to keep liquor licenses [UPDATE]

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A new piece of legislation could save Minnesota bars and restaurants from what they describe as the the shame and hassle of being labeled "tax delinquent."

Every day, the Minnesota Department of Revenue updates a public list of businesses that are more than ten days behind on their liquor tax obligations. After another three days, those same businesses are forbidden from purchasing more booze until they settle their bill, and any distributor who's caught breaking this law could lose their own license for 60 days and face a $2,000 fine.

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